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Andreina logged 127 miles.

Last workout about 8 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. RUN
    great Run after a week off... 3.12 mi 00:31 09:57 pace

    Short run as it was getting dark, but back on the wagon after slacking the last two weeks!

    Rave: Back on the traaaaaain
    Rant: Wish I had more sun light to go an extra mile!

  2. FIT
    great Pilates 01:00

    Pilates class at the gym...I have always hated pilates classes (they bored me!) but this one was AWESOME!. It was a more "flow-y" type of pilates, most of it in the mat and focusing in t... read more

  3. RUN
    good 6 miles by the beach 6 mi 00:59 09:45 pace

    I needed to get a longer run's been a long last 4 weeks as my sitter has been out due to surgery. Working while taking care of twins who are teething is not easy!!!. She's back... read more

  4. RUN
    good The only run this week... 4.31 mi 00:42 09:42 pace

    I seem to have 3 good weeks, one bad week. Well, this is my bad week. Friedns in town, sitter sick and I just didn't have the energy to get out there!. There's always next week!.

    Rave... read more

    • Jason F.
      Jason F.

      Nice job Andreina.

      about 8 years ago Like

    • Alicia B.
      Alicia B.

      HAHAHA I am on the same boat, lots of food and not enough exercise! Now I am still recovering from a cold...

      about 8 years ago Like

  5. RUN
    good Run with mommy group 3.07 mi 00:33 10:44 pace

    One girl brought her baby in the jogger so we were a little slower than usual!...still great run :)

    Rave: Got with the girls and introduced baby Mia to jogging ;)
    Rant: None!

  6. RUN
    good Long run by the beach 7.5 mi 01:15 10:00 pace

    Can't synch from Garmin since it stopped recording in the middle of the run so I had to start a "new" workout! So I actually don't know how much I ran without it being recorded!... read more

  7. RUN
    good The Hills 3.3 mi 00:32 09:42 pace

    First time I do by "Hills" I mean a bridge since we live in FL! hehe. It was a short run with a mommy friend :)

    Rave: Did a couple of hills and went out on a Friday night...w... read more

  8. RUN
    alright Intervals 3.51 mi 00:34 09:46 pace

    It got to be too late so I only did 3 reps...did warm up more after my sis Tats told me I "HAD TO"!

    Warm-up ~1.2m
    0.32 miles, 2:37
    0.5 recovery
    0.31 miles, 2:31
    0.5 recovery
    0.32 miles, ... read more

  9. want to do something soon about Monday's big fat zero!

  10. RUN
    blah Long run, cut short. 4.09 mi 00:40 09:52 pace

    My plan was to do 8 miles by the beach. Drove there and it started POURING. Waited a while and nothing. Drove back home and it was raining here. By the time it stopped I only had about an hour ... read more

    • Ian D.
      Ian D.

      Sorry you had so many rants on your run :( damn the weather! But on the bright side you got out there and there is always tomorrow!

      about 8 years ago Like

    • Victoria

      Well after a busy least you got just per half done. Next one will be better!

      about 8 years ago Like

    • Danielle M.
      Danielle M.

      Hey, be proud that still went out and ran 4 miles! And the next one will be so much better because this one sucked!

      about 8 years ago Like

    • Alicia B.
      Alicia B.

      Poor thing...I'll get you a new headband...I hate those running skirts nothing like the good old capris. Tomorrow will be better

      about 8 years ago Like

  11. RUN
    great Short "fast" run 3.17 mi 00:30 09:26 pace

    I say "fast" since for some of you this is almost like walking..hehe ;)

    Rave: Felt pretty good and rewarded myself with a nice dinner with the hubby at home!. Average pace abut 10-15 se... read more

  12. can someone recommend a run 3x/week half marathon training plan?

  13. RUN
    alright First interval/speedwork trai... 3.45 mi 00:34 09:45 pace

    I did intervals/speedwork training today (not sure which is the "proper" term!!). I just went around the outside of my complex and I think it's pretty similar to a track, but feel f... read more

    • Danielle M.
      Danielle M.

      Nice job! I think I need to be doing more intervals, too. Hmm...

      about 8 years ago Like

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    • Cori N.
      Cori N.

      Nice! I need to do more speed training but I loathe it so much! One day, I'll find myself a nice cushy track and actually set down to speeding day :P

      about 8 years ago Like

    • Tats

      Beatiful Job sistah!!!!!.... Speedworkout is tough-tough-tough!!!!... It'll take a few to learn how to pace yourself. Check to get approx paces for each interval distance. And... here comes the "old" I meant "wise" sister addition: WARM UP!!!... 0.4 miles of warm up is not enough, take it to 1 or 1.5!... You can cheat with cool down but never with warm up...

      about 8 years ago Like

  14. went ahead and signed up for my first half in December! Now backing out now!

  15. Shared Photo

    Drenched but happy after my first 8 mile run :)

  16. RUN
    great First 8 miler EVER!!!!! 8.01 mi 01:19 09:51 pace

    Had my mind set to it...rain or shine...and boy it did rain!!!!!!. Did first 6 miles with my friend, she's awesome!!. Last 2 were on my own (and much slower...didn't want to hurt myself... read more

    • Jen S.
      Jen S.

      Way to go! Your zero is officially gone! :-)

      about 8 years ago Like

    • Debbie F
      Debbie F

      wahoo! Awesome job! way to get back out there and knock off 8 miles!

      about 8 years ago Like

    • Courtney B.
      Courtney B.

      That's so awesome! I didn't know it was your longest to day. Way to go! It helps running with a friend sometimes.

      about 8 years ago Like

    • Danielle M.
      Danielle M.

      Yea Andreina! Way to get out there and get it done!

      about 8 years ago Like

  17. Saturday night...checking DM and still seeing a bit fat ZERO next to my miles for the week!.....Oh well, sometimes it happens. Attempting an 8-miler tomorrow. Longest distance ever!

    • Christie

      It's ok! Getting back up on the horse is what counts! :) Good luck on your 8 miler tomorrow! You can do it!

      about 8 years ago Like

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    • Susan M.
      Susan M.

      But isn't it great that seeing that zero still makes you want to get going? You have the attitude, now if only there was a longer day....

      about 8 years ago Like

    • Andreina B.
      Andreina B.

      Thanks everyone! I did it!!!!!!!!!! :D

      about 8 years ago Like

  18. FIT
    great Total body training class @ gym 01:00

    Great class...if I'm not sore tonight I may go for a short run

  19. Wednesday and my weekly mile total is still zero............not good!

    • Susan M.
      Susan M.

      some weeks will be like that, Life getting in the way. You will be able to put some miles in soon, I'm sure! You should be able to track chasing twins around, I'll bet you would have big numbers!

      about 8 years ago Like

    • Victoria

      Don't be so hard on yourself! You are busy mom. Just think how great it will feel when you get to run ;)

      about 8 years ago Like