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This photo does not do my road rash justice. Was walking my friends' dogs, lost my footing on an uneven sidewalk. Biffed it hardcore. Both knees, right forearm & palm, my new nathan quick draw water bottle holder and a li'l bit of my new workout pants have been initiated.

  • Willifordingham

    I did something similar two weeks ago on a track indoors. No fun!!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Shelley M.
    Shelley M.

    Aww man, I haven't gotten my first road injury yet. Hmpf.

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Jane S.
    Jane S.

    Awww - did you cry? Hope it heals fast.

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Kay

    Dang, you biffed it bad! No blood...rub a little dirt on're a tough chick!

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  • Craig B.
    Craig B.

    Badass :)

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  • Becky L.
    Becky L.

    Yep. Totally sounds like something I would do.

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  • Amy K.
    Amy K.

    The best part of this is that I wasn't even running or going fast. It was quite humorous. I didn't cry - my pride was the most injured. ;) my left knee is a little swollen today but It'll heal.

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  • Carrie M.
    Carrie M.

    Battle scars just make you look badass!

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  • Augie S.
    Augie S.

    I thought that we agreed that it was #jth that kicked your a$$, not the sidewalks. What happened?

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