8593 total / 55 in 2019

Just keep it fun, maybe a sub 2 half.

Wall of Motivation (233)

  1. Cheeziebrie
      Nice Job

    chin up! next one will be better! on a workout

  2. Cheeziebrie
      You're an Inspiration

    i would like to tell you that you inspire me times infinity. on a workout

  3. Scott S.
      Great Performance

    Nice job on the race. Sounds like great conditions (other than the mp3 issue... read more

  4. Simon W.
      You Rock

    Aron, great you showed your support! Thanks for checking up on me whilst I've... read more

  5. Scott S.
      Great Performance

    Nice run! on a workout

  6. Simon W.

    Great effort Aron! I'm sure all your hard work will pay dividends in a race s... read more

  7. Scott S.
      Nice Job

    Great run and nice consistency! on a workout

  8. Simon W.
      Nice Job

    The Unknown Runner sounds quite mysterious, did you wear a mask like Zorro lo... read more

  9. Alfred H.

    Great 5k, Aron! on a workout

  10. Sunni T.
      Great Performance

    that's still a great job! :) on a workout

  11. Simon W.

    Fantastic pace Aron! Great effort on achieving a course PR ;-) on a workout

  12. Simon W.

    Well done on your 4000 miles Aron!!!! Glad you have a medal rack to display y... read more

  13. Scott L.
      Great Performance

    Oh that damm 1 second, Amazing run though! on a workout

  14. Allison L.
      Nice Job

    good work! on a workout

  15. Alfred H.
      You Rock

    Great run after that quick turnaround, Aron! on a workout

  16. Shannon W.
      Nice Job

    Way to go! on a workout

  17. Tom C.
      Nice Job

    Nice job Aron! It's great when you can see improvement. on a workout

  18. Alfred H.

    Great 5k, Aron! on a workout

  19. Simon W.
      You're Badass

    That's an amazing result Aron! That's pretty much elite standard in my books! on a workout

  20. Alfred H.
      Nice Job

    Great run, Aron! It does seem a little less busy! on a workout

  21. Alfred H.
      You Rock

    Awesome run up, Aron! That's a really impressive time! on a workout

  22. Simon W.

    Aron, congrats on your 305. That's a nice early Christmas pressie to yourself... read more

  23. Scott S.
      Nice Job

    congrats on the PR! on a workout

  24. Simon W.

    Great effort on achieving a new PR Aron! Sounds like a tough trail race so we... read more

  25. Dayna
      Great Performance

    Great race with a PR! Way to go Aron! on a workout

  26. Alfred H.

    Great trail half, Aron! You crushed it today! on a workout

  27. Susan N.
      Great Performance

    Congrats on the PR! on a workout

  28.   Nice Job

    Yuck, that high humidity is a killer. You are a champ for getting those miles... read more

  29. Simon W.

    Congrats on your PR Aron! That's awesome work and a fantastic overall pace fo... read more

  30.   You Rock

    Congrats, Aron - awesome half!!! Sounds like you really had your whole perfor... read more

  31. Dayna

    Very nice half, Aron! You'll get that sub-2 the next time, there's no doubt! on a workout

  32. Eva R.

    Great job! Congrats on the PR! You definitely have sub 2:00 in you. on a workout

  33. Alfred H.
      You Rock

    Way to go, Aron! Congrats on another PR! on a workout

  34. Tony Z.
      Great Performance

    Nice Run Aron!! I ran there as well this morning. Wish I knew you were there. on a workout

  35. Scott S.
      Great Performance

    Nice job, Aron. Congrats on the solid finish time! on a workout

  36. Dayna
      Good Luck

    Good luck to you! You're going to do great! on a workout

  37. Simon W.
      Nice Job

    Great miles for August Aron ;-) on a workout

  38. Alfred H.

    Great run and solid month, Aron! on a workout

  39. Michael L.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice work Aron. Keep going! on a workout

  40. Simon W.
      You Rock

    Great back to back long runs Aron! Fantastic effort ;-) on a workout

  41.   Great Performance

    Great long run, Aron, especially after 10+ the day before! You've got great m... read more

  42.   Nice Job

    They all count - next one will be faster! on a workout

  43. Simon W.
      Great Performance

    Great back to back long runs Aron. Glad there was no need for a pitstop in th... read more

  44. Alfred H.
      You're Badass

    Great run, Aron! Swallowing that plastic wrapper probably would have made me ... read more

  45. Scott S.
      You're Funny

    Very funny! on a workout

  46. Simon W.
      Feel Better

    Good long run. Glad you had a better second half ;-) on a workout

  47. Alfred H.
      Feel Better

    Solid run, Aron! I hope you feel better soon! on a workout

  48. Brian H.
      Nice Job

    Great run! and congrats on #500. on a workout

  49. Josephine

    it was awful today, way to push through! on a workout

  50.   Nice Job

    Good work, Aron! on a workout