Friends (25)

  • Andy L.

    Andy L.

    Maryville, TN, 5:59 mile; 22:59 5K; 1200 miles

  • Christy


    Washington, DC, To run a sub-4 marathon...current PR (4:01)

  • Angee C.

    Angee C.

    IN, I <3 running but I had a torn miniscus & lost 50% of posterior horn. I am biking now & I teach yoga 10x a week. Might take short runs, nothing long ever again

  • Jenifer


    Atlanta, GA, Training for my first Duathalon

  • Tanya Patrice

    Tanya Patrice

    US, To improve.

  • Kim B.

    Kim B.

    Columbus, OH, To run the Columbus Full Marathon in October and remain injury free.

  • Mel- Tall Mom

    Mel- Tall Mom

    Bonney Lake, WA, Enjoy the JOURNEY because life is TOO SHORT! Spend miles getting to know my friends and myself.

  • Tonia B.

    Tonia B.

    Glen Allen, VA, 140.6 domination ...

  • Shannon M.

    Shannon M.

    Baltimore, MD, Sub 2:00 half marathon, sub 3:00 Oly tri & marathon PR

  • Shannyn


    Chicago, IL, 13 Half Marathons in 2013!

  • Diane B.

    Diane B.

    Lancaster, PA, 2013 goals... 1000 miles, 2 1/2 marathons, a bunch of 5ks, get my personal training certification...and maybe a marathon at the end of the year!

  • Agus K.

    Agus K.

    Singapore, SG, <16m25s 2.5k| <25m24s 5k<| <55m06s 10k | <1h22m47s 12k trail (MR) | <2h12m38s 21k | <5h42m43s 42.195k | 2012: Strength training and oversea races.

  • Megan N.

    Megan N.

    Brookings, SD, This is No Marathon year! Focusing on becoming speedy at the ol' 10k - Goal is Avera 10k in SF 5.11.13.

  • Emily


    Washington, DC, A marathon in every state and an Ironman before I'm 30.

  • Dawne Herbert W.

    Dawne Herbert W.

    Los Angeles, CA, sub 4hr marathon in 2010; Finish Ragnar April 2010; MS Walk 2010 - Join me! Athens Classic Marathon, October 31st, 2010!

  • Gwen W.
  • Tiana T.

    Tiana T.

    Warner Robins, GA, Get to where I can run a full mile without stopping [done - August 2010] and run a 5k [done - August 2010] New Goal: increase speed

  • Erica


    California City, CA, Run a 5k in under 30 mins. Run a 1/2 marathon in under 2:40

  • Kelly C.

    Kelly C.

    MI, Break 4:30 at the Marquette Marathon on September 1st and have a blast doing it!

  • Chad C H.

    Chad C H.

    Albany, GA, First marathon in March, 2012.

  • Stephanie


    Cincinnati, OH, 50 Marathons in 50 States...

  • Lorin P.

    Lorin P.

    Adel, GA, 26 minute 5k..DONE! Next is a 10k in under one hour. DONE! Next is a half marathon in the spring.. DONE 3/5/11! Next is a 22min 5k

  • Gwen



  • Heather L.

    Heather L.

    Leesburg, GA,

  • Susan


    Valdosta, GA,