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Get fit, loose weight, have fun...oh yeah, and climb L'Alpe D'Huez

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  • David L.

    David L.

    Stamford, GB, "Keeping fit for life", "Sheer enjoyment and fun", Sportives and Time-trials

  • Matt R.

    Matt R.

    Andover, GB, Keep some fitness. Take part in a couple of sprint Tri's in 2014 and enjoy life!

  • Derek W.

    Derek W.

    Andover, GB, To be less fat than yesterday!

  • Melissa E.

    Melissa E.

    Reading, GB, Just fitness.

  • James K.

    James K.

    Whiteley, GB, To cycle 2500 miles in 2012

  • Simon W.

    Simon W.

    Hampshire, GB, A half distance Iron Man in September 2011, Hyde Park Olympic Triathlon August 2011, four others and 3500 miles all by the end of 2011.

  • Stewart H.

    Stewart H.

    Whiteley, GB, just cycling and racquet ball possible some little old french trip 2012 ?

  • Aaron T.

    Aaron T.

    , This time next year I'll be a millionaire....or maybe I'll have lost weight.

  • Nikki Y.

    Nikki Y.

    Fareham, GB, To do sub 2hr half; 4hr 30 marathon; 90mins Great South, 53min 10k. To carry on enjoying running and all that it brings. To do 1000 miles again in a year.

  • James Y.

    James Y.

    Fareham, GB, In 2011 my goals are to do at least 5 days of (minimum) 30 minutes exercise a day. I'd like to run 800 miles in the year.

  • Ian


    Whiteley, GB, First Charity Ride done at 93miles. Now on to Paris from Poole in Dorset! OMG, that's a long way! 260 Miles to Paris, Done! Next.... Triathlon !!!!!!!

  • John


    , Wembley to West Hill Park

  • Jason H.

    Jason H.

    , Sportstars FC fundraiser - Wembley to WestHill Park 80 mile bike ride

  • David H.

    David H.

    , an incredible bike ride from Wembley to West Hill Park School, Titchfield. The squad is up for it gooooooooooo SPORTSTARS (high five high five)