3214 total / 303 in 2014

recover from some of these injuries ... maybe run NYC Marathon while my daughter lives there!

Friends (31)

  • Jenny J.

    Jenny J.

    St Louis, MO, Quit aging. Evergreen Lake 51m in Sept., SOOP-UH fast 5k & half.

  • Angie M.

    Angie M.

    Overland Park, KS, Long term goal: 3:10 marathon ST goals: 3:19 marathon, Sub 20 min 5K

  • Brian J.

    Brian J.

    Indianapolis, IN, Break the 2-hour mark on the half marathon. 01:56:31 achieved 10/18/14! Break the 5-hour marathon. 04:30:42 achieved 08/01/14!! Next up, the Dopey Challenge!

  • Abilio M.

    Abilio M.

    Beloit, WI, To run......

  • Kristen K.

    Kristen K.

    Barrington, RI, Sub 2 hour Half-marathon

  • Stein L.

    Stein L.

    Baltimore, MD, 8:00 beer mile

  • Beth


    Arlington, WA, To run and be happy. Maybe a race or two.

  • Westy


    Manchester, CT, Run wild and run free!

  • Trent V.

    Trent V.

    Los Angeles, CA, To keep running races for as long as it's fun. I hope to get at least as many full marathons under my belt as possible - including the Boston Marathon!

  • Tom B.

    Tom B.

    Severna Park, MD, Get rid of my year long battle with plantar facscitis, run an ultra someday. Have fun running and racing

  • Adam O.

    Adam O.

    Barnsley, GB, 10K - Done. Half Marathon - Done. Next - October Marathon.

  • Tina H.

    Tina H.

    New Salem, ND,

  • Jen


    The Woodlands, TX, Dublin Marathon - October 2012 - DONE!

  • Colin H.

    Colin H.

    Spokane Valley, WA, General fitness. No specific goals at the moment. Just trying to focus on a balanced approach to fitness while remaining, hopefully, uninjured.

  • Rory M.

    Rory M.

    Shanxi, China, to run more

  • Gary B.

    Gary B.

    San Antonio, TX, To run enough to be fast enough to fight the slide!!

  • John D.

    John D.

    Dallas, TX, Ironman Texas 2014. Just finish.

  • Charlie


    Kennewick, WA,

  • Nora V.

    Nora V.

    MN, It would be awesome to hit a sub 2:00 half mary and a 4:29:00 marathon....but mostly I want to stay healthy and keep loving the journey!

  • Patrick T.

    Patrick T.

    China, Great Wall Marathon 2013

  • Stephen L.

    Stephen L.

    Sydney, AU, Marathon run < 2:55. 100km Kayak

  • Jillian H.

    Jillian H.

    La Crosse, WI, Door County Half (2:00:27) 2012 PR in Door County (1:49:05) 2013 Training consistently, train smart.

  • Sam M.

    Sam M.

    Yakima, WA, Gap 2 Gap - 6/1/2013

  • Lina S.

    Lina S.

    New York, NY, To get fast.. go far.. and have fun doing it!

  • Dan L.

    Dan L.

    Mill Creek, WA, sub 3:00 marathon..spring 2013?