Friends (27)

  • Shevonne P.

    Shevonne P.

    Washington, DC, Just to remain toned and fit

  • Linda J.

    Linda J.

    Rockledge, FL, Always injured, but determined. Chronic achilles/soleus/gastroc issue due to deformity. Eventual surgery, but I won't let this stop me from being active.

  • Francesca


    Spring, TX, Finish a 2nd Sprint triathlon in a time of 1:30 (date tbd) + finish an Olympic distance race in the fall of 2013. Practice, practice, practice!

  • Ja C.

    Ja C.

    Jacksonville, FL, Be consistent in my efforts; maintain weight at or close to 180 lbs; finish what I started

  • Monique J.

    Monique J.

    Los Angeles, CA, Health and Fitness

  • Chaz2b


    , health & happiness

  • Zulema O.

    Zulema O.

    Chicago, IL,

  • Bo A.

    Bo A.

    Duvall, WA, Keeping in shape through running and riding my bike.

  • Brent S.

    Brent S.

    Victoria, BC, A few goals: i) to get my weight below 200 lbs (ETA Spring 2013); ii) To complete 1/2 marathon in trg, any pace; iii) To race 10km Spring 2013.

  • Shey S.

    Shey S.

    Mississauga, ON,

  • Carmen


    Atlanta, GA, To walk and run to stay healthy for myself and my daughter.

  • Victoria K.

    Victoria K.

    Alameda, CA, Better fitness, commute by bike and walking.

  • Jenn S.

    Jenn S.

    Chicago, IL, 2011: F*ucking Freezing Half Mary, Indy Mini-Marathon, Chicago RnR Half, and my first marathon - Chicago!

  • Anne


    Seattle, WA, For 2012: 1. Hire a personal trainer. 2. Work on those problem areas. 3. Kick ass.

  • Lisa L

    Lisa L

    Mound, MN, Become a better runner, lose weight, get fit, be healthy, #FARP, Chicago Marathon ---> Rim to Rim of Grand Canyon

  • Alan J.

    Alan J.

    South Riding, VA, Getting back to things. I've got the mind to do it but the body needs a little time to catch up! No races planned for the moment...but soon!

  • Jeff S.

    Jeff S.

    Lenexa, KS,

  • Jason T.

    Jason T.

    Van Nuys, CA, 13% improvement in BMI

  • Pete D.

    Pete D.

    San Jose, CA, 1) Personal challenge with brother, Carl. I *will* be lighter than him. 2) 15,000 steps a day.

  • Laura B.

    Laura B.

    Macon, GA, weight loss

  • Holly B.

    Holly B.

    Vancouver, WA, general fitness and hoping to run some 5K races.

  • Helen S.

    Helen S.

    Sacramento, CA, assistance in weight loss

  • Veronica


    Dallas, TX, Run a 5k by end of February, a half marathon by August and a full by end of 2011!

  • Rahsheen P.

    Rahsheen P.

    , Strength

  • Emme O.