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  • Cha S.

    Cha S.

    Rochester, NY, Finish dissertation proposal - October 2012 Detroit Marathon 10/21/12 Loose 10 lbs 7/1/12

  • Tara


    Philadelphia, PA, Training for the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon! 5k goal - sub 25:00 10k goal - sub 54:00 Half Marathon goal - Sub 1:55

  • Megan K.

    Megan K.

    Arlington, VA, I want to get fast and strong the rest of the year. I finished a marathon and now I am focusing on short distance. Goals: 30min 4 miler & 22min 5k.

  • Tina



  • Whitney B.

    Whitney B.

    San Diego, CA, America's Finest City 1/2 marathon

  • Jacqueline N.

    Jacqueline N.

    Mountain View, CA, Run and torture myself with pain forever.