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  • 11 miles
  • 01:46 time
  • 1364 calories
  • 1 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    great The Very Cold Streets of Palm... 11 mi 01:46 09:35 pace

    WooHoo! Antarctica Marathon 2020 Bring It On...I'm Ready!😳❄👊❄😜 I
    figure...with the few times a in F-L-A...we get to run in the cold...another two years of "training" for... read more

    • Paul B.
      Paul B.

      Sounds like another great run Calla. Minus 1C or 30F here all day Calla.10 to 12 inches of snow yesterday has caused chaos over here. We never cope well with it. Are you really considering Antartica M ?

      about 9 hours ago Like

  2. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 12 mi 01:57 09:46 pace

    Ran 12 this morning...just because...I CAN!😏(And I felt Strong Like Bull🐮💪😜😂) Don't know why I just "Do That"...never could understand WHY anyone would even want to "Do That&quo... read more

  3. RUN
    great The Foggy Streets of Palm Bay... 9.99 mi 01:38 09:49 pace

    It was a dark and foggy morn...and humid (We can't forget that Dec 6 humidity🙄) and there was a runner...and this runner was a therefore...She Ran Like A Girl! A-BAM👊 Was that too dr... read more

  4. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 11.01 mi 01:50 09:57 pace

    Jesus Bring the Rain! AMEN🙌Hallelujah! Seems like we've been having more-morning-rains-than-normal🌧️in this here part of the world (So...thank likey very much!😌) Seven of these 11 mil... read more

  5. RUN
    good Treadmill...Cabana Bay F-L-A.... 10 mi 01:39 09:56 pace

    As good as can expected on a treadmill😬set it for 10 miles and as it got close to Mile 6 it went into Cool Down mode😳and I actually took that as a Running Omen that I should just stop...but...that ... read more

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Great job! 10 miles on a treadmill is fabulous. I tried Running on a treadmill once and I never even made it out of the room. How do you do it? You’re a superstar!

      10 days ago Like

  6. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 8 mi 01:21 10:06 pace

    Ain't gonna lie...that was a tad bit sucky this morning😬Felt just like the last 8 miles of that little marathon thingy I ran on Sunday🙄so yeah...I had to walk a little😏but...still found myself... read more

  7. RUN
    great The Space Coast Marathon...Co... 26.2 mi 04:49 11:02 pace

    Good Marathon #12: 4:49:14 (my second best time!)~~20th in AG out of 61~~616 OA out of 1212 (there were actually 1548 Marathoners...but 336 of them opted to finish at the Half😏) I woke up this morn... read more

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Nice job! Good seeing you out there. Be seeing you on the streets.

      15 days ago Like

  8. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 5.8 mi 00:59 10:06 pace

    WOW...I didn't realize so many people had to work the day after Thanksgiving😳and...they were ALL in a big hurry to get there😳No...I realize what today is...and I know where all those MAD and D... read more

  9. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 7 mi 01:09 09:55 pace

    Annnnnd sometimes you are thankful for such a thing as "tapering"🙄take this morning for instance😆I don't know if it's the mentality of: Meh...only running seven...what's th... read more

  10. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 7.94 mi 01:18 09:53 pace

    Yeahhhh...I don't know what my thought process was wearing this black shirt with that ✨"bedazzled"✨crown on it (I wore it to one of my Disney Perfect Princess races🙄)...cause let me ... read more

  11. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 9.17 mi 01:29 09:40 pace

    Right before I was ready to go...I heard on the news: murder...apt. complex...Palm Bay Road...suspect not found😳 was a little on my mind that I JUST MIGHT find him out there!🕵️(B... read more

  12. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 10.72 mi 01:45 09:46 pace

    Ima thinkin' my version of "tapering" is just NOT running until I come to that EVEN number of miles😜Take this morning...I DID NOT run that last .28 mile to come to an even 11🙄...and ... read more

  13. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 8.7 mi 01:25 09:42 pace

    Aaaaahhh RAIN! Sweet.Sweet.Rain.💦Just a little...just enough! Annnd...I guess I'm tapering🤷well...NOT intentionally "tapering"...this morning I had to manage my time...Dave Hess and ... read more

  14. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 14 mi 02:30 10:40 pace

    This run was good...and I think I'm going to tell you about it😬but...FIRST...because it's Veteran's Day...gotta give shout outs to my two fav Vets: My DAD (🇺🇸Air Force) and Dave Hess... read more

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      It was great seeing you and yes that is when I saw you which is why I started to think, “Nah, that ain’t Calla. It’s just some other gal with bright red hair.”

      about 1 month ago Like1 person

    • Calla H.
      Calla H. there could be SOME OTHER GAL!!! 😉 At least I was RUNNING this morning when I saw you!!!!!!!

      29 days ago Like1 person

  15. RUN
    The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 10.16 mi 01:38 09:37 pace

    You know...I was thinking out there this morning (yeah...big surprise right😜) how BLESSED I am...not that I can just easily run the same 10-11 mile route every-other day...but that I can RuN AT ALL... read more

  16. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 10.58 mi 01:42 09:37 pace

    So...this was easy to run with my head in the clouds☁️...cause the clouds were on the was FOGGY!🌫(Which I just now had to look up how fog is formed because at first it felt... read more

  17. RUN
    great Space Coast Classic 15k...Ind... 9.3 mi 01:27 09:23 pace

    Ok...not that means...IT'S ALL GOOD!😄Even though I'm use to stopping quite often at all the intersections on my morning runs...there was NO STOPPING today...none...not even to ta... read more

  18. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 11.3 mi 01:51 09:51 pace

    BAM! 👊That there run ended up being a really good 11.30 miler! (Mileage today was brought to you by Cousin-Calla-formerly-of-Coraopolis and dedicated to Cousin- Carol-in-Coraopolis for her birfday!... read more

  19. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 11.1 mi 01:48 09:44 pace

    BRING.IT...NOVEMBER...BAM!👊I really struggled last night with whether I should remove my Zombie Bride face (which really only took me 10-15 minutes to apply!😏)...or leave it on to run with it this ... read more

  20. RUN
    great The Streets of Palm Bay F-L-A 10.3 mi 01:41 09:49 pace

    💞HAPPY 24TH ANNIVERSARY Dave Hess💞And I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for the greatest gift a Running Wife could ask for: the frigid cold temp (47°🙄)this morning🌬 ⛄when I know you dislike cold weather ... read more