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Sub 2 Half. Going to try Crossfit, Barre, and spin. Get my muscles back and lose that pesky 10 lbs that is still lingering from surgery.

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  • Rich E.

    Rich E.

    Virginia Beach, VA, 2017 - Relax, run more "new" races that I keep meaning to run, focus on nutrition and healthy eating and improve quality of runs over quantity.

  • Danny W.

    Danny W.

    Gloucester Courthouse, VA, Just trying to get healthy and stay that way! No more injuries!

  • Chris N.

    Chris N.

    Midlothian, VA, A 100K and a 100 mile race in 2017! DONE - Same goals for 2018.

  • Jon Flex L.

    Jon Flex L.

    Virginia Beach, VA, One Running streak done in September, now on another since Halloween. Shamrock Marathon in March was 22 in 10 yrs. What Next? Hmmmm....Rock On!

  • Christina C.

    Christina C.

    Virginia Beach, VA, 2017: Find my run mojo!!! Swim more often. Keep moving, stay smiling & kick toxicity to the curb.

  • Mike D.

    Mike D.

    Glen Allen, VA, 1. Be a better person (husband, dad, brother friend, etc) 2. Lose 15 - 20 pounds by Shamrock (DONE) 3. Six pack abs by 12/31/2014

  • Hollie S.

    Hollie S.

    Collingswood, NJ, Run many 5ks...Sell lots of running shoes at work...

  • Gerrit J.

    Gerrit J.

    Leeuwarden, NL, running a half marathon under 2 hours in 2014

  • Steve Shep

    Steve Shep

    Suffolk, VA, Set good example for my offspring.Be an uplifting friend.Eat Bacon & Ice Cream and tip a Suds(or three)w/out regret.Read a few new books.Defy the aging process.

  • Roy B.

    Roy B.

    , To run smarter not harder this year and continue to enjoy running and all that is provides for me.

  • Steve B.

    Steve B.

    Boston, MA, qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

  • Meredith


    San Francisco, CA, Keep my calves loose and my Achilles from exploding.

  • Michael N.

    Michael N.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Run happy and stay healthy...

  • Kim S.

    Kim S.

    Virginia Beach, VA, 2014 Goals: Get faster and stronger! PRs in 5K, 10K, and Sprint Tri distances (and anything in between)

  • Andrew A.

    Andrew A.

    Virginia Beach, VA, I have something up my sleeve.

  • Linda H.

    Linda H.

    Virginia Beach, VA,

  • Maryanne G.

    Maryanne G.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Stay healthy, happy, and fit !!

  • Christine L.

    Christine L.

    Virginia Beach, VA, First Marathon at Shamrock in March - accomplished!, 2011 Marine Corp Marathon checked off! Being a better runner & Appreciate the little things!

  • Michael K.

    Michael K.

    Virginia Beach, VA, More quality races in 2014. Still chasing that sub 4.

  • Michael L.

    Michael L.

    Newport News, VA, Get back to 70 mile weeks. 17:15 5k this fall, 36:15 10k, sub 1:18 half. Sub 3:50 at Seashore 50k in December, Sub 2:50 marathon.

  • Greg S.

    Greg S.

    Chesapeake, VA, Run for fun, and don't get injured.

  • Dave


    Chesapeake, VA, Got my BQ, now it's on to a sub-3 marathon, targeting Richmond in November. :)

  • Patrick D.

    Patrick D.

    Mobile, AL,

  • Lou Ann

    Lou Ann

    NC, Do 30 minutes of some type of exercise everyday. Drop pounds and tone up. PR in 5K and HM.

  • Nancy K.

    Nancy K.

    Mc Kinleyville, CA, Starting from the bottom, coming back from injuries. Trying to get injury-free and back to enjoying running again. Goal: Avenue of the Giants half in May 2014.