8603 total / 2571 in 2014

2014: the year of strength training. Gotta slay this dragon once and for all. No more injuries!

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  • 36 miles
  • 05:19 time
  • 3085 calories
  • 5 workouts
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  1. RUN
    good neighborhood lights tour 5 mi 00:55 11:00 pace

    Worked late so took a run after dark. Legs weren't very inspired, but i got in a few miles

  2. RUN
    great cabin John trails 6.64 mi 01:13 10:59 pace

    Beautiful afternoon! Checked out the trails at cabin John. Found a nice 1 mile loop that i ran a couple times. Legs felt good enough to run a few strides on the way back

  3. FIT
    great stat bike 14 mi 01:00 04:17 pace

    Rainy day so the cycling was indoors. Got it done

  4. FIT
    great arms 00:30

    Tried to go easy, but it's been so long that i'm shaky. Will def feel this tomorrow!
    Lat pulldowns
    Tricep extentions
    Bench press
    Military press

  5. RUN
    good Montgomery hill 10 mi 01:41 10:08 pace

    Amazing springlike weather! Started strong, but fatigued by mile 10, so i walked the last mile home. Little over dressed for the weather.

  6. FIT
    great stat bike 14 mi 01:00 04:17 pace

    Just spinning the legs for a bit. Feeling a little stronger.

  7. RUN
    great muncaster mill trail to lake ... 14.56 mi 03:07 12:49 pace

    First trail run with the group. All told a very good experience. Couple new things for me, i ran with a camelback, didn't think 1 water bottle would be enough. I like it. Nice to have both han... read more

  8. RUN
    great Dorset hill 7.92 mi 01:21 10:11 pace

    Should have done this yesterday, but work stuff got in the way. Kept it nice and easy since i have the group trail run tomorrow.

  9. RUN
    great Montgomery hill 11 mi 01:54 10:22 pace

    Cold rainy day. Was hoping for a break, but when it was still raining after lunch i put on my gortex and headed out. I knew i'd probably get too hot and i did, but for some reason i just didn&... read more

  10. VELO
    great Santa shakedown cycling miles 14.01 mi 01:08 12.4mph pace

    Cold, but dry so it's more enjoyable than the stat bike inside. Toes got a bit cold, but the rest of me was good

  11. RUN
    good Santa shakedown Montgomery plus 12.02 mi 02:03 10:14 pace

    Got up early to get in my weekend challenge from Sue. Legs are tired today, just going on autopilot. Now off to a full day of weaving class

  12. FIT
    good stat bike 12 mi 01:00 05:00 pace

    Almost forgot to add these. Got in an hour on the bike before dinner. Plus a bunch of strengthening exercises. Happy to say my balance is improving on the one legged squats

  13. RUN
    good Santa shakedown greenbelt par... 15.02 mi 03:09 12:34 pace

    First long trail run. The group run is tomorrow, but i have a prior commitment, so i logged in the miles on my own today. Very pleased with how this went. It's a 5.2 perimeter trail so i did 3... read more

    • David G.
      David G.

      Wow, great long trail run Carol! Sometimes I get a little stiff on long runs too, I shake out my arms and stretch a glad your tumble didn't result in any injuries! You're in Michigan right?

      15 days ago Like2 people

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    • Dustin V.
      Dustin V. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Awesome trail miles, Carol. Wishing I could put in miles like that here. And ONLY one trip!! I usually end up doing a full Superman in the first mile!

      14 days ago

    • Paula B.
      Paula B. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      WOW!!! What a dynamo!!!

      14 days ago

  14. RUN
    great Santa shakedown cabin John hills 6.14 mi 01:04 10:22 pace

    Afraid that i won't be able to get in a run tomorrow, so i went today for some hill repeats. Feeling pretty good, getting stronger. Or maybe the lyrics i was working on distracted me enough th... read more

  15. RUN
    great Montgomery 11.18 mi 01:54 10:13 pace

    Much colder today. Nothin fancy, just moving to stay warm. At this pace i feel like i could run forever, until i hit the hills of course

  16. VELO
    great Santa shakedown APL plus mapl... 22.59 mi 01:54 11.9mph pace

    Beautiful morning for a ride! Yay it's Dec and we can still ride! Just a few hills for breakfast. Miles for Sue's holiday challenge.

  17. RUN
    great Montgomery plus 15.5 mi 02:44 10:33 pace

    So nice to be home! 50 and lovely. Breaking in some new trail shoes. Shoes were great, ankle felt great, first 10 miles were great. Last 5 were a bit slower, but still good. Trail running program s... read more

  18. FIT
    good stat bike 6 mi 00:30 05:00 pace

    Can't believe how sore my gluts and hip flexors are! Got in a short ride to stretch them out a little. Plus a lot of stretching!

  19. FIT
    great one legged strength training

    Ankle is still a little bit tweaky, so i'll give it rest on running today. Started the one leg strengthening exercises.
    50 regular squats-to warm up
    50 on each leg- had to do them in 5 sets, p... read more

  20. RUN
    good Lansing turkey trot 3.12 mi 00:28 08:54 pace

    Started real slow, worried about the ankle. Seemed to do OK, so gradually sped up