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Work towards a podium finish at every race!

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  • Kim G.

    Kim G.

    Madison, WI, ⁂ Staying with it daily ⁂ Complete a 1/2 in remaining states during 2015: AK CT HI MA ME NH OR RI UT

  • Philip


    Roanoke, VA, Run most of the same races I ran last year, but with faster times. Complete a Century Ride(Done 5-20-12). Complete a Half Iron Triathlon in 2021 or sooner.

  • Julien B.

    Julien B.

    Bristol, GB,

  • Jeffrey K.

    Jeffrey K.

    Highlands Ranch, CO, IM Boise 70.3 and IM Boulder for 2014! Staying healthy, fit, and active so I can consistently compete in the sport of triathlon, especially Ironman triathlon.

  • George W.

    George W.

    Manhattan, KS, Complete Kansas Half-Ironman in June--DONE! Place in 40-44 AG Olympic TRI 2013. Improve Olympic PR to under 2:25. 3500 Training Miles in 2013.

  • Katrina P.

    Katrina P.

    Boise, ID, Complete Zeitgeist Half-Marathon 2013. Stay injury free by not being my own worst enemy.

  • Laura


    Girona, ES,

  • Rob M.

    Rob M.

    Boise, ID,

  • Dominique C.

    Dominique C.

    Boise, ID,

  • Martin O.

    Martin O.

    Taylor, TX, Austin Marathon

  • Basement T.

    Basement T.

    Salt Lake City, UT, Run 5min/mile on the tready

  • Mickey W.

    Mickey W.

    Lawrence, KS, Endurance adventures, CrossFit, cycling, swimming, and running races and training.

  • Paul H.

    Paul H.

    Tonbridge, GB, 2012 races are 32m 27m and a 50 miler

  • Ross H.

    Ross H.

    Batavia, IL, Race Ironman Boulder

  • Kelly G.

    Kelly G.

    Boise, ID, Started running in July 2011. Since then I have ran eight 5ks and one 10k. More races ahead! Working on endurance and pace.

  • Brie


    Boise, ID, Finish Famous Potato Marathon in under 4 hours. 05.17.14

  • Suzie B.
  • Isabella


    , Get & stay in a great shape! Challenge myself regularly with new types of workouts, build more strenght and endurance.

  • Jamie W.

    Jamie W.

    Boise, ID, To lower my BMI and get fit.

  • John S.

    John S.

    Tampa, FL, I created a running app for Android and iPhone called PaceMaker! It can post runs to Dailymile automatically.

  • Jeff G.

    Jeff G.

    Seattle, WA, To Qualify for Beantown. Also Id like to complete a Tri...Question? are water-wings cheating?

  • Sasha B.

    Sasha B.

    Kiev, UA,

  • Christena K.

    Christena K.

    Boise, ID, Be able to run Robie Creek in under 2 hours 30 min in 2013.

  • William Rogue
  • Sam H.

    Sam H.

    Liverpool, GB, Ironman 2.4 miles swim 112m bike26.2 m of hilly running I will be an ironman Bolton uk 22nd July 2012;)