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Adamm9 ran: Day 138. Today was ...

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  • 11 miles
  • 02:03 time
  • 11:30 pace
  • 1129 calories
  • 0 ft climb
  • 252 max hr
  • 161 avg hr
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    effort 3/5
blah 20. Aborted by Ankle Roll 10.71 mi 02:03 11:30 pace

Day 138.

Today was Rebecca's 20 miler. It was about 20 degrees. We charted a course that was mostly flat with a few hills toward the end to simulate Newton. Unfortunately,we didn't make it that far. Just over ten miles in, I rolled my ankle on the side of the road (in case you're wondering: Pratts Jct Rd has a terrible camber).

I stumbled forward for a 5-10 feet, uttering a stream of profanities not unlike the curses I heard from my father growing up, after he'd hit his hand with a hammer, or injured himself in some other way in the garage. I walked on it for a bit, jogged for about a 1/4 mile, and for a split-second, I entertained running the 9 and change to finish the route. But eventually my rational mind won over. As Rebecca and I joked, as a man, this was unfamiliar territory - our normal mode of operation being to just dumbly forge forward regardless of long term consequences :)

Ended up phoning home for a pick-up on Chocksett Rd, which turns out to be a freakin' wind tunnel.

I wasn't the only one with difficulties - Rebecca had no energy about 8-9 miles in. I guess it just was one of those long runs. They are bound to happen, and you just gotta take the positives away - (we did get at least 10 miles in the bank, we were pacing pretty well despite her fatigue, the course we found was actually somewhat flat, and we had some good conversation and laughs)

I see the age old RICE in my future. While I'm pretty pissed about cutting it short, I do feel like this was the right thing to do so that I can live to run another day. No point in getting injured with only a few weeks until Boston.

Hope you all have great long runs and races this weekend!

  • Courtney F.
    Courtney F.

    Well great job getting in what you did!!! Sorry about the ankle! That is a bummer! I have had some near misses on the sides of roads!

    over 7 years ago Like

  • John K.
    John K.

    Smart man. Bummer on the ankle. That's one of my fears while I run on trails. Occasionally I stumble on a curb or a low shoulder. Hell of a saturday on the way. Mend up you'll be ok in a day or so I bet

    over 7 years ago Like

  • James

    Sorry to hear about the ankle. Have a beer or two and some RICE to go with it, and watch some b-ball. Take it easy for the day! I hope the injury feels better tomm.

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  • Carol B.

    Definitely the right thing to do - so sorry! Hope it's nothing, Adam!

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  • Joshua S.
    Joshua S.

    That sucks, but being responsible with the injuries is going to make it easier to recover and more next time.

    over 7 years ago Like

  • John P.
    John P.

    See you in Boston Adam! (if you see a guy with a lot of pink, that's me) Sorry you had to abort, I almost did today after taking an icy spill, running on some very slanted roads that really tested the ankles and then thought pace doesn't really matter and took it easy not to mess things up before the big day. You made a good call.

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Deloris C.

    Glad you iced that ankle already Adam. Hope it feels better soon.

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Ernesto B.
    Ernesto B.

    Wise choices! Sorry to hear about the injury. Man, was windy out there today, wasn't it?

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Rachel F.

    "stream of profanities"-- i like it, sounds very "Christmas Story." sorry about your ankle tho, that sucks. way to be smart and wrap up the workout early! heal up quickly!

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  • Carol H.
    Carol H.

    Smart running, Adam! Hope it's nothing serious.

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  • Dominic A.
    Dominic A.

    Sorry to hear about the ankle. Hope it feels better soon. Good idea wrapping up the run early.

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Heather

    uh oh - that isn't the way to start the day. Hope the ankle mends quickly!

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Azaka R.
    Azaka R.

    oh no! sorry Adam! hope the it's not severely injured and u can come back soon! sounds like u did the right thing! feel better!

    over 7 years ago Like

  • Ally S. Get Better
    Get Better:

    oh no

    over 7 years ago

  • Paul B.
    Paul B. Get Better
    Get Better:

    hope it's nothing too serious!

    over 7 years ago