Friends (33)

  • Corey W.

    Corey W.

    Chesapeake, VA, marathons

  • Jon Flex L.

    Jon Flex L.

    Virginia Beach, VA, One Running streak done last September, now on another since Halloween '17. 22 Marathons in 10 yrs. What Next? Hmmmm....Rock On!

  • Sean G.

    Sean G.

    , Ironman / Marathon

  • Rich E.

    Rich E.

    Virginia Beach, VA, 2017 - Relax, run more "new" races that I keep meaning to run, focus on nutrition and healthy eating and improve quality of runs over quantity.

  • Susan S.

    Susan S.

    Virginia Beach, VA, To pursue my passion for running through any and every avenue I believe progressive!

  • Derik E.

    Derik E.

    Fishers, IN, Be consistent and stay healthy.

  • Theresa L.

    Theresa L.

    US, sub 25 5k--complete sub 52 10k--complete sub 1:50 at Shamrock Half--complete (1:49) MCM 2011--complete Patriot Half Ironman 2012--complete

  • Steve Shep

    Steve Shep

    Suffolk, VA, Set good example for my offspring.Be an uplifting friend.Eat Bacon & Ice Cream and tip a Suds(or three)w/out regret.Read a few new books.Defy the aging process.

  • Melissa B.

    Melissa B.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Stay in shape and not gain weight, now that I'm over 40!!

  • Ally S.

    Ally S.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Javelina 100K October 2016,Cayman Half Dec 2016, South Downs Way 100 miler, UK June 2017

  • Matt T.

    Matt T.

    Arlington, VA, Charlottesville Half on April, 4, 2015.

  • Ashleigh W.

    Ashleigh W.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Sub 2:30 for my next half marathon!

  • Timothy G.

    Timothy G.

    Martinsville, VA, Hokie Half October 2014 Myrtle Beach Mini October 2014 Rock n' Roll Las Vegas November 2014 Star City Half November 2014

  • Michael L.

    Michael L.

    Newport News, VA, Get back to 70 mile weeks. 17:15 5k this fall, 36:15 10k, sub 1:18 half. Sub 3:50 at Seashore 50k in December, Sub 2:50 marathon.

  • Marie


    Chesapeake, VA, run far, run fast, run often, run HAPPY!

  • Terry


    Virginia Beach, VA,

  • William T.

    William T.

    Portsmouth, VA, So...BQ done! New goal: Get faster across the board and have a lot of fun with my friends while doing it. Boston 2013???

  • Mel Jones T.

    Mel Jones T.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Run my first full, Marine Corps Marathon 2012 (accomplished in 5:40!), and to be a healthy, happy runner! :)

  • Courtney A P.

    Courtney A P.

    Virginia Beach, VA,

  • Justin T.

    Justin T.

    Virginia Beach, VA, 2:32 for the Marine Corps Marathon, sub 1:12 for the half marathon, break 16:00 in the 5k, and break 33:00 for the 10k by the end of the year.

  • Rob H.

    Rob H.

    Virginia Beach, VA,

  • Ken P.

    Ken P.

    Pascagoula, MS,

  • Richard


    Virginia Beach, VA,

  • Tom C.

    Tom C.

    Virginia Beach, VA, Shamrock 26.2 in 2013 PR Next Half marathon under 2:00 Faster 5K's under 24 min.

  • Tommy B.

    Tommy B.

    Virginia Beach, VA,