2776 total / 384 in 2014

Lifestyle for ultimate health and to maintain energy/flexibility/stamina as I age and to enjoy all those outdoor activities I love.

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  • 9 miles
  • 03:20 time
  • 985 calories
  • 4 workouts
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  1. FIT
    great Core Class followed by 50/50 ... 01:30

    1/2 hour core work; 1/2 hour aerobic (on Step); 1/2 hour strength (hand weights & stretch bands). New instructor subbing today - Daisy - I liked her. Think I'll look for classes she teac... read more

  2. RUN
    great Inclines on the treadmill 4.5 mi

    5 min WU; 1mile each @ 3%, 4%, 5% & 5%; 5 min CD. HR 150-160 during inclines. Those were tough but glad I got them done.

  3. FIT
    great Strictly Strength class 01:00

    Traditional resistance training exercises. Used 16 & 24 lb hand weights in combination with the Fit Ball for upper body. The idea being you have to use your core to balance while lifting the ... read more

  4. RUN
    great 5.3 ttl miles Easy Run @ East... 4 mi 00:50 12:31 pace

    Negative splits: 12:45, 12:36, 12:28, 12:24. Avg HR 139. WU.54mi, CD .75mi

  5. RUN
    great Test run @ Dry Creek 2.65 mi

    .25 mi WU; 2 mi easy run; .4 mi CD. Run @ 12:18 pace, avg HR 140. Felt good enough that I'll run again & increase miles. Alternating between my old Brooks & new Hoka's.

  6. RUN
    great Easy run on the TM to test ou... 1.25 mi

    Think I'll join in the Sat morn run, but keep it to a few miles if my ankle still feels good in the morning.

  7. FIT
    great Elevation Strength class 01:00

    Using barbell, & medicine ball. Tough class. Total body, great instructor doesn't allow much by way of "breaks". Traditional moves with a twist like burpees which include jump... read more

  8. VELO
    great Spin cycle at the gym 01:00

    A sweat drenching workout. I had my "clip in" shoes on which weren't working very well on the gym cycles so will use the baskets next time.

  9. VELO
    great "CycleMax" DVD - Cathe Friedrich 01:00

    Pulled out an old DVD - Cathe is my favorite instructor, she puts together very strong workouts. 5 min WU; 45 min ride; CD stretch 6 min. A series of drills including sprints, hills & tempo ri... read more

  10. RUN
    injured Acchhhhhh! 1 mi

    Pretty bummed out with my ankle. Tried to run but it just hurt. So I'm going to hit the spinner bike until it's completely healed. Gonna get some new shoes too - think I'll try th... read more

  11. Darn. With icing everyday for 9 days the swelling on my ankle was gone & felt pretty good. But after yesterday's run it's swelled again. Not sure if I should just stay off it or ke... read more

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      Sorry about the ankle again, Vickie. If it's not swelled badly, I'd just keep doing what you've been doing. Of course, my knee swelling hasn't gone away yet either. But if your swelling goes down with the icing, and it doesn't hurt you when you run, keep at it. Just don't do any sprint-type workouts, nor run too many miles. Run only to maintain. Then immediately ice it afterwards. Also, you could bike or swim. Do them hard enough to do you some good aerobically.

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    • Vickie H.
      Vickie H.

      Thanks Steve!

      14 days ago Like

    • Vickie H.
      Vickie H.

      By the way Alan G. I did get a wrap for my ankle - that extra support feels good - thanks for the advice!

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  12. RUN
    great Tempo Run 4 mi 00:44 11:01 pace

    Happy with 11:02. Like my splits - 11:08,11:10, 10:59, 10:53. Temps in the lower to mid 70s, got the run in before the storm.

  13. RUN
    injured Fartlek training run 4 mi 00:52 12:52 pace

    I don't really know what I'm doing on these fartleks. I just alternated fast runs with easy runs - a lot more easy runs. Kind of random, but the way my mile paces came out were: 13:47, ... read more

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      Beautiful workout! Fartlek is one of the best workouts you can do. And it looks like you did it just right. When you get in better shape, replace 1/2 of the easy stuff with medium-effort striding. Keep the sprints (or fast stuff) and the slow easy recoveries short and the medium-paced runs long. You do these how you feel and as hard as you want to push yourself.

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    • Vickie H.
      Vickie H.

      Thanks Bob! And for the info on how to plan the future fartleks.

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  14. FIT
    good Cardio Resistance Training (C... 01:00

    Total body workout in intervals of 4 min aerobic/4min strength. Focus on upper body, used 16-20lb hand weights. I still hate burpees!(for the record). Avg HR 140.

  15. RUN
    good 6am run at Dry Creek w/ Run Club 6.15 mi 01:23 13:28 pace

    So happy, my ankle let me run today! Tender but not painful. Will keep icing until tenderness gone. Kept it slow & steady. Avg HR 135

  16. FIT
    great Core class & 50/50 01:30

    1/2 hr. core; 1/2 hr. aerobics (steps); 1/2 hr. strength (hand weights, fitness ball). Good solid, all around, workout

  17. RUN
    injured Run turned into a walk 2 mi

    Started out with an easy run but my ankle didn't feel right & didn't want to further injure it. So a walk it was. Will keep icing & see what happens Thursday morning - think we ... read more

  18. FIT
    great Class called "Strictly Strength" 01:00

    Total body, all strength using hand weights, weight bar, & weight bands. Instructor was all business, good at explaining proper form.

  19. Bruised my foot at the end of my run Saturday. Just noticed it's swollen beneath & back a little from the outside ankle bone. Not sure if I should just run on it or let the swelling go d... read more

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      Ice, ice, ice (and more ice). When the swelling goes down, run easily on it (short and slow). Then more ice. You can run every day on it doing this. Just run short and easy until it's well.

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    • Vickie H.
      Vickie H.

      Thanks Bob!

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