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  • Robert C.

    Robert C.

    Kennewick, WA, CDL Iron Man June 29, 2014

  • Jr


    Seabrook, NH, To lose 30-40lbs. Improve!

  • Claire O.

    Claire O.

    Mansfield, GB, To do a half Marathon without do a under 50 mins 10k

  • Jason L.

    Jason L.

    Sanford, MI,

  • Peter R.

    Peter R.

    San Jose, CA, Become the best I can be in all areas of life & through my dedication & successes be an inspiration to others! We must become the change we want to see. -Gandhi

  • Alejandro G.

    Alejandro G.

    Mexico, 2014 goals 10k under 50 mins (PR 50:33) HM in less than 2hrs

  • Gregory W.

    Gregory W.

    Philadelphia, PA, NYC - Nov '17; Badwater Cape Fear 50K - Mar '18; NorthFace DC 50 mi - Apr '18; Vermont Endurance 100K - Jul '18; Javelina Jundred 100 mi - Oct '18

  • Kenny T.

    Kenny T.

    Traverse City, MI, Be Happy!

  • Stevin W.

    Stevin W.

    Saginaw, MI, To improve my health and fitness.

  • Seth T.

    Seth T.

    Merrick, NY, Ran 601 miles in 2012 so gotta aim higher... 1000 miles in 2013.

  • Marc


    , I am training to run in a half marathon by September

  • Jared I.

    Jared I.

    Charleston, SC, Get super fit, and stay super awesome

  • Steve M.

    Steve M.

    Winter Haven, FL, My goal is to be better than I am today

  • Dav


    Wichita, KS, Complete the 2011 Ford Ironman Triathlon November 20, 2011 !!!

  • Seth W.

    Seth W.

    Lehi, UT, Run my first 100 miler while building the best running shoes, ALTRA.

  • Chuck R.

    Chuck R.

    Saint Paul, MN, Training for Grandma's Marathon, perhaps a sprint tri. Now doing CrossFit regularly. Goal this year is to qualify for Boston Marathon.

  • Maggy R.

    Maggy R.

    Athens, GA, Run my first marathon! Sub 2:30 Half Marathon Sub :30 5K

  • Luau W.

    Luau W.

    Boston, MA, -Eventually go 3:15 in a marathon, 1:30 in a half, sub 37:00 in a 10K and sub 18:00 in a 5K... -Convince at least 10 people a year to take up running

  • Shasta S.

    Shasta S.

    Ewa Beach, HI, To get down to a healthy weight and be an example to my children. Do a 10k * Eisenhower Marathon 1hr 10m* Do a 1/2 Marathon.

  • Matt P.

    Matt P.

    Sandy, UT, Stay healthy!!

  • David G.

    David G.

    Cadet, MO, try to get back into shape and gain some endurance.

  • Brian L.

    Brian L.

    Titusville, FL, I'm up to an hour of run time now. Every run feels better and better. "On the 7th day, God did an easy three miler" ~ANON

  • Ashlee L.

    Ashlee L.

    New York, NY, NYC Marathon and marathon PR!

  • Armando C.

    Armando C.


  • Raymond T.

    Raymond T.

    , entering a tri in Hawaii by 2013