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  1. FIT
    alright Sunday 1 mi 00:40 40:00 pace

    10 min wu step mill
    Cable cross pulls 25#×12×6
    Lat pull down front 35#×12, 40#×10,15
    Db bent rows 15#×10×4
    Db curls 20#×12, alt 15#×20
    Db overhead press 20#×10×2
    Mill cd 10 min incline walk & f... read more

  2. RUN
    great Cole Park Cool Down 3.01 mi 00:34 11:07 pace

    That's a little more my mellow speed..just cruised along and enjoyed the perfect evening :-) I love my world

  3. RUN
    great Cole Park Tempo 2.01 mi 00:18 09:05 pace

    Legs felt good so I decided to run a little....and for a couple of miles they did good..then I got bored and realized it was too pretty out to try to run fast lol....and yes, for me, 9mm is FAST lol

  4. RUN
    great FF Run 3.1 mi 00:33 10:45 pace

    Chilled out with Cynthia the first mile then tried to catch up to the group...actually "ran" for about 2 miles...running is so much like work when you try to do it fast....BUT great night... read more

  5. RUN
    blah Govt Canyon 9.61 mi 02:10 13:30 pace

    Legs did not show up to the party today. Spent most of the day forcing my right foot to "toe-in" and improve my stability. Was very slow going and I blame the lack of the PRP.

  6. Anyone else having issues syncing Garmin Fenix 2?

  7. RUN
    great Mill 6 mi 01:12 12:00 pace

    Super easy on the mill..just wanted to try out the new shoes and get some miles in.

  8. RUN
    great 4 for the 4th 4 mi 00:42 10:35 pace

    Fun 4th run! G ran with and hung around after and then gorged at Golden Corral....then I hated myself for the rest of the day for consuming that ick.

  9. RUN
    great FF Run 3.09 mi 00:37 11:59 pace

    Weekly Run at Fleet Feet..hung around at the back with Winkley and bullshitted the whole run. Good times!

  10. RUN
    great Cole Park 2.31 mi 00:26 11:05 pace

    Knee issues apparent from previous Sunday trail run when I almost bit it...looks like it needs a few more days

  11. RUN
    tired Govt Ganyon 10.72 mi 02:23 13:22 pace

    Again...running on 4 hours of sleep and I was just beat from the beginning...NEW RULE: G plans NOTHING the day prior to a long run! The weather was perfect though, very humid, cool and overcast

  12. RUN
    tired BayFront 6 mi 01:13 12:12 pace

    This just sucked, hot humid, tired, fat, lazy ...just ugh...shoulda stayed in bed!

  13. RUN
    great FF Run 3.08 mi 00:34 11:06 pace

    Ran with Don, had super fun chats and BS

  14. RUN
    great Home to Cole Park 3.01 mi 00:31 10:15 pace

    Packless run! Felt sooooo much quicker. Some hiccups on the right knee the 1st mile, found pace after 2 miles...Oh and it was windy as fuck again as usual

  15. RUN
    tired Morning 9.01 mi 01:49 12:08 pace

    Well that was just B.S.....first 2 miles knee was in a bit of pain, then let up, but the humidity was a burden the entire time....ready to drop some weight so this training shit will be a little ea... read more

  16. RUN
    tired Cole Park-ish 5.01 mi 00:58 11:31 pace

    FACCCCCKKKKKK it was humid and windy as shit out....took everything I had to finish this one

  17. RUN
    tired Hell Apparently 3.01 mi 00:34 11:23 pace

    Holy sweaty balls! Waited until after class to do my run that I was supposed to do Tuesday night...but I was lazy and was taking care of old fart, so I skipped it....anyhow, got it done and the dif... read more

  18. RUN
    great FF Run 3.1 mi 00:36 11:30 pace

    Good times on the Wednesday group run..was warm but not as bad as the morning run

  19. RUN
    great Govt Canyon Joe Rd 10 mi 02:00 11:58 pace

    Awesome weather for a run today, got super lucky..knee had enough at 8.5, so had to push through a bit to get my miles in, but it's done!

  20. RUN
    great Bayfront and Cole Park 5.01 mi 00:57 11:19 pace

    Meh....too many ppl out for my taste, need to wait another hour before venturing out..miles were easy tonight