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  • 17 miles
  • 02:38 time
  • 1672 calories
  • 3 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. RUN
    good KBR Park X 2 Loops 7.81 km 00:48 09:50 pace

    Ran with Praveen P. and Bung. Had to ask Praveen to hold back so that we could have a easy run!

  2. RUN
    good KBR Park x 3 Loops 11.68 km 01:06 09:06 pace

    Went to the park to do a easy 13k. Then met Dhiraj T. and we decided to run together. During the first km he said he wanted to do sub 50 at Hyderabad 10K. And then this happened
    6:16; 5:45; 5:23; ... read more

  3. RUN
    KBR Park X 2 Loops 7.79 km 00:44 09:09 pace

    First KM was warmup and then steadily upped pace. After a very long time ran this fast. 6K was under 5:25 pace.

    • Ashish M.
      Ashish M. Great Performance
      Great Performance: is also helping

      3 days ago

  4. RUN
    good Gachibowli - Gopanapalli - UOH 16.7 km 01:50 10:33 pace

    Chatty run with Sandeep K. and Dhiraj T.

  5. RUN
    KBR Park X 2 Loops 8 km 00:49 09:47 pace

    Ran almost after 10 days. Feel good to be back!

  6. RUN
    good Home - Sarai Kale Khan Jn - Home 8.01 km 00:47 09:24 pace

    Woke up late but wanted to run, so started at 7AM. Man the highway was buzzing by then. Stopped at a few places to cross which slowed me down. Else a good run!

  7. RUN
    blah Home - CW Games Village - Home 5.01 km 00:31 10:01 pace

    Bad run, too many stoppages due to traffic on the road. At one point it took me more than a minute to cross the road. Delhi does wake up early.

    Lodhi garden tomorrow.

    • Sunil M.
      Sunil M. Nice Job
      Nice Job: have u shifted to Delhi?

      18 days ago

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    • Hitanshu G.
      Hitanshu G.

      Most of the morning traffic may be junta heading to their gym or run for all you know! :p

      17 days ago Like

    • Anirudha B.
      Anirudha B.

      @Sandeep: However much you wish, I haven't shifted. Coming back soon to haunt you :D.
      @Hitanshu: I started at 6:30 so it was mostly the office and the school traffic.
      Thanks guys!

      16 days ago Like

  8. RUN
    good Delhi Darshan Half Marathon 21.01 km 02:10 09:56 pace

    I was in two minds whether to go or not go. But glad I did. And it gave a chance to see Delhi in a way that I have never seen before. Except Rajpath and CP inner circle, I ran 90% of the distance i... read more

  9. RUN
    good KBR Park x 2.5 Laps 10.19 km 01:05 10:18 pace

    After yesterday's fiasco I was very scared whether I'll be able to run today. Started with Dhiraj T. and did 2 loops. Focus was on steady run and running with Dhiraj helped in that. Howe... read more

  10. RUN
    blah KBR Park X 2 Loops 8 km 00:49 09:50 pace

    Somehow right from the start wasn't feeling good. Kinda felt that the tank was empty. So scaled down to 8 from the planned 11.

    I'm hoping this is temporary!

  11. RUN
    good KBR Park x 1.25 Loop 5.34 km 00:32 09:37 pace

    First run of the week. Ran with Dhiraj T., Setlem and Mahad. Was turning out to be an easy and chatty run when at 3K mark (7K for him) Mahad felt as if someone gorgeous was waiting to give him a h... read more

    • Ashish M.
      Ashish M. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      at least you could have given hugs to each other :)

      25 days ago

  12. RUN
    good Gandipet - Movie Towers - Kha... 13.03 km 01:26 10:38 pace

    A decent run with the gang!

  13. RUN
    good KBR Park X 2 Loops 8 km 00:49 09:51 pace

    Ran with Da-Bung! Easy chatty run.

  14. RUN
    good KBR Park x 2.25 Loops 9 km 00:52 09:22 pace

    Ran with Rajesh Reddy today. First loop was chatty and relaxed. Since had some energy left in the legs, pushed in the second loop.

    A good run after a long time. Felt really good!

  15. RUN
    KBR Park x 1.25 Loop 5.36 km 00:32 09:33 pace

    An ok run!

  16. RUN
    alright AHM Half Marathon Route 19.82 km 02:21 11:28 pace

    Ran this long after almost 2 months and could feel the loss of endurance and fitness. Very pedestrian run!

  17. RUN
    good KBR Park x 2.5 Laps 9.73 km 01:01 10:01 pace

    Ran with Harsha, Setlem and Bung. Good run, feeling happy!

  18. RUN
    good KBR Park x 1.25 Loop 5.39 km 00:32 09:27 pace

    Started easy and felt good at the constant pace.

  19. RUN
    good Gachibowli - Oakridge School ... 12.72 km 01:25 10:45 pace

    Ran with Gupta initially and thereafter with Laxminarayana Y. What started as a chatty easy run with Gupta became a pacy one with Yepuri. He made me climb Microsoft hill at 6:00 pace and then lag g... read more

    • Laxminarayana Y.
      Laxminarayana Y. Great Performance
      Great Performance:

      Ha Ha !!! I Only count what is the average pace for the complete run (including water breaks and talking with friends :).

      about 1 month ago

  20. RUN
    alright KBR Park x 1.75 Loop 6.68 km 00:41 09:48 pace

    Coming back from an injury is difficult. Especially since you haven't been running for a while, the lung capacity seems to have gone for a toss apart from the pace.

    My tempo target pace is n... read more

    • Ashish M.
      Ashish M. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      things will be alright in few days. Lage raho

      about 1 month ago

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    • Praveen P.
      Praveen P. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      AB...what you did is better than what I did...or didn't do :-). So, take it easy!

      about 1 month ago

    • Laxminarayana Y.
      Laxminarayana Y.

      I hear you AB and all the nicks eat away your motivation, but running mates will provide you the encouragement needed. You should be back to yourself in few days !!!

      about 1 month ago Like