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Former NPC competitor who's morphed from rigid, obsessive dieting and training to healthy, fit, and happy!

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Amy logged 352 miles.

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  1. walk
    Hit the treadmill 00:45

    Was feeling good for a solid 45 minutes on an incline treadmill.

  2. FIT
    Leg day 00:50

    Big dr appt today but I got into the gym beforehand:
    db squats
    leg press
    seated hamstring curls
    seated hyperextension
    hip adductor
    hip abductor
    ball crunches

    And it's a BOY!

    • Jeff D.
      Jeff D.

      nice workout! aw - did you want a boy? I have two girls but several nephews and I don't know if I could have handled boys (I don't know how my mother handled me... I was bad!). Everyone keeps telling me that my girls are getting to the age where they will be more difficult than boys of the same age. We shall see...

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    • Amy

      I was totally convinced going in that it was a girl!! So I had my mind set that way. I'm excited either way but it's definitely a surprise! I think girls are easier when they're little, but get more difficult as teens and boys are the opposite: harder when they're little and easier as they grow up.

      I'm just happy he looks healthy (and big!) :-)

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  3. walk
    easy treadmill walk 00:35

    A slow, easy walk this morning.

  4. FIT
    Upper body workout 00:45

    BOSU ball pushups
    db bicep curls
    db tricep presses
    lateral raises
    lower back hyperextension
    reverse pec dec

  5. FIT
    Morning cardio 00:40

    30 minutes on the elliptical until my feet hurt (??) and then hopped on the treadmill to walk for 10 minutes. I wanted to get outside and walk this weekend but it was so cold and drizzly I decided ... read more

    • Jeff D.
      Jeff D.

      nice job with the cardio Amy. Yesterday during my race I thought a couple of times how nice it would be to next to a fire rather than be out running in the cold rain - I'm kinda jealous!

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  6. FIT
    Leg day 45:00

    Was hard to get started, felt good once I got going.
    Leg press
    Seated hamstring curls
    Standing calf raises
    Hip adduction
    Hip abduction
    V crunches

  7. walk
    Post office 40 mi

    Had to go to the post office so decided to walk there and back.

  8. walk
    taking the dogs for a walk 1 mi 00:20 20:00 pace

    Just a nice walk with the pups.

  9. FIT
    Upper body 00:30

    Was getting into this morning's workout when the little one started protesting with pokes from the inside. It made me really uncomfortable and I stopped mid workout and just finished with some... read more

    • Jeff D.
      Jeff D.

      now that's what I call listening to your body, er - your little one's body, or something :)

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  10. walk
    Hit the treadmill 00:45

    A walk to get the day started.

  11. FIT
    Legs and stretching 00:50

    A nice, slow, steady workout today.
    smith machine squats
    lower back hyperextension
    wall squats
    hip adduction
    hip abduction

  12. walk
    Stretching and walking 01:00

    Was going to do weights but was feeling uncomfortable again - can't really explain the feeling, kind of a heavy pulling in my abdomen. I skipped the weights and kept it easy and light - a few ... read more

  13. walk
    Neighborhood walk 2.21 mi 00:30 13:32 pace

    I tried to job but it was really uncomfortable so I took it down to a walk. Enjoyed being outside!

  14. FIT
    Leg day 01:00

    I love leg day!
    smith machine squats
    standing hamstring curls
    hip abduction
    hip adduction
    left side plank
    right side plank
    V crunches

  15. FIT
    Morning cardio 00:45

    Was feeling good and probably could have gone longer but had to get ready for work! Nice way to start the day.

  16. VELO
    SPIN! 00:45

    Had a sub for this morning's Spin class and I couldn't wait to get there! Had a great ride - stayed safely at about 60-65% max heart rate but had a good workout and lots of fun!

  17. FIT
    Short leg workout 00:30

    Smith machine squats
    Hip adduction
    Hip abduction
    Wall squat
    Standing calf raises

  18. FIT
    Upper body 01:00

    This is upper body with a little legs as I intend to do for the next few months:
    -body weight squats on bosu ball
    -push ups
    -standing overhead db press
    -lateral raises
    -lat pull downs
    -tricep press... read more

  19. walk
    Easy walk 2 mi 00:35 17:30 pace

    All I had in me this morning was an easy walk in the treadmill. I put incline up to 3% just for a little challenge (relative to walking on flat ground). After I went and stretched really well - fel... read more