Friends (54)

  • Rhonda T.
  • Christy B.

    Christy B.

    Phoenix, AZ, I want a BQ = 3:36ish (3:40). Need to take off 20 minutes and I will!! #ICAN

  • Todd


    Parker City, IN, Keep running, stay fit, & be happy. And maybe do a few races along the way. :)

  • Rene P.

    Rene P.

    Mililani, HI, Stay healthy, be fit, get strong, be a role model for my kids!

  • Andy R.

    Andy R.

    Farmersville, TX, To run 100 miles at Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run in 2018.

  • Mike K.

    Mike K.

    Madison, WI, Not entirely sure. I've found that I really love endurance swimming and running so lets see where that goes.

  • Karen S.

    Karen S.

    Biloxi, MS, Lean out. Improve at Crossfit. Will set some race goals and pick out some races once relocated.

  • Bill S.

    Bill S.

    Bothell, WA, 2015 Races Lake Sammamish Half (Mar) Vancouver USA Marathon (Jun) ? (Apr-May) Victoria B.C. Marathon (Oct) ____ 2015 Goals <1:56 Half <4:15 Full

  • Jim H.

    Jim H.

    Vinton, VA,

  • Jeff V.

    Jeff V.

    Oregon, WI, get back to running injury free......and back to some races!

  • Michelle L.

    Michelle L.

    Ogden, UT, 2016 Miles in 2016!! Wish me luck!!

  • Joe V.

    Joe V.

    Youngstown, OH,

  • Pete A.

    Pete A.

    Salt Lake City, UT, Marathon PR this Year!

  • Ron C.

    Ron C.

    Salt Lake City, UT, Keep Running!

  • Tom F.

    Tom F.

    Winston Salem, NC, My first tri--> Ironman 70.3 June 2, 2013- completed.

  • Orlando S.

    Orlando S.

    Brea, CA, BQ, >1:30 half marathon

  • Rene M.

    Rene M.

    Portsmouth, VA, My goal is to lose weight all while becoming a healthy, more vibrant me. Goal 112 pounds with a athletic frame. Run a 1/2 & Cycle 100M Races in 2012.

  • Sam P.

    Sam P.


  • Joe R.

    Joe R.

    Omaha, NE, Simplifying the goals for 2015: 1) Core (3 good workouts per week) 2) Strength (3 good workouts per week) 3) Cardio (3 good rides per week)

  • Robert L.
  • Jeannie G.

    Jeannie G.

    Redmond, WA, Compete at my best in trail races & triathlons. 50K, multiple 70.3s, 2x Ironman finisher, numerous trail races & half marathons

  • Gary S.

    Gary S.

    Slinger, WI,

  • Laura Strate M.

    Laura Strate M.

    Park City, UT, In 2015 I'm aiming for a 1:30 half marathon, and qualifying time for Boston.

  • Enzo H.

    Enzo H.

    Quezon City, PH, to simply be injury free

  • Mark O.

    Mark O.

    Collierville, TN, 1212 miles in 2012. Get back under 2 hrs. on half marathon-CHECK. Run 2 marathons, shooting for Andrew Jackson Marathon in Jackson, TN and St. Jude in Memphis.