Wall of Motivation (79)

  1. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    Nice early run, Ashley! on a workout

  2. Peter G.
      Nice Job

    The best you can do when you wake up early! on a workout

  3. David R.
      Nice Job

    Woo hoo! Welcome back. on a workout

  4. Chris H.
      Nice Job

    Only 2 months until MDI!!! on a workout

  5. Peter G.
      You're an Inspiration

    Great that you did it despite your tiredness! on a workout

  6. Steve P.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  7. Marc S.

    CHEERS! on a workout

  8. Dave B.
      Nice Job

    Great job getting it done. Welcome back to marathon training. on a workout

  9. Marc S.
      Nice Job

    Nice job Ashley. on a workout

  10. Brad
      Nice Job

    The warmth is a surprise after all this cold...have to re-learn running in t... read more

  11. Blanca G.

    That was a good run after a day of fun ;-) Yeah, it was hot over here too!! on a workout

  12. Francesca T.
      Nice Job

    Good for you. Maybe after a vacation from racing you will come back better th... read more

  13. Angus M.
      Nice Job

    Great set of workouts.... on a workout

  14. Mik H.
      Nice Job

    Any distance is good, sensible not to go too far in the dark, well done on a workout

  15. Mike D.
      Nice Job

    Nice run! Better than nothing! on a workout

  16. Blanca G.
      Nice Job

    A run is a run!! :-) on a workout

  17. Jen H.
      Nice Job

    All of my workouts that have been before 6am were only 20-25 minutes, but som... read more

  18. Marc S.
      Great Performance

    Way to work it Ashley you still got it done. on a workout

  19. Leo M.
      Nice Job

    getting out there! Nice snow run! on a workout

  20. Marc S.
      Nice Job

    you're working hard girl! keep it up. on a workout

  21. Sallie S.
      Feel Better

    Maybe take a break from running and do weights, bike, etc., for a bit? That h... read more

  22. Marley Willow F.
      Nice Job

    Ohhhhh yyeeeaaah. on a workout

  23. Dave B.
      Nice Job

    I just realized we didn't set another run date. I was kind of joking that you... read more

  24. Ace C.
      Nice Job

    Looks like asking that friend really helped you excel. on a workout

  25. Honestjim
      Nice Job

    well done ashley, we all need a bit of encouragement at times - next time com... read more

  26. Tom C.
      Nice Job

    Way to get out there and seek help with the motivation! on a workout

  27. Marc S.
      Nice Job

    Nice get a friend addicted =) Now you did it! on a workout

  28. Aimee Z.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats Ash on your Marathon. =) Whats next? on a workout

  29. Paul K.

    Congrats! Welcome to the club. I agree with Tony - get that 26.2 sticker. on a workout

  30. Nicholas G.

    You did it! on a workout

  31. Pearl O.

    WAY TO GO! on a workout

  32. Achillex

    W00t! Welcome to the club! Which marathon did you run? on a workout

  33. Barbie S.

    welcome!! you're awesome!! congrats!!! on a workout

  34. Maddy H.
      Nice Job

    Awesome Ashley! Congratulations! on a workout

  35.   Congrats

    Woohoo!!! Heartfelt congrats from this half-marathoner and wanna-be marathone... read more

  36. Tony B.

    Congrats, "marathoner"! :) on a workout

  37. Dee

    Welcome to the club! on a workout

  38. Joseph G.

    Great job, and welcome to the club. on a workout

  39. Elizabeth

    CONGRATULATIONS! on a workout

  40. William L.
      Good Luck

    Great week to taper - temps in 20's and windy. Best of luck this weekend on a workout

  41. Phoebe T.
      Good Luck

    Good luck this saturday! You're doing a great thing for those kids!

  42.   Good Luck

    Nice! You're going to kill it! Btw, great pic of you with Josh Cox. He won th... read more

  43. Phil E.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  44. Tony B.
      Nice Job

    Strong run, Ashley! Hope to bump into you in Memphis next weekend but, if no... read more

  45. Tom M.
      You're Funny

    OK, I just finally looked up the term tumbleweave - yuck.. on a workout

  46. Gina B.
      Good Luck

    so exciting ashley! how bout a pic of the new shoes? i LUV new shoes... evn i... read more

  47. Tony B.
      Get Better

    Good job of getting back in the game. I hope you're feeling better soon. on a workout

  48. William L.
      Nice Job

    Glad you are back on the road. You have plenty of time before your marathon. on a workout

  49. William L.
      Get Better

    Rest up and you will come back stronger. Sorry you weren't able to get out a... read more

  50. Sel M.
      Get Better

    Rest a little. :) on a workout