Wall of Motivation (311)

  1. Morey B.
      Post a workout!

    hopefully you're running, and just not posting.

  2. Morey B.
      Post a workout!

    hopefully, you're still training

  3. Morey B.
      Post a workout!

    how are the runs going?

  4. Morey B.
      Post a workout!

    still running?

  5. Morey B.
      Post a workout!

    should I send you a pack of cigarettes?

  6. Morey B.
      Post a workout!

    giving up the exercise thing are ya?

  7. Morey B.
      Post a workout!

    time to take up smoking again.

  8. Brian G.
      Great Performance

    Brian, many congrats on an awesome time! Great run, sorry it took me so long ... read more

  9. Krissy S.

    Awesome! Wish I coulda been out there this morning! on a workout

  10. Geoffrey A.
      Great Performance

    Keep it up men,you have a long way to go.2014 is not far. on a workout

  11. Morey B.
      Post a workout!

    git back to running!

  12. Carrie
      Nice Job

    Looks like you're getting speedy again. on a workout

  13. Carrie
      Nice Job

    Those are my favorite kind of rides! on a workout

  14. Morey B.
      Post a workout!

    What- did you give up exercising and pick up a pack of smokes? Haven't seen ... read more

  15. Carrie
      Nice Job

    It won't take long to get it back though! on a workout

  16. Carrie
      Nice Job

    New shoes make me happy too! Be careful out there. on a workout

  17. Carrie
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a fun night! on a workout

  18. Carrie
      Nice Job

    That sounds like a crazy class! on a workout

  19. Carrie
      Nice Job

    Glad you're back...I did something similar I ate junk, drank way too much, a... read more

  20. Fidel Q.
      Nice Job

    Hey B-man. Nice running sir! Are you in KC for work or have you moved again? ... read more

  21. Carrie
      Nice Job

    I'd rather run in those conditions than on the TM too. on a workout

  22. Brian G.

    Super miles Brian! That's a hell of a way to crank up the weekly mileage on a workout

  23. Brian G.

    Wow, winning your first ever Tri Brian, you are awesome ! Hope the legs recov... read more

  24. Matt

    Congrats on your win, BC! Great day of working out! on a workout

  25. Clint J.
      Get Better

    smart move. Heal fast! on a workout

  26. Carrie

    Great job! I'm glad to see you didn't end up in a cult. on a workout

  27. Matt

    Awesome race, Brian! Sounds like a good time! on a workout

  28. Brian G.
      Nice Job

    Tights in Texas? we must have your weather here Brian! Its about 12-14C and b... read more

  29.   Cheers

    Good luck with the knee this year Brian. on a workout

  30. Brian G.
      You're Badass

    Brian brilliant running! on a workout

  31. Matt

    Great job persevering through unfavorable conditions, Brian! Congrats! on a workout

  32. Nina

    SUPERB job, Brian!!!! San Antonio is just so tricky with that crazy weather. on a workout

  33. Becca H.
      Great Performance

    Way to go Brian!!! You did fantastic! You should feel great about completing ... read more

  34. Krissy S.
      Great Performance

    Nice, Bryan!!! on a workout

  35. Matt
      Good Luck

    Nice shake out, BC. Enjoy the expo on a workout

  36. Clint J.
      Good Luck

    have a great time! on a workout

  37. Tracy C.
      You Rock

    Way to get out there! on a workout

  38. Clint J.
      Great Performance

    fantastic run! on a workout

  39. Krissy S.
      Great Performance

    You are a MACHINE! In a good way! :D on a workout

  40. Carrie
      Nice Job

    Nice 4! So are the people there rude? That city came in on the top 20 rudest ... read more

  41. Carrie
      Nice Job

    Build up from too much travel? :o) on a workout

  42. Charles F.
      Nice Job

    Great half Brian! Have a great time tonight! on a workout

  43. Charles F.
      Nice Job

    Awesome 12 miler Brian! on a workout

  44. Carrie
      Nice Job

    I'll take some too! on a workout

  45. Carrie
      Nice Job

    A pool party sounds like fun! on a workout

  46. Carrie
      Nice Job

    It must be hard to be traveling all the time. on a workout

  47. Carrie
      You're an Inspiration

    I lovd that you're getting up early...you rock! on a workout

  48. Tracy C.
      You Rock

    Great miles ... and I agree it was sticky out there. Hope it dries out befor... read more

  49. Matt R.
      Great Performance

    uggh thats hot!! strong 10 thats awesome on a workout

  50. Clint J.
      Great Performance

    I've been busy and missed your posts, great swim and triathlon! on a workout