5422 total / 1988 in 2014

To do as much as I can, while I can, as best as I can!

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  • 49 miles
  • 02:43 time
  • 1300 calories
  • 6 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. VELO
    good 11.53 mi 00:30 23.1mph pace

    Bike then core: 3x 40 reps declined bench high hip reverse crunches/ 20 reps ab ball crunches/ 20 reps 25lb plate ab ball oh tri press
    3x 15 reps ea 50lb pect flies/ bench dips/ 80lb leg ext

    An... read more

    • Brian C. You Rock
      You Rock:

      I don’t see too many spin post over 21mph… never 23 that I can remember. Wtg, Brandi “Armstrong”!! (Watch that ankle)

      1 day ago

    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      I am... Bike is the only thing that doesn't wreck it. The rower... Not so much. Elliptical isn't great either. So stationary bike it is...

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    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      And so i take it all out there,)

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  2. FIT
    good 3.1 mi 00:27 08:39 pace

    Row to sweat ... Not sure about that yet. Then 50/30/20 reps of kb swings/ anchored sit ups/ 15lb Russian twists

    3x 20 ea side 45lb barbell wipers/ 10 ea side 15 lb ren rows/ 50 reps anchored s... read more

  3. VELO
    good 15 mi 00:41 21.9mph pace

    Wanted to go a little farther to try the ankle... Should have stopped at mile 11, but it was past 10 and so close to 15, right?!
    Then 5x 10 reps 70lb lat pull downs and 10 hanging to bar

  4. VELO
    good 7.26 mi 00:20 21.8mph pace

    Bike to warm up- best way to get cardio right now..then:
    100 ea leg 80lb rear glute raises
    5x 20 60lb leg ext and 10 reps assisted dips
    Morning workouts are short and sweet

    • Brian C.

      You’re a speed demon on that trainer! You should find a pool and get some lap time and then when you’re back running look for a triathlon to compete in :D

      3 days ago Like

    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      I know... I need a pool!!!!

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  5. FIT
    good 2 mi 00:14:28 07:14 pace

    Elliptical to sweat, then:
    3x 25 db swings/ 15 hanging leg raises / 10 strict push ups/ 5 dead hang pull ups
    3x 25 reps ea 20lb db bench presses/ 40lb back squats

    • Brian C.

      Way to get your sweat on!

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    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      Elliptical tweets my ankle a little, had to try

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    • Brian C.

      That’s odd how cycling doesn't bother it but the elliptical does; usually it’s the other way around (if one is going to cause a problem). Remember, no tweaking allowed :)

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  6. VELO
    good 10 mi 00:30 20.0mph pace

    Bike to sweat then core:
    3 x 35 reps ea declined bench leg raises/ high hip reverse crunches on declined bench/ 25lb plate ab ball oh tri press

    3 x 25 ea side ext and 15 back ext
    Quick and done

    • Brian C.

      You're really fast on that bike, great workout!

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    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      I was seeing what I could do... Stationary still but Ya know, any miles are better than none

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  7. FIT

    4x 50 walking lunges/ 25 20lb db inclined bench presses

    4 x 25 bench dips/ 25 squats

    Abs- 3x 50 an ball raises/ ab ball twists/ ab ball pickups/ crunches/ 8 lb Russian twists

  8. FIT

    4x 50 anchored sit ups/ 50 walking lunges/ 30 15lb ren rows/ 50 10lb Russian twists ea side
    3x 10 reps 20lb hammer curls/ 25 Arnold presses/ 25 squats

    Fast one early

  9. FIT

    100 80kb single leg rear glute ext
    3x 35 reps ea side ext
    4x 25 reps 50lb pectoral flies/ 15 reps 80lb leg ext/ 25 reps bench dips
    3x 35 reps db swings and squats
    3x 30 reps declined bench leg ... read more

    • Brian C.

      I've missed a BUNCH of your workouts (I'm a bad DM friend). Great work B.K.!! How's the ankle doing? Are you still booting it?

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    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      No running still.... Getting better... Have the boot close all the time . Ur a great DM friend btw

      7 days ago Like1 person

    • Brian C.

      That’s a good idea. When you start feeling better, please ramp back up slow and easy. Someone posted some info about “returning from a stress fracture” … I’ll see if I can’t find it and send you the link. And thanks :)

      7 days ago Like

  10. FIT

    3x 35 declined leg raises/ declined high hip raises/ 14 lb Russian twists

    3x 20 reps 25lb inclined bench sit ups and 40lb back squats
    4x 20 hanging leg raises/ 10 strict push ups/ 10 dead hang ... read more

  11. FIT

    10x10 80lb single keg rear glute ext
    5x 20 reps ea 60lb inner hip abduction and 50lb outer
    4x 25 reps ea declined bench leg raises/ declined bench high rev crunches/ 14lb Russian twists/ glute li... read more

  12. FIT

    10x10=100 80lb single leg glute presses

    4x 25 reps ea side ext and back ext

    3 x 35 reps an ball raises/ twists/ pick ups/ crunches/ 25lb oh tri presses

    100 glute squeezes (sure lets go w that)

    ... read more

  13. FIT

    4x 25 reps ea declined leg raises/ declined high side raises/ 14lb Russian twists/ 1 1/2 min an ball high plank hold

    3x 20 hanging leg raises/ 10 strict chest to floor push ups/ 10 strict pull ups... read more

  14. FIT

    WOD- 5 rounds of 20 reps ea hanging leg raises/ 15 lb db ren rows/ 25lb an ball oh tri press/ 45lb bb wipers/ 56lb chest flies/ assisted dips

    Abs- 2x 50 reps ea of ab ball raises/ ab ball twis... read more

  15. FIT

    5 rounds of 20 reps 65lb leg ext/ 20 reps 55lb leg curl/ 50 reps anchored sit ups/ 49 reps squats/ 20 reps ea side ext/ 20 reps back ext/ 5 dead hang pull ups

    3x 30 reps an ball crunches
    Abs... read more

  16. FIT

    Ok, so when u can't run, climb stairs, bike or do crazy legs day.... U gotta work that booty somehow!!! Today I'm thankful for booty machines,)

    100 reps 60lb glute hip ext
    25 reps 80lb g... read more

  17. FIT
    1 mi 00:08:36 08:35 pace

    Meh.... Ankle just won't have it. Wth

    • Brian C.

      Doctor? Have you seen one yet? If not you should.

      21 days ago Like

    • Janet M.
      Janet M.

      I hear you.. My ankle is bothering me too!

      21 days ago Like

    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      Hospital, no broken bones.... Was suppose to boot it for a week and no activity.... Well yea, that didn't happen for now I'm paying for it. I am wearing the boot now everywhere, except at the gym. I wear it in, change and then wear it out.

      20 days ago Like

    • Brandi K.
      Brandi K.

      Janet- speedy recovery.... For us both!!!!

      20 days ago Like

  18. FIT

    Core: 4 rounds of 50 squats/ 40 reps ea declined bench leg raises/ declined bench high side leg raises/ 14lb Russian twists/ crunches/ flutter kicks

    Strength- 20 reps 60lb leg ext/ 20 reps 75 lb... read more

  19. FIT
    good 3 mi 00:24 08:02 pace

    Elliptical and abs- 5 rounds of 30 reps declined high side leg raises and 30 ab ball sit ups

  20. FIT

    4 rounds of 20 reps 60lb leg ext/ 50 reps kb swings/ 20 reps push ups /50 reps sit ups/ 20 reps pull ups

    3x 30 reps 45lb barbell wipers and 15 toes to bar