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  • 5 miles
  • 08:23 time
  • 2462 calories
  • 8 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. FIT
    injured 1 pound weights 00:25

    Did Arms with weights.

  2. FIT
    injured Am Yoga and Somatic Yoga @ Home 01:25

    Worked 15 mins, rested 5 and so on...Had chest pains and cramping after a big work out today.

  3. VELO
    injured Life Max Bike @ Home 2 mi 02:00 1.0mph pace

    Life Max bike 1 1/2miles for legs, 1/2 mile for arms.

  4. VELO
    injured Life Max Bike @ Home 0.5 mi 01:00 0.5mph pace

    Hurtin pretty bad today so movin slow, but movin.

  5. FIT
    injured Somatic Am Yoga 00:30

    Had a bit of trouble today, hurtin pretty bad.

  6. FIT
    blah Somatic Am Yoga 00:25

    Just did some somatic am yoga to stretch out sore muscles.

  7. FIT
    tired At home 01:00

    20 mins of the strengthening bands, 15 on fitness balls, 10 mins.Arm work with weights and 10 mins. leg work with ankle weights.5 mins. stretching/yoga cool down

  8. VELO
    tired Life Max Bike at Home 2 mi 01:38 1.2mph pace

    Life Max bike for legs 1 mile and for arms 1 mile. Did a bit better today.

  9. FIT
    injured Somatic Yoga, Arm lifts and S... 01:00

    Still really weak and hurting so did limited work today. Did Somatic Yoga and Strengthening Bands add arm lifts and curls.

  10. FIT
    injured Strength Yoga and Somatic Yog... 01:20

    Work 10 Mins, rest for 5 Mins. Also did Strength and Flexibility Bands. Push myself pretty hard today and Im feelin it...Wow! Trying not to over do and still push myself to get it done.

  11. VELO
    injured Life Max Bike @ Home 2 mi 03:00 0.7mph pace

    Did 1 mile on legs and 1 mile on arm

  12. VELO
    injured Life Max Cycle @ Home 1 mi

    Dint get much in on my Life Bike today felling way to weak.

  13. FIT
    injured Yoga and Somatic Yoga @ Home 01:30

    Still not doing so hot. Got some Yoga and Somatic Yoga done and tried the strengthening bands, really weak still. Sadly feel like Im never going to reach my goal, but have to keep truckin.

  14. FIT
    injured Home 02:00

    Did my Somatic Yoga and tried my strengthening yoga but wore out fast and hurting like crazy. Forcing myself to march on, but can tell some days r going to be rough. Couldnt do 2 hrs straight so I ... read more

  15. VELO
    injured Home on Life Max Bike 2 mi 03:30 0.6mph pace

    Really hard week and weekend, was really ill and it took me 3 days to get in 3 and a half hours of cycling done with 1 mile for legs and 1 mile for arms.

  16. VELO
    tired Cycling on my Life Max Bike 1 mi 01:07 0.9mph pace

    It was a rough one again, But no pain, no gain right...Well Hemp Vap helping with the pain and hopefully Im gaining some strength.

  17. FIT
    tired Somatic Yoga and strengthenin... 01:00

    Slow and steady wins the race...And That is no exception in my routine It went slow. Used my Hemp Vap to take edge off the pain and it worked pretty well didnt need to dose up on Goodies Powder and... read more

  18. FIT
    tired Slow Yoga today only did my S... 00:35

    Didnt go to bad today since i only did my Somatic Yoga and meditation time. Did start using my Hemp Vaporizer to help me with pain, which worked pretty well actually. But we'll see how it does... read more

  19. FIT
    injured Home program 00:35

    Didnt get as much done today, really having a rough one.

    • Alexis C.
      Alexis C.

      I love you Tammy!

      21 days ago Like

    • Tammy W.
      Tammy W.

      Love u to grl...Just wish I could disappear for like 4 weeks and come out walkin, healthy, etc. But we know that would never happen. It just takes so long to recoup...specially when everyone fights u about what u can and cant do and so on, and so on. ((HUGZ))

      21 days ago Like

  20. VELO
    injured Home on Life Max Bike 0.5 mi 00:40 0.8mph pace

    It really didnt go well today. This is going to be harder then my body thought.