Wall of Motivation (16)

  1. Nat
      Post a workout!

    Hey Fiona! How are you? Are you joining DenverFit this year?

  2. Nat
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training! I rested a bit after the dragon boat races. B... read more

  3. Nat
      Nice Job

    I have a trail run later today. But it's also a date :P Does that mean I can'... read more

  4. Nat
      Great Performance

    Whoa! GOOD JOB! That's a half marathon! on a workout

  5. Nat
      Feel Better

    Sorry I missed this one and wasn't there for you :(. I was late and there was... read more

  6. Becky M.
      Nice Job

    That is a great pace! on a workout

  7. Carolyn
      Great Performance

    Hills are hard as heck but makes for a great challenge. on a workout

  8. Kim
      Nice Job

    Yeah for FUN FUN FUN! on a workout

  9. Julie G.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  10. Kim
      Great Performance

    Great run! Hills and I don't really get along. on a workout

  11. Krystal G.
      Nice Job

    Go, Fiona, Go! or should I say: Run, Fiona, Run!

  12. Kim
      Nice Job

    great run! on a workout

  13. Michele M.
      Good Luck

    Good Luck Tomorrow on a workout

  14. Michele M.
      Good Luck

    You're going to rock it! Wish I was running with you all!!! I'll run in spirit!

  15. Becky M.
      Nice Job

    Great run! I am impressed! on a workout

  16. Becky M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Like U2 blaring through my headphones, you inspire me.