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  1. FIT
    great Yoga Meltdown L. 1 00:30

    Needed a gentle stretching workout to help out this morning as I'm still trying to recover from whatever intestinal bug has had me down. Feeling a little weak and shaky, but this workout hit ... read more

  2. Shared Photo

    A wider view

  3. Shared Photo

    The view from our campsite.

  4. FIT
    great Beehive Departure 4 mi 01:40 25:00 pace

    Woke to the sound of thunder rolling through the mountains at 5:20. Struck camp in 30 minutes and hoofed it out at as fast as possible because of the impending thunderstorm. Thinking we had elude... read more

  5. Shared Photo

    At the top. From here we were able to see the Selkirk mountain range in all directions.

  6. FIT
    good Climbing to the Peak 1 mi 01:00 60:00 pace

    Not sure on the elevation gain of this one...maybe 1,000 feet. It was more like bouldering/rock climbing than hiking, but there's not a category for that. There were a few hairy moments, but... read more

  7. Shared Photo

    Getting ready to set out on the trail.

  8. FIT
    alright Beehive Trail 4 mi 02:20 35:00 pace

    That was one tough hike. 2500 elevation gain. The final mile was across steep granite slabs, but the view of the lake at the top and two days of a waterfront vacation were so worth it.

  9. RUN
    great Spangle Dome Out and Back 4.03 mi 00:37 09:07 pace

    What a gorgeous morning! All sorts of puffy, interesting clouds with the sun peeking through....wrens and goldfinches frolicking on the barbed wire fences, shockingly bright blue birds flitting th... read more

    • Kris G.
      Kris G.

      So pretty, all those birds. I can see them fluttering by in my mind. great miles!

      6 days ago Like

  10. VELO
    great Moose Poop Loop 5 mi 00:26 11.5mph pace

    No one else would go riding with Aaron, so I happily, if not reluctantly, volunteered to accompany my sweet boy on an evening ride. It was beautiful, peaceful, perfect. I love riding with my boy,... read more

    • Kris G.
      Kris G.

      Sounds just as wonderful as your CC skiing together! Just a summer version thereof, right? :)

      7 days ago Like1 person

    • Nicole N.
      Nicole N.

      Yep. I was totally thinking of cross country skiing as we hit the trail. Same trail; different season.

      7 days ago Like1 person

  11. FIT
    great 30 Day Shred L. 2 00:30

    Really pushed it on this one. I used 5s the whole workout, even the V-raises. Feeling accomplished.

  12. RUN
    great Feelin' Good on Spangle Creek 4.06 mi 00:37 09:06 pace

    First day of feeling 100 percent!!!! We think that I somehow got salmonella. I guess it can take months for your system to be back in order. However, I took some probiotics yesterday, and it rea... read more

  13. FIT
    great Yoga Inferno L. 2 00:35

    That workout goes on and on and on.... I love it though. Such a tough arm workout. Had hoped to add a run to the end, but alas, I'm out of time.

  14. RUN
    alright Spangle Creek Loop 3.14 mi 00:28 08:55 pace

    Missed my early run because of continued abdominal sickness, but managed to squeeze in these few miles after my husband went to work. Hot already, but I figured I could work on my tan :). Fought ... read more

    • Kris G.
      Kris G.

      I know the paces you set: SPEEDY! Sorry to hear you are still working through the sickness. Praying healing there, and pronto!

      11 days ago Like1 person

    • Darrell G.
      Darrell G.

      My goodness, what a run!!!!! You've recovered well.

      10 days ago Like

  15. RUN
    good Truly Pitiful--Shady Way of M... 5.01 mi 00:47 09:20 pace

    While I truly can't say that I every "hate" any run, this one was pretty miserable. Still fighting abdominal issues. I have an appt. coming up to check out a hernia; maybe, that&#... read more

    • Darrell G.
      Darrell G.

      Still...5 courageous miles.

      12 days ago Like1 person

    • Kristin J.
      Kristin J.

      I know how these runs go! Keep us posted on what the doc says!

      9 days ago Like1 person

    • Nicole N.
      Nicole N.

      I didn't go to the doc, but all my symptoms point to salmonella. I'm on the mend now after taking some probiotics yesterday. I was getting really tired of feeling like I had a cross between the flu and morning sickness.

      9 days ago Like

  16. VELO
    good Out to Stentz 10.72 mi 00:45 14.2mph pace

    First time pulling the bike out of the garage for the year. Super fun to go on a ride with my 17 year old on this sunny day. However, the wind was beyond vicious. Just as we were nearing the cre... read more

  17. RUN
    alright Spangle Dome Out and Back 4.06 mi 00:37 09:11 pace

    I was plagued by terrible acid reflux this entire run. Made it pretty miserable. Plus, although it was sunny, the wind was cold! Nevertheless, any run is still a good run. I was glad for the m... read more

  18. FIT
    great With my Boy 2.87 mi 00:24 08:26 pace

    Both of us had sore muscles from Tuesday's outing, but pushed past it today and had a great time in the sun. Getting steadier every time. Now, we're off on bicycles to search for the wh... read more

  19. RUN
    Spangle Dome Out and Back 4.06 mi 00:37 09:09 pace

    Felt strong on this relatively easy run today. Thankful that it's starting to return to summer at least a little. Sunny in the upper 50s.

  20. FIT
    great Caleb Time 2.6 mi 00:23 08:39 pace

    Such a fun way to spend time with my "Little Man". Of course, I can't really call him that for much longer. Within days, he should be the fourth and final child to pass me up. The... read more