Friends (329)

  • John P.

    John P.

    Franklin, WI, Wear lots of pink. Be crazy. Keep on doing something. But always have fun.

  • Steena


    Madison, WI,

  • Tom B.

    Tom B.

    US, to bicycle the distance equal to the circumference of the Earth - 24,901 miles

  • Matt T.

    Matt T.

    Milwaukee, WI, Run a 50k PR this year and my first 50 mile race.

  • David F.

    David F.

    Milwaukee, WI, Running for the fun of it.

  • Sun T.

    Sun T.

    Milwaukee, WI,

  • Matt J.

    Matt J.

    Wauwatosa, WI, 2014 major races: Big Sur, Ice Age, Dances with Dirt, Twin Cities

  • Brittany G.
  • Krista


    Madison, WI, Goal: Run until it's no longer fun. Motto: "Always be a unicorn." Mission: #dontdie

  • Jen


    Milwaukee, WI, Beginning runner...just looking to learn from others and get better.

  • Alyssa F.

    Alyssa F.

    Milwaukee, WI, Run enough so I can eat whatever I want. 2014 goals: STL Marathon 10/15; and sub-1:50 half marathon.

  • Dan N.

    Dan N.

    Waukesha, WI,

  • Ken V.

    Ken V.

    Slinger, WI, Run to stay healthy and enjoy it while running several races during the year

  • Jennifer W.

    Jennifer W.

    Oshkosh, WI, More half marathons in 2013. Still working on lowering the PR. Aiming for 1,000 running miles.

  • Brodie W.

    Brodie W.

    Baltimore, MD, Just Believe!

  • Jen


    Milwaukee, WI, Sprint Triathlons 5Ks Tough Mudder Lakefront Marathon 70.3 Racine Ironman

  • Nick S.

    Nick S.

    Wauwatosa, WI, Get back in shape so I'm not getting dropped by the Tosa Spokesmen

  • Jeramey J.

    Jeramey J.

    Milwaukee, WI, Run Summerfest half marathon in under two hours in June. Run a 5k in under 23 minutes.

  • Meghan A.

    Meghan A.

    San Francisco, CA, Run the San Francisco Marathon on July 27, 2014.

  • Kim Ellen

    Kim Ellen

    Milwaukee, WI, My goal is to run and not use Dailymile.

  • Cara V.

    Cara V.

    Pewaukee, WI, Lakefront Marathon - 3:30ish??? Someday Goal: sub 3:20 marathon

  • Caleb M.

    Caleb M.

    Boone, NC, Team Wicked Bonkproof World Domination! 2013: More wins at marathon+ distance, 1:09 half marathon.

  • Mandi


    Milwaukee, WI, Run a full half marathon (13.1 miles) by my 30th birthday (May 13, 2012).

  • Laura C.

    Laura C.

    Milwaukee, WI, Get back into running shape after pregnancy! Maybe a couple short races before the year is over :)

  • Kurt G.

    Kurt G.

    Milwaukee, WI, A mild-mannered professor seeks to ride his bike. Every damn day.