Wall of Motivation (17)

  1. Brian K H.
      Post a workout!

    I miss following your training!

  2. Vic R.
      Feel Better

    Hear that before! on a workout

  3. Brian K H.
      Great Performance

    Congrats! That must have been extremely hot racing weather. on a workout

  4. Sol S.
      Great Performance

    TJ - nice! Don't see too many "sub-30pace" swims on DM. on a workout

  5. Sol S.
      Great Performance

    heck, theycould have done the bike-run outside!!! solid splits, for a swim he... read more

  6. Sol S.
      Great Performance

    TJ - Nice miles you've been putting up! Good to see you getting back in some... read more

  7. Sol S.
      Nice Job

    good to see you posting miles again! stay on it. on a workout

  8. Carrie L.
      Nice Job

    Nice work!! Must have felt good to get the first one in! on a workout

  9. Sol S.
      Great Performance

    Still nice ride in the heat, and that doesn't look like there was much flat s... read more

  10. Brian K H.
      You're an Inspiration

    71 miles of swimming this year, wow!!! Have you grown gills yet? I am not a... read more

  11. Sparks P.
      Great Performance

    nice to see all my friends rocking it out today so far. on a workout

  12. Sparks P.
      Great Performance

    did you ever stop?!?! that entire time??? WOW! That's wicked fast! on a workout

  13. Carrie L.
      Nice Job

    Awesome workout!! on a workout

  14. Sol S.
      Great Performance

    That is a serious awesome swim. I did 64laps twice last year and about went ... read more

  15. Carrie L.
      Nice Job

    Holy Cow! That just looks like a long time!! on a workout

  16. Carrie L.
      Nice Job

    You are kicking butt this week! on a workout

  17. Sol S.
      Nice Job

    Nice strong swim. Do what you can do! on a workout