2955 total / 562 in 2014

Lifestyle for ultimate health and to maintain energy/flexibility/stamina as I age and to enjoy all those outdoor activities I love.

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  • 10 miles
  • 00:45 time
  • 949 calories
  • 3 workouts
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  1. RUN
    great Mod HR Run @ Dry Creek 5.5 mi

    .5 mi WU; 4 mi run, 12:47 pace, avg HR 135; 1.04 mi CD. Felt great, trails were wet from all the rain yesterday but runnable. Beautiful morning run, sunny & in the 50s - only 2 other runners ... read more

  2. FIT
    Stabilization workout 00:45

    Focused on my weaker spots, already warmed up from run:
    Soleus & quadriceps stretches.
    3 sets of 15:
    Bridges on floor
    Basic squats
    Bent over row with 2 15lb hnd wts
    Shoulder press with 2 ... read more

  3. RUN
    great Easy run on the TM 4.5 mi

    .5 mi WU; 3 mi run, 13:15 pace, 125 avg HR; 1 mi CD. It was drizzling when I got to the trail head so I just kept driving to the gym. Didn't feel like getting wet. Kept to the target easy HR.

  4. RUN
    great Mod HR Run @ Dry Creek 7.06 mi

    .5 mi WU; 5.5 mi run, 12:38 avg pace, avg HR 135; 1.06 mi CD. Mid 60 temps, sunny, no wind - perfect. Felt strong, did a good job holding my HR to the 135 target.

  5. FIT
    good Stability Workout 00:45

    I planned to do this workout 3X a week but not doing so good with that. So made myself stay after Barbell class so I get at least one of these in this week.
    3 sets of 15:
    Bridges on floor
    Basi... read more

  6. FIT
    great Barbell class 01:00

    Total body using 16-30 lb weight. Used a Step to make some of the forward & back lunges a little deeper. Shoulders, arms, chest, back, abs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves. Included lots o... read more

  7. RUN
    great Pyramids on the high school t... 3.9 mi

    2X400 meter; 2X800 meter, 1 mile, 1X 400 meter. Also, 800 meter WU & a couple 400 meter recoveries & CD. Best 400 meter @ 8:29 pace, best 800 meter @ 9:14 pace, mile @ 9:48 pace. Avg HR ... read more

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      Wow, Vickie! You did it -- 1 mile at single-digits -- 9:48! I think you can do 3 miles at less than 10:00 pace in a race. And very nice speed you showed in all your Intervals. Great workout! By the way, I have never gotten my HR up to 174. Highest ever in a workout was 172 (and that may have been just a temporary spike). Your max is HIGH!

      5 days ago Like1 person

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    • Terry G.
      Terry G.

      Great running keep it up Vickie!

      5 days ago Like1 person

    • Vickie H.
      Vickie H.

      Thanks Terry!

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  8. FIT
    good 1/2 hr Core; 1 hr Strictly St... 01:30

    Wow, the things Gwen has us doing, I'm like....really? Yes, REALLY! Total body strength, mostly compound movements. I'm going to feel this tomorrow.

    • Christoph P.
      Christoph P. Nice Job
      Nice Job:

      Nice, challenging workout. Just give it a few days and weeks and you regret not having done those earlier ;-)

      6 days ago

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      Well, too me that is ugh.

      6 days ago Like

    • Vickie H.
      Vickie H.

      Thanks Christoph! lol Bob - you hate it while you're doing it, but you feel great that you did it when it's all done!

      6 days ago Like1 person

  9. RUN
    great Mod HR run @ Dry Creek trails 5.5 mi

    .5mi WU; 4mi run, 12:51 pace, 135 avg HR; 1mi CD. Negative splits - 14:25, 12:53, 12:14, 11:53. Weird with my HR, it was in the 160s in the 1st mile even tho I slowed my pace to 14:25 to get it d... read more

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      Good 5.5 miles, Vickie! Sometimes my HR readout will say crazy things. I just ignore it then. I don't think your HR was truly in the 160's in your 1st mile. Another thing I do: I don't record my HR when going uphill or downhill. I only record it on the flats. I'll let it go about 10 bpm higher than the target when going uphill.

