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  • Barefoot R.

    Barefoot R.

    Des Moines, IA, temporarily changed status to cyclist for challenges (long-term) run and bike on every highway in my county

  • Bryan F.
  • Angel M.

    Angel M.

    Hamburg, DE, 01:25:00 // 02:55:00

  • Sally H.

    Sally H.

    Litchfield, MN, WOO HOO!!Just completed my first 50mile ultra!!!

  • Thor E.

    Thor E.

    San Diego, CA, To run 30 miles per week and live to talk about it.

  • Mary


    Chicago, IL, I'm going to run on trails and try not to fall down the mountain, because that has totally happened before.

  • Pop C.

    Pop C.

    Lancaster, PA, 2015 Goals: Get Leaner (body fat less than 10%); Get Stronger (increase max bench press by 25%); Get Faster ( 5k below 22:00); and Go Longer (complete a 100K).

  • Jamie J.

    Jamie J.

    Jacksonville, FL, I want my 10:40 min miles back!

  • Tara


    NH, To beat high school Tara's fastest 5k. A 20:08. Maybe?

  • Shannon


    NH, To enjoy running again!

  • Tiffany M.

    Tiffany M.

    Austintown, OH,

  • Sam P.

    Sam P.


  • Penny N Eric H.

    Penny N Eric H.

    Edmonds, WA, To be healthy and fit. To walk-jog pain-free. To stretch out of my comfort zone. To stay inspired, to be more active.

  • Emily M.

    Emily M.

    Tucson, AZ, Half Marathon in January; Marathon in June. (done) Single, solo crossing of the Grand Canyon

  • Yuri A.

    Yuri A.

    Vancouver, BC,

  • Allison D R.

    Allison D R.

    Hartford, CT, I delivered my 1st baby in March 2014, and am enjoying some Mom time before resuming training for my 1st full marathon, Hartford, October 2015!

  • Oboros


    Seattle, WA, Marathon Maniac #9859. Oboros at Garmin Connect

  • Jody R.

    Jody R.

    Studio city ,

  • April W.

    April W.

    US, Training for my first 100 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail In 2016. If I survive the Appalachian Trail I am going to hike 100 miles of the PCT in 2017 :)

  • Pat


    Amherst, MA,

  • Jennifer P.

    Jennifer P.

    Bobcaygeon, ON, To be brave and fit enough for any challenge is my goal. Ultra runner, new barefooter, cyclist, stay-at-home mom and running blogger for Today's Parent.

  • Martin O.

    Martin O.

    Taylor, TX, Austin Marathon

  • Rick F.

    Rick F.

    Tyngsborough, MA, 2013: Finish in the top 100 at Bear Brook Marathon, VT 50K, run 1,000 miles, run a barefoot 5k, 100 barefoot miles, PR every distance I run, 175#

  • Kent V.

    Kent V.

    Sydney Nsw, AU, Understanding.

  • David R.

    David R.

    London, GB, To run an Ultra barefoot.