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Jason logged 7839 miles.

Last workout 19 days ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. I'm still alive just recovering from my foot injury!!! You all are doing great and I will hopefully be ready to try running in another couple weeks. Until then I will continue to swim and bike... read more

  2. RUN
    injured County RD KK 17.2 mi 02:00 06:57 pace

    That wasn't very smart...1hr easy 5x3min @MP with 3min recovery 30min cool down. Foot was ok for about 7m and then it started to get sore and the last two miles were awful. Frustrating to say ... read more

    • George K.
      George K.

      Probably should have puilled the plug early jason ive had injurys happen tons of times from being in a run and not wanting to miss the session and carry on! Cost me a lot more than it was worth.
      Regardless of that nice run!

      19 days ago Like1 person

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    • Diane V.
      Diane V.

      Just checking in on you - haven't seen any posts. How's your foot?

      10 days ago Like1 person

    • Jason B.
      Jason B.

      Thanks Diane, I will hopefully be back running in about 3 more weeks. I've been swimming and biking when I can.

      10 days ago Like1 person

  3. RUN
    alright Around town 2.25 mi 00:28 12:30 pace

    Went out with my son so he could test his new shoes and his shoes didn't work and he had to stop and walk for a half mile. Since we wear the same size shoe we switched shoes and my shoes worke... read more

  4. RUN
    alright County RD KK 6.11 mi 00:42 06:55 pace

    Test run with some new shoes...No major pain so that's good. Now to go do another run with my son so he can test his new shoes. Track starts on Monday for him.

  5. RUN
    good Hotel TM 4 mi 00:28 07:04 pace

    Another easy test of the foot. Feeling better, hopefully I can get new shoes next pay day and things will be back to normal.

  6. RUN
    alright The Beast 1 mi 00:08:00 08:00 pace

    Since I have 10 years of running experience and absolutely no medical experience I decided to test the foot the only way I could think of to eliminate a stress fracture as the problem. I did an eas... read more

  7. Well I've been dealing with some top of foot pain since my 400's this last week. I have some swelling and an isolated area of pain on my Navicular bone. It could be a stress fracture of p... read more

    • Bobby V.
      Bobby V.

      No!! Sorry to hear about this and yes I agree it sucks to get old, rest up buddy, I'm on the same boat my Achilles is my problem right now can't even run in peace, mine doesn't hurt I just get scared and nervous don't want to tear it or anything like that praying that your foot feels better jason

      26 days ago Like1 person

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    • David F.
      David F.

      I had that top of foot pain a few years ago. I tried some different shoes and it went away.

      25 days ago Like1 person

    • Jason B.
      Jason B.

      I've done the lace thing. Every step hurts and I have pain without shoes on. There's swelling and an isolated spot where there's pain to the touch. I'll RICE and try the Hotel bike or elliptical tomorrow and see how the foot feels after a few days of no running. Thanks for the advice everyone. A few days of no running and playing it safe is in order...

      25 days ago Like

  8. RUN
    alright County RD KK 6.05 mi 00:46 07:32 pace

    Cold and windy!!! There's a shocker!!! Saturday morning recovery miles in the books. Have a great Day!

  9. RUN
    alright County RD B 9.75 mi 01:07 06:50 pace

    3m easy 2x10min @ HMP effort with 2min recovery and 3m cool down. Not a great run today but the work is done and they can't all be good. Have a great Friday!

  10. RUN
    good Rock Cut 3.5 mi 00:28 07:59 pace

    Pretty stiff and sore all day so I decided to run more... Started the watch and put in pocket so I could focus on a nice easy recovery run.

  11. RUN
    good The Beast 15 mi 01:48 07:12 pace

    More snow and slick roads so the Beast it was for an easy midweek long run.

  12. RUN
    good Around town 3.1 mi 00:23 07:33 pace

    Legs are sore from the morning workout so I went out for some really easy miles to help recover. Midweek long run tomorrow...

  13. RUN
    good Perryville Path 13 mi 01:34 07:11 pace

    A lot of 3's today... 3m warm up 20x400m with 1min active recovery then a 3m cool down/hobble... Really tough workout on the path since it's not flat. Legs seamed a little sluggish as the... read more

  14. RUN
    good Perryville Path 8.2 mi 01:01 07:27 pace

    Easy Monday miles.

  15. RUN
    good County RD KK 20.01 mi 02:18 06:55 pace

    Another cold run in the books, 12 degrees but on a positive note it wasn't windy and it was very sunny. Have a great Sunday!

  16. RUN
    good County Rd KK 5 mi 00:37 07:28 pace

    I like Saturday easy recovery runs! Not a care in the world just enjoy the sights and sounds.

  17. RUN
    good County RD B 10 mi 01:09 06:53 pace

    3m Warm up then 1min,2min,3min,2min,1min,2min,3min intervals with equal recovery and 3m cool down. First half against the wind second half, I felt like I was flying. Nice to get a little push.

  18. RUN
    good Oak Leaf 10.05 mi 01:26 08:36 pace

    Some easy miles.

  19. RUN
    good Oak Lead 14.1 mi 01:49 07:41 pace

    Cold, windy, and treacherous on the leaf so I explored some of the neighborhood sidewalks and tried to stay upright on the ice.

  20. RUN
    good County RD B 9.05 mi 01:01 06:42 pace

    3m easy, 3m progression, 3m easy. Legs felt a little sluggish at the start but after mile 4 things started to feel a little better and by the last mile of progression the legs felt good. Funny how ... read more