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  1. RUN
    Norfolk 6 mi

    Updated and more exciting/explicit Tabby version:
    OH MY GODZ!!! Holy FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!! There was a 5 alarm fire, all HELL broke loose in town! My boobs! BOOBS!!!! It was pure bedlam. Then some th... read more

    • Biddz

      Someone in your group had my ability to attract adventure. You need to write about it with more flair. Use caps and cuss words.

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    • Christie


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    • Frederick

      I did enjoy the have to consider that I spent nearly two hours tonight trying to fix a stripped out setscrew in a frickin' door knob...I'm serious! And it still isn't really fixed...the doorknob will probably come off again after about three pulls and of course it will happen when my wife uses it...and so anyway...would love a "Tabby Version" of my life...

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  2. Nebs and Jeremy: Ugh, so looking at the registration window for 2015 Boston, a BQ time will be needed most likely before the first weekend in September. So, a BQ at Steamtown won't be good unt... read more

    • Ova60runa

      Mike, just aim for a BQ-10 at the min and you won't have a problem getting in. I'm guessing that the field will return to it's usual size.

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    • Nebs

      you could also do the all american marathon on sunday 5/4 at Fort Bragg, that looks to be a flat fast race as well

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    • M

      The American marathon looks interesting. I don't think I can bust out a BQ anytime soon. My legs are still in recovery mode from all the spring races. I may just settle on not trying to BQ in 2015 and shoot for 2016. If I don't get in, then at least my BQ goes up to 3:10 when I turn 35 in 2016, and maybe I will aim for 2017. Just have to be patient, but it at least it gives me a nice long term running goal.

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  3. RUN
    Globo Gym

    Purple Cobras sssssssssssssssss!

    40 minutes lifting
    15 minutes wrench dodging

  4. RUN
    good Norfolk 8 mi

    Storms loomed. Nothing happened. Ended up cooler and cloudy with a chance of meatballs. 9:15 pace with a some short speed intervals.

  5. RUN
    Average Joe's Gym

    45 minutes lifting

  6. RUN
    Norfolk 8.1 mi

    5 miles @ 6:49 pace. Legs tired, but wanted to go a little faster on marathon Monday

    3.1 easy miles with HRR group run

  7. RUN
    Pocohontas State Park 10.2 mi

    Easy Easter run. Hi 60's, sunny, and low humidity.

  8. RUN
    Harbour Pointe 5 mi 00:42 08:24 pace

    humid, 51 degrees, cloudy

  9. RUN
    Norfolk 8.02 mi

    Would have liked to have done some form of distance tribute for VT today, but 32 miles, 32k, or any other variation was too far. Settled on 8 miles. 32/4 (32 students, 4=April). Last year me and Ne... read more

    • Ellen

      Excellent tribute run. I'll think of the racers who passed and dedicate some miles to them on Saturday

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    • M

      I still think the number of deaths would be the same. I'm sure almost everyone that died would have been able to qualify under hypothetical guidelines. Historically, it's not even the slowest people who die at races, but mostly middle of the pack, and occasionally faster runners (ie Ryan Shay).

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    • Nebs

      Yes that's true, most of them are much faster then just barely finishing shape. Ryan Shay is a bit of an anomaly as he's one of the few elites to die, and I want to say from memory it was due to an existing enlarged heart condition. I do think the half marathon is going to have to make some changes soon, someone somewhere is bound to take all these statistics and say "look half marathons kill 8-10 people a year on average". Even if that is a minuscule percentage of participants.

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  10. RUN
    The Gael 6 mi

    Rain, 32 mph sustained winds and 45+mph gusts. Temps must have dropped 20 degrees during the run.

  11. RUN
    blah Bull Run Run 50 miler 50 mi 08:27 10:08 pace

    It's hard to believe that after nearly a decade of running ultras in Virginia, and being around the vhtrc crowd, this was my first Bull Run. I'll be frank. This was a humbling reminder ab... read more

    • Tim O.
      Tim O.

      8:27 is awesome for that heat.

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    • Jeremy G.
      Jeremy G.

      You've definitely done a lot of hard racing this winter/spring. This seems to be very strong performance with all that fatigue in your legs plus the hot temps today.

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    • Ellen

      Dang you have really been putting the miles in! Great job, rest up!

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  12. RUN
    Ghent 3.5 mi

    Loving this actual spring weather, as short term as I predict it will be. Thought some stuff over during the run and decided to withdraw from the C&O Canal 100 in two weeks.

    • Biddz

      Why? No. Never mind. I read your earlier note, so I know why... but what are your saving yourself for? What are your goals this year? Your "A" races?

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    • M

      Agreed Steve. OD is a great race. Ran it in '10 and '12. Volunteered '09, '11, and '13. Might be time to hit it up again.

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    • Ova60runa

      If I was back East, I'd join you! Oh, wait a minute, no more 100's for me ;-)

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  13. RUN
    Norfolk 9.3 mi

    HRR group run

  14. The Bailey Calculator. I've been working on a calculator for ultras similar to the McMillan for setting goal times. This assumes limited race day variables and a consistent course/weather. For... read more

    • Biddz

      So, I plugged my last marathon in and it says that I can do a 10:50ish hour fifty miler, if the 50-Miller is comparable to Richmond marathon...

      14 days ago Like1 person

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    • M

      My "calculator" assumes ideal conditions in terms of both runner fitness and trail conditions. I could probably narrow down 133 feet to maybe 100-120, but I took the data from the difference in what elites ran for mountain ultras versus flat, and that was the consensus. As non high altitude elites, an extra minute for every 100-115 feet might be more practical for us. This puts Terrapin at about 4:55 for you, and Promise Land at 5:29.

      14 days ago Like

    • M

      Btw, in 2012 Eric Grossman ran a 2:33 marathon just before setting the course record at Promise Land in 4:25. Using the "elite" 133 feet multiplier, this estimated his flat 50k to be 3:11, and with 7,400 feet of gain and 3 additional miles, a predicted Promise Land time of (210.5 minutes + 55.5 for elevation = 266 minutes or a 4:26). Pretty damn accurate I'd say.

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