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Jamye ran: At long last I have t...

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good Newton Run #1 10.2 mi 01:20 07:50 pace

At long last I have taken the Newton's for their inaugural spin. If you would like to stop reading here, I'm very pleased with them so far. For more details read below.

Yes, I know I probably should have gone for a shorter run to acclimate; yes, I know that the logic that I've used to avoid doing so is probably faulty. I figured, 1) I am already a midfoot striker and have a reasonably efficient stride 2) I would hold back on pace as a compromise and most importantly the primary of the justifications is... 3) I'm a hard-headed runner :)

I picked a route that contained some nice flat stretches, slight uphill/downhill, one 4-5% uphill/downhill as well as gravel, and asphalt.

General thoughts:
-- Fit: I have very narrow feet, particularly toward the heel and I immediately appreciated the double eyelets which allowed me to get a more secure fit in the heel. I have small feet (7s), so I usually have trouble with running shoes being too big, these were true to size.

Running experience:
-- General: I’ve gone through several models of shoe since January and generally have issues with the heel feeling too chunky and impeding a midfoot strike or being heavy enough that when I fatigue I strike at midfoot and end up rocking back a little before rolling toward the toe-off. Now, this can be attributed to poor shoe selection on my part or any number of issues. But just generally it was a pleasant new experience to land squarely on the midfoot and feel a natural roll forward. Also running on gravel and asphalt felt just fine, I was also faced with running on an oddly banked shoulder because some dogs and their human didn’t want to cede a scrap of sidewalk. Throughout I felt a good amount of support and control without feeling constrained.
-- Uphill (both slight and steeper grade): these sections of the run felt phenomenal. Generally I’m fairly comfortable, though not adept at running uphill. I’m not sure if it’s the placement of the forefoot lugs, but every I felt like I was getting a great energy return and propulsion out of each footfall… I didn’t feel the need to pushoff hard to try to propel myself forward.
-- Flats: Here was where I had the most challenges for the first 4 miles or so. Since I didn’t have to push off as strongly as I usually do I had some timing issues in the part of my gait between pushoff-leg swing-and initial ground contact. The toe is beveled considerably more than I’m accustomed too so while the initial point of contact was great I felt as though I had to search a little for when exactly was the ideal point at which to pick my foot up.
-- Downhill (both slight and sharper): There are few things more fun than bombing downhill for me. Who doesn’t like the feeling of going a bit faster? What I’ve said about lifting my foot on the flats was also true on the downhills, though less pronounced obviously because gravity was forcing me to rock forward a bit more on my toes so I was hitting the right spot without really trying. It was this sensation that helped me figure it out on the flats.

--Great first run with these shoes. I really enjoy the fit – able to sinch the heel down and no binding or pinching due to tightening laces at various foot angles. The footstrike, for lack of a better term, was sweet! The toe-off was a little shaky as I tended to be too easy in picking my foot up. But man on man was there less effort involved. As I mentioned I didn’t feel like I had to push off to move forward… perhaps the shoes put me in a slightly better anatomical position, rendering that extra hamstring fired boost unnecessary –maybe the “lever” part of the stride (as Newton calls it) really does make it such that you can just pick your foot up. I don’t know the answer and perhaps time will tell, but I must say that I like it thus far.

It will be interesting to see how these feel for speedier days and cumulatively -- I'll be sure to let those who are interested know! I will also need to decided whether to run in them all the time or swap out on specific types of run or on particular days. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  • Ron

    Wow that's a long post congrats !

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Peter L.

    From a fellow hard-headed runner, let me say that that was a phenomenal review - you should write a blog! This review makes me really want to try the Newtons - unfortunately, my wife would kill me if I brought another pair of shoes into the house. Maybe when a few of my current pairs get retired. Look forward to seeing if things continue to go well with them!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Dave M.
    Dave M.

    I was looking at the Newtons the other day online... as a physics professor, I mostly want a pair because of the NAME!

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Jamye

    @ Ron- It took me almost as long to write the post as it did to run today :)

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Jamye

    @Oblinkin- Shucks... thanks. There are so many great running blogs out there (like yours for instance) that I've never really thought about writing my own. Hmm...

    With regard to shoes - could you do a one-for-one trade? You get rid of the oldest, most gnarly pair of shoes and you bring home a nice, shiny new pair of Newtons?! The ante would probably have to be higher to gain her approval, eh?

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Andy O.
    Andy O.

    Nice Newton 10-miler and review. I'll probably try a pair out down the road.

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Jamye

    Andy, I'd be excited to see what you think of them. And on your feet they'd really fly - that would be a fun read.

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Runfasterdaddy

    That's a long run for the first time in Newtons. Good for you. I'll be curious how your legs feel in the days to come.

    over 8 years ago Like

  • Brodie W.

    Great run Jamye! I wish I could try shoes like the newtons, no such luck! Feet are too big and wide!

    over 8 years ago Like