5848 total / 296 in 2015

To do as much as I can, while I can, as best as I can!

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  • 4 miles
  • 00:35 time
  • 282 calories
  • 2 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. FIT
    2 mi 00:11:37 05:48 pace

    1047 steps in 10 min stepper

    Workout: 3 rounds 40lb db ea arm farmers carry/ 20 pull ups/40lb db farmers carry/ inclined bench sit ups

    30 reps bench v-ups / 39 reps bench crunches / 20 reps ea a... read more

    • Brian C. You're Badass
      You're Badass:

      You're a powerhouse! Way to kill that workout!

      about 9 hours ago

  2. RUN
    injured 2.25 mi 00:23 10:15 pace

    Morning work:
    Run around the complex- yea, my hip/buttock/leg/ankle, let's just all of the right side of me is not happy about running... takes a lot to push through the first mile, BUT- after... read more

    • Brian C. Hi-five

      Great tough miles and workout, BK! And you're right about that :)

      about 9 hours ago

  3. RUN
    good 2.7 mi 00:29 10:39 pace

    2.7 mile run-28:48
    Leg was very very unhappy, but I was happy to be running outside again.

    Quick Workout:
    3 rounds of 35 bench leg raises/ 10 pull ups/ 20 60lb single bar last pull downs

    ... read more

  4. FIT

    Morning mini at home:
    100 ea : kb swings/ ab ball crunches/ an ball side to sides/ ab ball mini crunches squats/

    Evening workout:

    15 min on stepper
    5 rounds of: 10 reps ea leg 45lb barbell... read more

  5. FIT
    good 1 mi 00:05:30 05:30 pace

    Stepper warm up 10 min/ 1000 steps

    Elliptical- 1 mike 5:30

    4 rounds of:
    1/4 Run
    20 30lb Goblet squats
    15 Pull ups

    15 bonus pull ups

    3 rounds- 35 reps ea declined leg raises/ crunche... read more

  6. FIT
    good 1 mi 00:07:00 07:00 pace

    1 mike elliptical 7 mi.

    3.1 elliptical 17:48

    3 rounds of 35 back ext. / 35 bench v-ups/ 15 60lb deadlifts

    3 rounds of 25 bench crunches/ 25 bicycle kicks/ 25 pulse crunches (let's go... read more

  7. FIT
    good 5.5 mi 00:33 05:55 pace

    29:18-5 miles elliptical
    5 rounds of 20 reps 60lb lat pull downs coupled with 40reps inclined bench sit ups
    3 rounds 35 reps declined bench leg raises/ 15 reps high hip rev crunches/ 20 reps 60... read more

  8. FIT

    Abs - 3x 50 ab ball raises/ ab ball twists/ bicycle kicks/ ab ball crunches

    300 kb swings (both arms)

    Evening workout:
    Warm up:
    Stepper- 2 min single stair, 2 min double, 1 min f... read more

    • Brian C. Hi-five

      Stellar workout, BK!! Don't over work that collar bone ;)

      9 days ago

    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      I won't!! I've come too far to mess it up now. Almost back!! Whoop whoop! Can't wait to ride my bike again!!!!

      9 days ago Like1 person

  9. FIT
    good 3.6 mi 00:21 05:55 pace

    3.1- 18:31 elliptical

    4 rounds of 50 inclined bench sit ups coupled with 70lb farmers carry

    5x10 40lb lat pull downs

    3x 20 reps hammer curls coupled with ea side ext

    Finished w 1/2 mil... read more

  10. FIT

    Morning abs- 4x 20 reps each back to back ab ball raises and ab ball twists
    100 ab ball crunches
    3 rounds of 20 reps ea couplet :
    50lb Leg curls / Squats

    Ghd's/ Sdhp w kb

    Back ext/ 30... read more

  11. FIT
    good 1 mi 00:06:18 06:17 pace

    WOD- 5 rounds 25 reps ea of 25lb goblet squats/ 30lb right arm 40lb left lat pull downs/ ea side ext/ bench v-ups/ bench 15lb Russian twists/ bench crunches

    Couplet WOD-4 rounds of 20 reps 70lb... read more

  12. RUN
    good 0.75 mi 00:06:30 08:39 pace

    In workout

  13. FIT
    good 1 mi

    1 mile elliptical

    3 rounds 1/4 mile run and 35 kb swings

    4 rounds 50 reps ea ab ball raises/ ab ball twists/ ab ball pick ups/ anchored sit ups/ 35lb barbell box steps/ back ext

    4 sets of ... read more

  14. FIT

    100 reps straight through ab ball leg raises/ ab ball twists/ ab ball pick ups

    4x 25 reps ad the same as above in a circuit adding an ball crunches, side to sides and glute squeezes( whatever we... read more

    • Jenn

      Wow girl! You are amazing!

      17 days ago Like

    • Brian C. Hi-five

      Yay!! Both arms!! #superpowersreturning

      15 days ago

  15. FIT

    Warm up: 1000 step=10:08 stepper

    4 rounds 10 reps 40lb assisted squats/ 20 reps 30lb box steps/ 20 reps 25lb single arm kb swings/ 20 reps baxk ext

    3 rounds 20 reps ghd's couples w 10 ea... read more

  16. FIT

    5 rounds of 20 reps 49lb barbell Standing rows / 40lb barbell Reverse lunges /30 hammer curls

    5 rounds 20 reps calf raises 20 reps air squats

    20reps 60lb standing hip abductors

  17. FIT
    good 1 mi 00:06:18 06:17 pace

    1 mile 6:18 elliptical

    Core warm up 4 rounds 25 reps ea. declined leg raises/ crunches/ 15lb Russian twists/ squats

    5 rounds of 50lb seated rows/ 30lb standing tri pull downs / 60lb leg ext
    ... read more

  18. RUN
    good 1 mi 00:08:20 08:20 pace

    5 minute stepper warm up

    WOD- 4 rounds of 1/4 mile run /50 25lb walking lunges/ 25 ghd's

    WOD- 3 rounds of 50 anchored sit ups/ 40 25lb barbell box steps/ 30 back ext

    Abs- 3 x 35 reps... read more

    • Brian C.

      Awesome job, BK! I’m missing the walking lunges (and squats too)… my ankle is still a little too flakey for them. Hey, when it’s all the way healed, I’m going to need your help (if you don’t mind). Could you send me a few good WOD’s for the legs? I've got to start getting ready for my run up the mountain in Oct. I figure prepping the legs for climbing, prior to starting the race training schedule, will be the way to go.

      20 days ago Like

    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      Totally the way to go,)
      And yes I would love to give you a few good leg workouts. That's been my ammo since the collar bone break, so just let me know when and I'll msg you

      19 days ago Like1 person

    • Brian C.

      Thank you!

      19 days ago Like

  19. FIT
    good 3 mi 00:19 06:16 pace

    18:50 3 miles elliptical
    500 steps stepper for 5 minutes

    3 rounds 60lb seated row and 30lb lat pull downs

    5 rounds of 20 hammer curls/ 20 v-ups/ 20 ea side ext/ 20 back ext/ 20 inclined sit... read more