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  • Douglas W.

    Douglas W.

    St Petersburg, FL,

  • Dana D.

    Dana D.

    New York, NY, To break a 2 hour half, and a 4:45 marathon!

  • Colleen


    MA, Lost 120# and finished my first 100 miler. BQ 2x and now working on the bucket list of ultras. Crazy in love with ultra running and my life! Gluten free vegan!

  • Richard G.

    Richard G.

    Australia, AU, recover from the hamstring/piriformis injury and in the meantime get some miles in on the bike

  • Sioney T.

    Sioney T.

    Brooklyn, NY, to run the NYC ING Marathon in 2013!

  • Shiba


    Honolulu, HI,

  • Muriel


    New York, NY, To be healthy and have fun!!

  • Eva T.

    Eva T.

    Bethpage, NY, Training for the 2015 Dopey Challenge

  • Ray C.

    Ray C.

    Queens, NY, No marathons in 2014,will concentrate on short races up to the half.

  • Linna


    New York, NY, ✯ To run faster ✯ <1:39:53 for 13.1 ✯ 3:31 Chicago ✯ NYC Marathon ✯ Be healthy, have fun :) ✯ Run 2014km (1252miles) ✯ Swim, bike, and practice yoga more

  • Sue B.

    Sue B.

    Queens, NY, To run the NYC Marathon in November 2014

  • Anh P.

    Anh P.

    New York, NY, couple of marathons, couple of tris. keep smiling!

  • Erin S.

    Erin S.

    Brooklyn, NY, As always: I want to be faster and more consistent! That also goes for writing/playing running music and blogging :)

  • M W.

    M W.

    Montclair, NJ, Make a respectable comeback after having a baby! Eeeek! LOL

  • Dori G.

    Dori G.

    Jersey City, NJ, Sub-4 at 2014 Eugene Marathom

  • Alex Y.

    Alex Y.

    Atlanta, GA, Sub-24 hour finish in my second attempt (first was Umstead on 4/5/14 in 28:33) at the 100 mile distance - specific race still TBD

  • Claire W.

    Claire W.

    New York, NY, Finding the next great adventure

  • Angela R.

    Angela R.

    New York, NY, Keep a steady base and stay injury-free until next marathon season.

  • Tomo G.

    Tomo G.

    Hsinchu City, Taiwan , To qualify for Fukuoka international marathon (2:40).

  • Sasha K.

    Sasha K.

    New York, NY, 2014 Goals Run 700 miles Do 100 Burpees (10 sets of 10) Appreciate the small victories Run 4 half marathons Get back into 8:30/mile comfortable pace

  • Philip O.

    Philip O.

    Hackensack, NJ, to ace the No-Plan

  • Ashley D.

    Ashley D.

    New York, NY, 4:30 2013 Hartford Marathon!!

  • Elizabeth


    Rockville Centre, NY, I will run the NYC Marathon in 2013!

  • Bruce B.

    Bruce B.

    New York, NY, Run a 5k at sub 6:45