1444 total / 43 in 2015

Finish a triathlon (sprint or olympic), less than 5min/km pace on 5k

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  • 2 miles
  • 00:24 time
  • 247 calories
  • 1 workouts
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  1. RUN
    good 3.11 km 00:24 12:36 pace

    I did a short warmup run down to the park-ish area that has the exercise equipment, then attempted to do my first chin-up in probably 15 years. It was as expected, utterly embarrassing - I managed ... read more

  2. RUN
    good 5.08 km 00:40 12:40 pace

    Started out too fast, then a serious of cramps from not breathing correctly, and finally my knee started to twinge a little. But I finished (even if I occasionally walked). Oh, and I discovered a n... read more

  3. RUN
    good 5 km 00:39 12:41 pace

    Last week I found out that there's a run path near my new place, and this week I decided to see where it leads - and then I got lost. Not a fast run, but informative.

  4. RUN
    alright 3.51 km 00:27 12:27 pace

    Went running near my new place, and on the way back I found a running/biking path, but my body and legs doth protest too much.

  5. RUN
    alright 4 km 00:30 12:00 pace

    BLERG! It's miles, but I felt BLERG! Is this what happens when I skip runs to sit and read? It was fairly warm for this area, but still cool enough to start out with a light jacket. I couldn&#... read more

  6. RUN
    good 5 km 00:36 11:29 pace

    A bit slow, but mileage. I felt very meh, and had to walk a couple parts, and then in the last little bit it felt like my heart rate was WAY to high but I managed to hang on until the end and not w... read more

  7. RUN
    good 4 km 00:27 10:56 pace

    Making better time! Did a quick run on the beach trail in the "heat wave" we're having out here, i.e. more than 70 degrees F, although it was still almost cool on the coast with the ... read more

  8. RUN
    good 6 km 00:42 11:07 pace

    Longer run today, with no cramps, didn't feel tired, cloudy and cool. What better day to run! My pace is still fairly slow, so hopefully I can work on that after I get my running legs back.

  9. RUN
    good 3 km 00:21 11:19 pace

    Forgot to record this quickie run from the other day. Was feeling crampy and ugh so I didn't stay out long.

  10. RUN
    good 5.52 km 00:39 11:16 pace

    Only had to stop once to walk on this run and my pace was 30 sec per km faster. Decided to run a bit further today to try and offset the incredible amount of food consumed yesterday at the BBQ.

  11. RUN
    good 5 km 00:37 11:59 pace

    Back from the world of tired and travel and tests and final projects, I finally made myself get out and run. My pace wasn't terrible for me at first, just under 7/km, but then I had to alterna... read more

  12. RUN
    good 4.5 km 00:30 10:48 pace

    Been over a week, but I ran! Now to eat and be ready for work and classes today ...

  13. RUN
    good 5 km 00:35 11:10 pace

    Finally made myself get out there and run after my WEEKEND OF SUPREME LAZINESS where I did absolutely nothing. Felt a bit sluggish, but kept a pace just under 7min/km which isn't too terrible.... read more

  14. RUN
    alright 5.03 km 00:36 11:40 pace

    Took a new route this time, mostly uphill the whole way out. I must have been a bit tired too, because I had a much slower pace this time. Meh, at least it was a run - mileage is mileage!

  15. RUN
    good 5 km 00:31 10:04 pace

    OMG RUN! I finally got back out there to run after a ... 4? 5? ... month break. I was very surprised by my pace considering how long of a break I took, although I admittedly let my legs set the pac... read more

  16. VELO
    good 15.5 km 01:30 6.4mph pace

    Bike commute to university and grad office, round trip. I accidentally went a little bit the wrong way on the way home, which was unfortunately uphill. Other than that, this route was pretty flat t... read more

  17. VELO
    good 12.5 km 00:50 9.3mph pace

    Bike commute from school 2. My legs were tired today and I biked like it.

  18. VELO
    good 12.25 km 00:45 10.1mph pace

    Bike commute to school 1. I was fresh-ish after resting for the weekend, but on the uphill way back I didn't push myself too hard and just kept my legs moving.

  19. walk
    good 6.25 km 01:00 15:26 pace

    Walk home from school 1. It had rained pretty heavily overnight and the sky was still a little threatening in the morning so I opted for the bus instead of biking. I missed the time for the not-so ... read more

  20. VELO
    good 12.25 km 00:55 8.3mph pace

    Bike commute to school 2. Tired and sickish, so I took it slower on the way back. On the way there I was in a rush because I thought I was late, but then I ended up waiting 5-10 min for the regular... read more