1420 total / 69 in 2014

Sub 24:00 5k, sub 48:00 10k, sub 1:50 1/2, sub 4:00 full... or any PR will make me happy!

Friends (114)

  • Blanca G.

    Blanca G.

    Arlington, TX, Run injury FREE!

  • Derek D.

    Derek D.

    Gilbert, AZ, Inspire others, help others get faster. Run 15:30 for 5k, sub 33 for 10k, sub 1:11 for half. Run a lot, have fun and be fit.

  • Jayne E.

    Jayne E.

    Dallas, TX, aim for 40-50k a week (or +), increase my consistency with workouts. Increase weight training & hopefully reduce shoulder pain from my August 2012 dislocation.

  • Tom D.

    Tom D.

    Kaysville, UT, Goal for 2014... set a PR in the LA Marathon (done!) Enjoy running just for the fun of it. May try a Tri this year. Just gotta get past the swimming thing.

  • Darlene C.

    Darlene C.

    Delmar, NY, 5k in 28 minutes or less (DONE), run a 10K (DONE), a 15k (DONE), a half marathon (DONE), run again after ankle surgery (DONE), run again after stress fracture

  • Amanda H.

    Amanda H.

    Scottsdale, AZ, Old Pueblo 50 miler

  • Caroline E.

    Caroline E.

    Rancho Cucamonga, CA,

  • Sheena


    Saratoga Springs, UT, I am training for the the Ogden Full!! I had some crazy friend talk me into a full, and then I am doing the drop 13 half.

  • Shannon H.

    Shannon H.

    Spokane, WA, Improve my half marathon time

  • Kim M.

    Kim M.

    Phoenix, AZ, Training for my first Ironman!

  • Alison T.

    Alison T.

    Salt Lake City, UT, 2013: 5K PR, half marathon PR, 1,000 miles. See how fast I can go before aging sets in and improvement is impossible.

  • Laura H.

    Laura H.

    La Plata, MD, I'm a Christian runner, looking to make friends and give and receive encouragement.

  • Sandy S.
  • Shelly


    Brookfield, IL, Oh my- it's the big one. Chicago Marathon on October 13!

  • Ari Z.

    Ari Z.

    Mesa, AZ, Actually run a marathon...

  • Kristen K.

    Kristen K.

    Barrington, RI, Sub 2 hour Half-marathon

  • Gina H.

    Gina H.

    Salem, OR,

  • Danelle C.

    Danelle C.

    Weston, ID, To stay in shape so I can continue to chase my husband up the mountains

  • Tessa


    College Station, TX, I have completed several half marathons, one full marathon, and a Half Ironman triathlon. Hoping to run 1000 miles in 2014 and maybe tackle another full!

  • Jeff J.

    Jeff J.

    Roswell, GA, Hopefully something ultra-y this year. A marathon or two in the Georgia area and a couple half's as my schedule allows...

  • Jennifer M.

    Jennifer M.

    Winston Salem, NC, To get fit, lose weight, see how well I can do with this physical and mental challenge.

  • Patricia D.

    Patricia D.

    Phoenix, AZ, 2013: Build a stronger core, PR a Half & get serious about tackling 26.2

  • Sunni T.

    Sunni T.

    Seattle, WA, To be the best me I can possibly it's humblest and most unassuming form.

  • Michelle D.

    Michelle D.

    MA, 14 races in 2014. Hoping to reach 1,000 miles for the year.

  • Sun T.

    Sun T.

    Milwaukee, WI,