5212 total / 0 in 2018

Already signed up for multiple 50ks on the trails. I will run Door County Fall 50 again goal of 8hrs. '11 I ran almost 1500, '12 only 750 intense miles. '13..?

Wall of Motivation (18)

  1. Annie
      Nice Job

    I bet you sweat like crazy today! on a workout

  2. Cheryl
      Great Performance

    Impressive! on a workout

  3. Augie S.
      Great Performance

    Agreed! It's beautiful out. Great run today! on a workout

  4. Sara C.
      You're an Inspiration

    This is one of the coolest things I've ever read! I wish I would've known so ... read more

  5. Brodie B.
      Nice Job

    Dude. Your mask still makes me giggle. on a workout

  6. Ginesa S.
      Great Performance

    Great job Brad, you certainly deserved those beers! on a workout

  7. Hayley
      Great Performance

    Wow! This is incredible! Awesome job!!! on a workout

  8. Tim C.
      Great Performance

    Dude. You are hardcore. We're not worthy. on a workout

  9. Dan M.
      Great Performance

    Cool, nice time! I think just about everyone on my DM friends list did this race on a workout

  10. Hayley
      You're an Inspiration

    Great job!!!! Awesome splits and overall pace! on a workout

  11. Augie S.
      Great Performance

    Great overall workout! Where are you in the avatar? on a workout

  12. John C.
      Nice Job

    Fast 10 Brad! on a workout

  13. John C.
      Great Performance

    Sounds fun. Great work Brad! on a workout

  14. Augie S.
      Great Performance

    That's one hell of a pace! on a workout

  15. Augie S.
      Nice Job

    Great job getting out in this mess. on a workout

  16. Augie S.
      Nice Job

    Take it easy. You don't want to make anything worse. Great run by the way. on a workout

  17. Augie S.
      Great Performance

    Sounds insane. Well, no pun intended, but it does. on a workout

  18. Augie S.
      Great Performance

    That's an excellent pace for feeling sluggish. on a workout