Friends (29)

  • Stephanie Q.

    Stephanie Q.

    Columbus, OH, more 1/2 marathons in more states

  • Joe


    Detroit, MI, Run 1000 miles in 2015.

  • Kim B.

    Kim B.

    Columbus, OH, To run the Columbus Full Marathon in October and remain injury free.

  • Ben K.

    Ben K.

    Marysville, OH, Current PR's: 5k: 19'05"..10k: 43'12"..Half: 1:32'01"...Full: 3:44'52" 50k: 8:18'20"

  • Brian S.

    Brian S.

    Columbus, OH, Heal up, run well, and a few PR's this year. PRs: 5k-19:12 (May 2014) 10k-48:22 (Nov. 2011-Outdated) Half-1:31:27 (Oct. 2013) Full-3:24:15 (Sept. 2013)

  • Linda B.

    Linda B.

    Delaware, OH, 2 hour half marathon 1000 miles

  • Kees S.

    Kees S.

    Wolverhampton, GB, Run the London Marathon 10 times (9th one coming up in April 2015) PB on 7th 3:27:19

  • Laura F.

    Laura F.

    Houston, TX,

  • Scott E.

    Scott E.

    Columbus, OH, To run.

  • Hannah G.

    Hannah G.

    Columbus, OH, starting some trail running, start training for a triathlon, potentially a 50k??

  • Lucy N.

    Lucy N.

    Omaha, NE, To run a marathon. No time goal, just to finish. Lose weight from babies born in Feb '12 and Feb '13.

  • Mike S.

    Mike S.

    Zanesville, OH, Another solid year of running and helping others achieve their goals.

  • Sean B.

    Sean B.

    Pleasanton, CA, Get healthy.

  • Alyssa B.

    Alyssa B.

    Hillsdale, MI,

  • Kp K.

    Kp K.

    Columbus, OH, To break 3:00 in a Marathon.

  • Ryan S.

    Ryan S.

    Columbus, OH,

  • Craig N.

    Craig N.

    Columbus, OH, 5K, then 10K, then 1/2, then Full. Will there be a Triathalon? Seems like an impossible goal...

  • Mike G.

    Mike G.

    Marysville, OH, Outrun Multiple Sclerosis and to be inspired!

  • Jared E.

    Jared E.

    Columbus, OH, 50 State Marathon Club, Triathlons, 18:30 5K, 1:30 Half Marathon

  • Kevan E.

    Kevan E.

    Southport, GB, Marathon. 3:09:59. (London Good for age/Boston Qualifying time) Ironman Bolton 2014

  • Benjamin K.

    Benjamin K.

    Washington, DC,

  • Annie S.

    Annie S.

    Columbus, OH, To let myself be happy... and to get Candice a sub 2 half marathon!

  • Chris B.

    Chris B.

    Pittsburgh, PA, Half, 10K and 5K PR in 2012

  • Russ B.

    Russ B.

    La Jara, CO, Just stay in shape. Probably try another long (for me) trail run or a marathon next fall

  • Chad P.

    Chad P.

    Madison, AL, OK let's face it, I am not getting any younger so my goal is to stay off the couch and remain an athlete for as many years as I can.