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Ironman Wisconsin again, maybe PR along the way, and throw in another WS100 qualifier, just for kicks.

Wall of Motivation (148)

  1. George K.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2. Ed
      Nice Job

    Relaxed he says...way to keep it contained. on a workout

  3. Flat Lori
      Feel Better

    sorry to read how the sickness plagued your IM. a valiant effort, way to kee... read more

  4. Ed
      Nice Job

    Yowza! That a fast conversational pace...esp post ride. on a workout

  5. Jana C.
      Nice Job

    ...Holy hell... on a workout

  6. Kate
      You're an Inspiration

    Walk of shame or not, I say awesome job on the brick run! on a workout

  7. Ed
      Great Performance

    Noice! on a workout

  8. Ed
      Nice Job

    Cheers! Sounds like a fun morning. Heard there are some good running trails t... read more

  9. Alain C.
      Great Performance

    an 18 miler at 6:45...not bad at all. on a workout

  10. Jana C.
      Great Performance

    That is quick with a headwind. The little races have been some of my favorit... read more

  11. Ed
      Nice Job

    Phew! Next time I'm at PB and see a billow of dust I'll know who it is. on a workout

  12. Alain C.
      Great Performance

    bloody good run..this is better than my half marathon pace...impressive on a workout

  13. Jana C.
      Great Performance

    That is hauling! Glad you're able to get outside more and more nowadays! on a workout

  14. Jana C.
      Feel Better

    Strep throat sucks. :/ And it's no joke. Take care and get better! on a workout

  15. Alain C.
      Great Performance

    solid brick! on a workout

  16. Sigurd J.
      Great Performance

    First. Wireless Earbuds. Second. I haven't ran 6 x 1 mile @ even sub six p... read more

  17. Kirk H.
      Get Better

    wow take it easy on a workout

  18. Kirk H.
      Nice Job

    Dont know about your trainer but I seem to get different #'s depending on wha... read more

  19. Sigurd J.
      You're an Inspiration

    I don't know how you find the time with a little guy Brad. Inspiring! on a workout

  20. Sigurd J.

    Congratulations Brad!!! I was wondering when you would have the little guy b... read more

  21. Kirk H.
      Nice Job

    Congrats! on a workout

  22. Ellen
      Great Performance

    Very impressive Brad! I hope the ankle isn't too bad :( on a workout

  23. Jason V.
      You're an Inspiration

    You are absolutely killing those running miles lately. Nice work and keep at ... read more

  24.   You're Badass

    What a wimp, only 7 hours? on a workout

  25. Clay W.
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow! Freaking amazing run!!!! Great job, and smart way to handle the "bumps i... read more

  26. Diana
      Great Performance

    Awesome Freaking swim pace!!!! Nice job. on a workout

  27. Diana
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats Brad! You make me want to train for an ironman some day!!! on a workout

  28. Tim A.

    Thanks for sharing your IM experience on DM. I hope to be an IM one day. Lo... read more

  29.   Good Luck

    Whee! on a workout

  30. Flat Lori
      You're an Inspiration

    WOW on a workout

  31. Tim A.
      Great Performance

    Wow! on a workout

  32. Flat Lori
      Great Performance

    meep freakin' meep awsome job today!!! on a workout

  33. Michael
      Nice Job

    wow. holy crap is right. i just heard someone found an alligator in Mass. to... read more

  34. Flat Lori
      Great Performance

    HOLY CRAZAP!!!!! RUN FASTER, just kidding you are super fast! glad you are ok on a workout

  35. Kevin C.
      Great Performance

    awesome job brad, you're doing great. whats ur various PR's? on a workout

  36. Clay W.
      Great Performance

    Excellent workout! Hey, I don't even have a stroke I know how to revamp yet, ... read more

  37. Flat Lori
      Great Performance

    seriously awesome on a workout

  38. Brandon
      Nice Job

    Awesome work! on a workout

  39. Flat Lori
      Great Performance

    WOW, You are awesome! on a workout

  40. Annette
      Nice Job

    Nice :) on a workout

  41.   You're Badass

    Just being honest, I'm more impressed with a dog that can run for 2:04 at tha... read more

  42. Ellen
      You're an Inspiration

    Amazing! on a workout

  43. Rob O.
      Great Performance

    Whoa fast. on a workout

  44. Dale T.
      Great Performance

    Wow! You are fast Brad... Awesome brick! on a workout

  45. Flat Lori
      Great Performance

    excellent pace on the trails! on a workout

  46. Brandon
      Great Performance

    What a day! on a workout

  47. Kat C.
      Nice Job

    Nice! on a workout

  48. Adam W.
      Nice Job

    That's moving right along for the trails in the Blue Hills. on a workout

  49. Mordy
      You're an Inspiration

    Wow! How can you finish an Iron with a concussion! You're som kind of beast! ... read more

  50.   Hi-five

    If the taper and warmup *don't* feel like garbage, it's time to worry. Lookin... read more