      7 days ago Like1 person

    • Vickie H.
      Vickie H.

      Thanks Bob! Think I'll do the same.

      7 days ago Like1 person

    • Alan G
      Alan G

      My HR monitor would spike in the early part of a run. Never could figure out why. Maybe due to you being so excited to be out there.

      7 days ago Like1 person

    • Vickie H.
      Vickie H.

      lol Alan, of course! Why didn't I think of that! :)

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  10. RUN
    great Easy Run @ East Lake 4.54 mi

    Spitting rain but not enough to get wet - perfect, cool running weather. .5WU; 3mi run, 13:25 pace, 121 avg HR; 1.04CD

  11. FIT
    great Vinyassa Hot Yoga 01:00

    Namaste. I can hold my feet off the ground in a frog stand position! A first for me! :)

  12. RUN
    great Sat morn run 5.18 mi 01:12 13:55 pace

    Target HR <=133, actual avg 135. Good run, felt great. Tell myself that altho it's a slow pace, I am building strength. Another bee-uuu-ti-ful morning out there!

  13. RUN
    alright 800m fast on high school track 4.12 mi

    .5mi WU; 5X800m fast with 2X400m recovery jogs in between; .5mi CD. 800m pace ranged from 9:02 to 9:56. Avg pace overall including wu & cd was 10:33. Feeling a little sluggish - passed my tu... read more

  14. FIT
    good Strictly Strength class 01:00

    Total body strength workout - mostly compound movements so this class always kicks my butt. Used 20-24# hnd wts. Nice to be back to our "regular" schedule now that they have everything... read more

  15. RUN
    good Morning run on the trails 5.52 mi

    .5mi WU; 4mi run, 13:07 pace, hi HR 133; 1.02mi CD Couldn't ask for a more beautiful morning - lots of runners/walkers out there with me. Lots of chattering by the geese on the lake - must b... read more

  16. FIT
    Stability workout

    Focused on my weaker spots:
    10 min walking WU + 3 sets of soleus & quadriceps stretches
    3 sets of 15:
    Bridges on floor
    Basic squats
    Bent over row with 2 15lb hnd wts
    Shoulder press with 2 12lb ... read more

  17. RUN
    great 4.5 mi ttl - Easy Run 4.5 mi

    .5 mi WU; 3 mi @ 13:48 pace, hi HR 123; 1 mi CD On the tm since @ the gym to do my stability workout. Felt really strong while running - a lot easier to control speed & HR on the tm.

  18. FIT
    great Hot Vinyassa Yoga 01:00 it! Namaste.

  19. RUN
    great Sat morn social run 4.73 mi 01:02 13:12 pace

    We yakked the whole way & I totally enjoyed it! AND I kept my HR down below 75% of max. Avg HR 130 so moderate run. I'm going to have to almost walk to get that HR down more for my &quo... read more

  20. FIT
    great Stabilization workout 01:00

    Had an opportunity to work 1 on 1 for free with one of our personal trainers today. She had put a workout together earlier to focus on my weak areas (which seems to be my whole backside & real... read more

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      Good that you're doing that, Vickie. The backside are the most important muscles for runners. The butt muscles are to be used more than anything else. And yes on the hips. Mine began getting sore on me a couple of years ago. Since then I have stretched them (and my groin) 3 times per day and I'm fine now.

      18 days ago Like1 person

    • Vickie H.
      Vickie H.

      Can't say too much about the importance of stretching, especially as we "age". I think it's an often overlooked area, especially with guys - so, good job Bob!

      17 days ago Like1 person

    • Bob B.
      Bob B.

      Thank you!

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