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Vedge logged 4468 miles.

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  1. Playing around with Strava... DailyMile, you might be old news...

    • Gil R.
      Gil R.

      I looked at it a little. What do you like?

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    • Vedge

      More data... the "segments" are kind of fun. Better phone app. They're pretty similar.

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  2. RUN
    Last beach run 12.9 mi 02:05 09:41 pace

    Packing up and heading back to Asheville for the night!

  3. RUN
    Lifting? 4 mi

    Chelsea gave me an introduction to some weight lifting on the machines in the little fitness room here at the condo. I'm looking forward to adding more strength training into my workouts. 1m w... read more

  4. RUN
    Beach run 8 mi

    Not really sure on time -- 3m comfortable pace with Chelsea on the trail around the island then she jogged wit me between 1/4m sprints barefoot on the beach. 1:25, ?:??, 1:45, 1:15, 1:40 -- second ... read more

  5. RUN
    Mountains 9 mi 01:22 09:07 pace

    Quick run in Knoxville before Chelsea and I got back on the road to South Carolina. It was rad running actual mountains for once. I didn't get to get on any trails but even on the roads the sm... read more

  6. RUN
    Ft. Ben 13 mi 02:00 09:15 pace

    Calf got a little right toward the end but felt way better than yesterday. I hadn't ran at the fort in a while. Love those trails!

  7. RUN
    good Westwood 9.06 mi 01:55 12:39 pace

    Meh. Planned on two loops. Started the first loop way slow because I got there earlier than I expected so I hadn't brought a headlamp. Those trails are technical enough during the day -- darkn... read more

  8. RUN
    Mounds 9 mi 01:23 09:13 pace

    3m WU, 3m tempo, 3m CD. 7:30-8:00 Pace on the middle three. Forgot to set my watch, so that's not exact. The last long climb almost killed me. Legs are tired, but in a good way.

  9. RUN
    White river 5 mi 00:41 08:16 pace

    3/4m easy, 1/4 hard. Repeat. 1:31, 1:39, 1:38, 1:31, 1:41

    Too much popcorn and root beer at the movies beforehand but not a bad start for shorter intervals. I'm looking forward to getting fas... read more

  10. RUN
    White river 4.5 mi 01:00 13:20 pace

    Mile repeats go cut short by a thunderstorm and then I had to get to work in time. Ran the recovery half miles with Chelsea and Patrick. 1m interval, 1/2 recovery, repeat. 6:49, 7:20, 6:22

  11. RUN
    DWD Devil's Lake 50 mi 11:30 13:48 pace

    Rough guess on time until the results are posted. I took my Garmin but only used it for the first half of the race for the HR monitor to keep me in check. I did everything wrong at the race. Left a... read more

  12. RUN
    3 mi 00:25 08:29 pace

    Easy 3 to keep my legs loose. Still stressed and exhausted but the miles went by quickly. Just started packing at nearly 2am the day before I leave. Ouch.

  13. RUN
    5 mi 00:43 08:35 pace

    Easy 5 to keep the legs loose. Another easy 3 tonight and then the next run isn't until Devil's Lake. Can't wait to see the top of that bluff!

  14. RUN
    good Mounds 6 mi 01:08 11:23 pace

    A couple days of stress and no sleep. Horrible run. To my warm-up, 3 miles at "marathon" pace, 1 mile cool down.

  15. RUN
    Mounds 8.52 mi 01:22 09:37 pace

    Nice easy "long" run. Final one before Wisconsin race.

  16. RUN
    Run with Chelsea 3 mi

    Finished the race this morning and ran back to catch Chelsea and run the last mile or so in with her. Had a blast!

  17. RUN
    Four on the Fourth 4 mi 00:28 06:54 pace

    Fun little race this morning with Chelsea and her family. I went out too fast. Why not? I was out to have fun. 6:05 first mile, 6:30-ish last mile, pretty slow in the middle. 19th overall and 2nd ... read more

  18. RUN
    Pre-canoe run 7 mi 01:02 08:55 pace

    2m WU, 3m tempo (7:30, 7:43, 7:38) 2m cd. Not blazing fast, but a nice even pace.

  19. RUN
    White River 7 mi 01:01 08:39 pace

    1m easy, 1m hard, repeat. 6:48, 7:02, 7:08

    Tapering for Wisconsin.

  20. RUN
    good Westwood 9 mi 01:44 11:32 pace

    PR for the Westwood loop. Patrick slowed me down quite a bit at the end. I thought he was just tired, but when I got home he was limping and has a cut on one of his paw pads. Poor dude!