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To do as much as I can, while I can, as best as I can!

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  • 3 miles
  • 00:30 time
  • 369 calories
  • 3 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN

    again- no option for stairs. 150 floors in 22:50-17,550 steps
    Then: 5 rounds of 20 reps ea. 60lb. pectoral chest flies/ 70lb. leg ext./ assisted dips
    Then: 3x 10 reps 25lb. db bench presses and 5 r... read more

  2. RUN
    good 3 mi 00:30 10:00 pace

    No choice for the stepper, but I was going far enough to call it a mild run?!?!
    A stepper is fabulous when u can't run yet.
    200 floors in 30:30.
    Then abs- 3 x 30 reps ea declined bench le... read more

  3. FIT

    Barbara- 5 rounds of 20 pull ups (i did reverse pull ups), 30 push ups (i did hand release), 40 sit ups, 50 squats

    3 rounds of 20 reps 15lb.Arnold presses/ 10 reps 25lb. db hammer curls/ 20 reps e... read more

  4. FIT

    3 rounds of 20 reps 20lb hammer curls/ 30 reps 20lb an bench press/ 40 reps back ext/ 50 reps declined bench sit ups

    3 rounds 20 ea swings/ 25lb plate oh press/ ea side

  5. FIT

    Home workout- 3 rounds of 100 reps ea straight through body weight squats/ crunches/ glute hip raises/ 1 min high plank hold/ walking lunges/ finish ea round w 20 strict push ups and 30 dips
    Bonus abs

  6. RUN

    Stadium... 20x up and down 50 steps.
    Gym- 2x 50 declined bench leg raises/ 50 high hip bench rev crunches/ 25 25lb plate oh ab ball presses/ 50 an ball crunches

  7. FIT

    Buddy workout- they are the best!! Workout w Nicky today

    3 rounds of 30 reps ea box steps/ ball squat tosses/ hanging leg raises/ kb swings
    3rounds of 15 reps ea 60lb pectoral cheat flies and 5... read more

  8. RUN

    4 rounds of 4x run up and down stadium stairs/ 4x 10 strict push ups/ 25 squats

    Gym- 3x 35 reps ea side ext and back ext
    And- 3 x 15 reps banana and circuit w 14 lb Russian twists

    • Brian C.

      Another stadium climb... that's a good sign!

      13 days ago Like

    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      Eeeeep!! Yea I know. I don't want to get overly excited. Tried running to the car after the workout, yea that wasn't happening yet . But hey! I'll take the stairs

      13 days ago Like

  9. FIT

    Abs to warm up- 3x 35 reps declined bench leg raises/ declined bench high hip reverse crunches/ 3 rounds 10 reps eac Nancy abs on an ball ea set

    1x thru if 50 ea ab ball raises/ ab ball twists... read more

  10. FIT

    Warm up 25x 4 rounds of back extra and ea side ext

    4 (actually think 5- I got distracted and was on auto pilot) rounds of 50 reps walking lunges/ 50 reps sit ups / 50 reps box steps/ 25 reverse pu... read more

  11. RUN

    Yes, I ran the stadium stairs!! Whoop whoop!
    Went like this:
    4 x run up and down 25 squats
    4x run up and down 10 strict push ups
    4x bear crawl up run down
    4x run and and down/ 25 squats
    The... read more

    • Brian C.

      You never cease to amaze! Hopefully you ankle handled it well.

      17 days ago Like

    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      It was do-able.... A Pretty big day for my ankle overall. Box steps in the morning and stairs at night. Sounds silly, I know. I'm just so glad I woke up and it's ok today. Maybe just maybe it's finally healing

      16 days ago Like1 person

    • Brian C.

      I’m glad to hear that, really!

      16 days ago Like1 person

  12. FIT

    3 rounds if 50 reps ea walking lunges/ anchored sit ups/ kb swings / box steps and 25 reps reverse pull ups

    3 rounds 20 reps ea assisted dips/ hanging leg raises/ 45lb barbell wipers ea side

  13. VELO
    good 10 mi 00:28 21.6mph pace

    Warm up- 3x 35 reps ea side ext snd back ext
    3x 20 reps ea 25 lb plate inclined oh sit ups/ 25lb plate oh ab ball presses/ ab ball crunches/ 10 push ups

  14. VELO
    good 6.5 mi 00:17 22.3mph pace

    Bike was from Friday's workout that I forgot to post... Had to count it!
    Today- 5 rounds of 30 reps db swings/ 20 reps 25kb plate inclined sit ups/ 30 reps squats/ 20 ea side 14lb Russian twi... read more

  15. FIT

    4 rounds 25 reps declined leg raises/ 25 reps high hip rev crunch/ 30 reps 30lb rev lunges/ 20 reps 20lb db push presses
    Bonus 1 more set of the ab stuff
    3x 5 dead hang pull ups/ 10 pull up hanging... read more

  16. FIT

    4 rounds 15 reps 50lb leg curls/ 15 reps 66 lb pectoral flies/ 50 reps walking lunges/ 50 reps anchored sit ups/ 15 reps assisted pull ups

    4x 20 reps 75lb leg ext/ 10 strict push ups/ 25 was sid... read more

  17. VELO
    good 11.4 mi 00:30 22.8mph pace

    Bike to sweat it all out then abs- 3x 25 reps ea 25lb plate an ball of tri press and ab ball crunches
    3x 40 reps ea 20lb db hammer curls and 10lb db lat raises

  18. FIT

    50/40/30/20/10 of sit ups/ 35lb kb swings/ walkung lunges

    Abs- 3x 39 45lb bb wipers/ plank hold/ 30 hanging leg raises

    Bonus: 100 side ext each

  19. VELO
    11.17 mi 00:30 22.3mph pace

    Bike, then 3x 35 reps 60lb each inner and outer abductor machine with 20 reps 25lb plate front squats
    Abs- 4x 25 reps ea ab ball raises/ ab ball twists- ab ball pick ups/ flutter kicks/ inclined ... read more

  20. VELO
    good 5 mi 00:14:19 21.0mph pace

    Bike to warm up

    4x 50 walking lunges/ 25 ea side ext/ 30 ea leg glute ext

    4x 25 reps ea declined bench leg raises/ declined bench high hip reverse crunches/ 14lb Russian twists/ ab ball crunc... read more