88 total / 0 in 2018

Awww look at all those zeroes up there. I would like to change that. Working on getting body back after baby.

Friends (50)

  • Mirinda W.

    Mirinda W.

    Catonsville, MD, I would like to run a 2 hour 10 minute half marathon before the year is over.

  • Brooke O.

    Brooke O.

    Kansas City, MO, ~1st M - 5:07:17 ~1st HM - 1:55:31 ~2nd M - 4:27:40 ~2nd HM - 1:48:33 ~3rd M - 4:45:35 ~3rd HM - 1:44:16 ~4th M - 4:24:08 ~5th M - 3:50:28 ~4th HM - 1:48:13

  • Diane


    Rochester, NY,

  • Josephine


    US, Run injury free!

  • Jim P.

    Jim P.

    MN, to run

  • Suzi S.

    Suzi S.

    Syracuse, NY, Weight loss/gain/loss success story. Recovering alcoholic. Marathoner. Overall badass.

  • Awyna S.

    Awyna S.

    TX, Run a half marathon

  • Sharla W.

    Sharla W.

    Seattle, WA, actually record my running/remember to cross train

  • Sam F.

    Sam F.

    West Chester, PA, Using my running to fight autism is my hobby. It started w 61 marathons in 2010 and will never end.

  • Carrie


    Torrance, CA,

  • Diana K.

    Diana K.

    Bethesda, MD, Get stronger. Run a faster half marathon. Run a full marathon. Do an Olympic tri & DU. Run a 50K. Bike 50 miles. Have fun! :D

  • Mike


    Fort Myers, FL, 2014==> Frogman Swim in January 3.1miles across Tampa Bay ~ Ironman FL in November ~ Marathon somewhere in between the two.

  • Angela B.

    Angela B.

    Lincoln, NE, Be healthy.

  • Kerri O.

    Kerri O.

    CO, Get back into racing shape post-baby!

  • Ed S.

    Ed S.

    College Station, TX, Run my first marathon in February 2011 and really make 2011 the year of the runcation. Half marathon in Houston, couple halfs in mar and trail run in April.

  • Vince


    Salem, MA, Chicago Marathon October 13, 2013

  • Karenf


    , Run 5 miles by August Run a 5K in April! (DONE!)

  • Gene


    Walkersville, MD, To live life to the fullness that I was created to live everyday and to kick ass doing it!

  • Tara M.

    Tara M.

    Halifax, NS, 2011 - Ragnar, a few half marathons, Warrior Dash, An Olympic Triathlon (All completed) 2012 goal = 26.2 Baby!

  • Jeff Y.

    Jeff Y.

    Madison Heights, VA,

  • Tina


    GA, run SMART. run STRONG.

  • Francisco G.

    Francisco G.

    Spring Hill, FL, Beat the 2 hours mark on a 1/2 Marathon, Run a Marathon, Compete in my first Triathlon

  • Fatgirlvsworld


    Washington, DC,

  • Rich W.

    Rich W.

    San Antonio, TX, Recently completed 4 marathons in 4 states in 49 days to become a 3-star Marathon Maniac! Want to do 5 more states to earn 4-stars, and then run Boston 2012!

  • Scott M.

    Scott M.

    New York, NY, To get back to enjoying my running, not training and logging miles but just running.