2164 total / 234 in 2016

2016: 2,000 miles, 250,000 feet climbing, dedication to core strength training inc. 4000 pushups, 4000 situps

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Aaryn logged 2164 miles.

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  1. So February is rehab month, and perhaps March, too. I probably strained the head of my gastrocnemius. I saw a Physical Therapist today which was really interesting, because he showed me some amazin... read more

  2. Still pretty sick, feverish, headache, body aches, phlegmy. I guess I can forget going for the TTR record on Sunday, not even sure if I'll be able to run it. The upshot is forced rest for my l... read more

  3. feel like crap-ola. ugh, head cold! It's a man cold!

  4. Feeling better (leg), worse (head cold), another day off, maybe easy 4 tomorrow morning. Dog needs it, I need it, would make the works a better place :-)

    • Morey B.
      Morey B.

      Was looking for your headlamp this morning on the ridge, as I was out a little earlier- didn't see it. nice that the head cold came at a time when your body needed rest anyway.

      11 days ago Like1 person

    • Aaryn O.
      Aaryn O.

      yeah, felt like double crap this morning with the sore throat and headache coupled with the I-haven't-run-yet zombiness. At least I have an excuse! And this thing knocked my 4-year old out for three days, but I think I'll kick it today.

      11 days ago Like1 person

  5. Ugh, injury? Feels like a strained muscle on outside of left shin, proximal tibealis anterior? I kicked a few rocks hard with the left foot trailing yesterday, maybe that was it... RICE day

  6. Shared Photo

    Couldn't get Daisy (dog) to come pose with me for this thing. City glow reflected off the clouds made a cool backdrop for a silhouette shot.

  7. Shared Photo

    me, runner geek. good thing I run at night!

  8. 2016 January - One month down, new month mileage PR, new month climbing PR, and best commitment to injury prevention ever!

    January is in the books and it was a record setter for me in many, many... read more

  9. RUN
    good Agua Caliente in the wind 7.41 mi 01:21 10:51 pace

    A winter storm is here. Super windy, easy miles with Daisy. Going up was chilly but somehow uplifting because the wind was buffeting my back. I kept expecting sleet to start pelting my back but the... read more

  10. RUN
    good 14.73 mi 02:43 11:04 pace

    Early morning climbing before kids' soccer. Lost track of time a little bit taking photos, unexpected breaks, tried to fly down but it's a rough descent in the last couple miles. No falls... read more

  11. RUN
    good Blackett's from Bear Canyon TH 6.59 mi 01:15 11:24 pace

    I felt good, walked a bit (as always) on this 2000 foot climb (over 2 miles), fought a dying headlamp, had to wait for a skunk to clear the trail, and felt strong motoring up the steeps in the seco... read more

  12. RUN
    alright Butternut OnB 5.33 mi 00:54 10:03 pace

    Just wanted to get some easy miles in with Daisy so I went up a hill that Randy Sooter named "Butternut Squash Soup" on strava. I don't think it has anything to do with soup but it&#... read more

    • Ellen

      You can totally get that CR! Man I love Strava haha Some of the names are hilarious. Great job dude!

      16 days ago Like1 person

  13. RUN
    good Pup run recovery 5.7 mi 00:53 09:13 pace

    A bit tired after yesterday, but no problems. Dog came with me and we did some strides at the end. They felt great--nice and smooth on the road. Forgot the headlamp but the moon was bright! Spent a... read more

  14. RUN
    good Douglas Springs 13.03 mi 01:53 08:40 pace

    Slept in this morning after staying up late reading the old TTR newsletters. Still shocked at the crazy times they were running on the trails around here! My intended workout today was 2-3 minute h... read more

    • Morey B.
      Morey B.

      very impressed. I think I'm ~1:30 to DougSprings. Last year I did the TV loop. Jumped over a log right at TV Peak- and came down into some dry manzanita, with a stick through my left shin. Pulled the stick out but a piece broke inside. Ran down in pain to Javalina, where I got a ride to my car at DougSprings... and off to urgent care I went for a small operation to remove the stick. Then went skiing the next day with about 8 ibuprofen in me. ugh

      18 days ago Like

    • Aaryn O.
      Aaryn O.

      When they say blood-red bark they usually don't mean it like that...

      18 days ago Like

  15. Shared Photo

    Up and down the switchbacks on the south Milagrosa trail.

  16. RUN
    good 3.93 mi 00:56 14:08 pace

    A bit tired after yesterday. Dinked around with Daisy and camera in the creek, took a nice tumble on the single track (minor hip scratch).

    • Morey B.
      Morey B.

      trail running = falls. generally when you least expect it.

      19 days ago Like1 person

    • Aaryn O.
      Aaryn O.

      Agreed. Flat sandy coming down the ridge... very benign. Wanted to roll out of it but I didn't execute--just slid on my side (thanks, gloves!). Forgot about it until I got in the shower. There was that Yow! moment when I felt the water hit it.

      19 days ago Like

    • Aaryn O.
      Aaryn O.

      Or when there is an audience.

      18 days ago Like

  17. RUN
    great Milagrosa-AZT-Molino-Soldier ... 17.08 mi 02:46 09:41 pace

    Was looking forward to running this route after I ran up to the AZT/Milagrosa a couple weeks ago. Gorgeous country, and right outside my door. Yeah, I just ran right out the door and did this cool ... read more

    • Ellen

      You're so lucky to have such close access to trails! Awesome run! And week- huge!

      20 days ago Like

    • John K.
      John K.

      Sounds like a wonderful long run! Congratulations on getting the climbs in :)

      20 days ago Like

    • Aaryn O.
      Aaryn O.

      Thanks, Ellen. Definitely so lucky! I'm thankful every day! John, definitely. Thanks for the note :-)

      20 days ago Like1 person

  18. Shared Photo

    Venus, Saturn, and Antares on the Arizona Trail at Milagrosa jct

  19. Shared Photo

    I love old trees.

  20. Shared Photo

    Time to head home!