Friends (17)

  • John A.

    John A.

    Saint Paul, MN, 5k pb+ 28:08, biking to the Mall of America, Eating lasagnae every weekend. May marathon success! Next, marathon in August!

  • Jenny R.

    Jenny R.

    San Francisco, CA, Rebuilding. Like the Bionic Woman. And healing the elbow, hip and shoulder.

  • Andrew E.

    Andrew E.

    Auckland, NZ, Embracing life!

  • Tanja


    Auckland, NZ, Walking Stars half-marathon in under 3:30

  • Jason B.

    Jason B.

    Auckland, NZ, To run a 100 miles in a race

  • Ad


    Auckland, NZ, To keep running for the run. Retain NWOC M40 trophy. Tarawera Marathon

  • Brent P.

    Brent P.

    Kelowna, BC, Continually monster the bike miles & encourage others to do same. Ride your bikeS everyday & practice good road & trail karma.

  • Peter C.

    Peter C.

    Auckland, NZ, To do as well as I can in my cycle races and get back to running races and perhaps another half marathon or two.

  • James


    Auckland, NZ,

  • Mike S.

    Mike S.

    Tauranga, NZ, Complete the Rotorua Half ironman in less than 6 hours ... at the 5th attempt :)

  • Stephen B.

    Stephen B.

    Cromwell, NZ,

  • Catherine D.

    Catherine D.

    New Zealand, NZ, . The goat december 2012. auckland marathon or NY marathon (if i get in) Run every day, increase distance.

  • Simon T.

    Simon T.

    Gatwick, GB, Get some great rides Achieve top 5% in 3 Tri sprints. Ride comfortably at 20mph avge by end of summer Integrate sport and life to be mutually supportive

  • Mike C.

    Mike C.

    Auckland, NZ, Since having a heart attack at 36yrs, I am now working towards living a healthy life and 4yrs on enjoy mtb/ road bike/ run with friends. Ironman 2015 maybe

  • Tony F.
  • Aaron O.

    Aaron O.

    Auckland, NZ, Half decent time for Rotorua Marathon and then a sub 4:15 for Wellington Marathon in June

  • Dion


    Auckland, NZ, To help as many people get fit and healthy through participating in our fun and enjoyable events!