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Train and run the Chicago Marathon 2011. MOST OF ALL to have FUN!! (Started new pai of Asics on 7/5/11)

Wall of Motivation (204)

  1. Ria H.

    Boom! Now that's you celebrate the 4th! Great running, Tim! on a workout

  2. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Awesome, indeed!!! on a workout

  3. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    You're so great for inspiring him - great job to both of you! on a workout

  4. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    What a great way to spend time together!! So sweet. :) on a workout

  5. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    Outstanding job, Tim!! You're going to rock your marathon!! on a workout

  6. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    Whew!! That's a fast 5 miler!! on a workout

  7. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Sounds like a fast run to me, Tim!! Nicely done! on a workout

  8. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Pretty fast for "heavy legs"! Way to go, Tim!! on a workout

  9. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Wow, nice and speedy, Tim!! Way to go!! on a workout

  10.   Nice Job

    Oh YES. Thanks for the reminder + inspiration, Tim. on a workout

  11. Aimee S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Good job & nice distance/pace : ) on a workout

  12. Charles F.
      Nice Job

    Great run and congrats on reaching 1300 miles Tim! Happy New Year and best w... read more

  13. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    That's a super 7+ miler!!! Way to go, Tim!! on a workout

  14. Trisha P.
      Nice Job

    Nice run!! I finished around the same time as you...I wonder if I saw you?!?... read more

  15. Victoria W.
      Great Performance

    great pace Tim! on a workout

  16. Mimi

    awesome! Congratulations! on a workout

  17. Mimi
      Great Performance

    congrats, Tim! Fabulous achievement, especially considering a few weeks ago y... read more

  18. Kelly H.

    Congrats on completing the Chi Marathon. That's awesome Tim. Can't believe yo... read more

  19. Jennifer R.

    It was a hot one, so congrats on your finish! I know how it feels to have cr... read more

  20. Gwenyan

    Congratulations on your first marathon, Tim. Sorry it was a rough one, but yo... read more

  21. Keith L.
      Nice Job

    woot! woot! on a workout

  22. Melissa W.

    Way to hang tough and finish! on a workout

  23. Erika D.
      You're an Inspiration

    So you were in pain starting at mile 4? Ouch! I'm so proud of you for finishi... read more

  24. Charles F.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats Tim!!! Great job! Your dedication and perseverance have been incred... read more

  25. Amber M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Congratulations Tim! So sorry about your ITs. I know you'll be back at it soo... read more

  26. Derick A.

    Great job on your marathon, Tim. on a workout

  27. Trisha P.

    Way to go on your marathon finish!! Today was pretty rough!!! on a workout

  28. Michelle
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats!!! on a workout

  29.   You're an Inspiration

    awesome!!! on a workout

  30. Rob R.

    Awesome Tim! You have been a great supporter of me and it is great to see yo... read more

  31.   Congrats

    Congrats, Tim. Just finishing today is a huge accomplishment. Proud of ya. on a workout

  32. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    Fantastic job, Tim!!! Man, that's an amazing time!! on a workout

  33.   Good Luck

    good luck!! on a workout

  34. Amber M.
      You're an Inspiration

    Good luck!!!!!! on a workout

  35. Kelly H.
      Good Luck

    It's in the bag Tim!!! Exciting!!!!!!! on a workout

  36. Amber M.
      Good Luck

    YES!!!! So exciting! on a workout

  37. Charles F.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice run in the rain! You are going to rock the marathon! You have worked r... read more

  38. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    Go Tim! Go!!! Wow, you're going to rock CM! on a workout

  39. Charles F.
      Great Performance

    Great job Tim! on a workout

  40. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Wow - you're going to Boston Qualify for this marathon, aren't you?! Marvelo... read more

  41. Ria H.
      Great Performance

    Congrats on that 20 miler! Man, you've completely got this - and WOW, you're... read more

  42. Victoria W.
      You're an Inspiration

    good job Time! on a workout

  43. Melissa W.
      You Rock

    Wow amazing pace... way to go!!! :D on a workout

  44.   Hi-five

    That's hittin' it, Tim. Way to roll, my friend. on a workout

  45. Mimi
      Nice Job

    wow, very awesome, Tim. Amazing that you went from not being able to walk to ... read more

  46. Ria H.
      Nice Job

    Excellent job, Tim! Glad the knees are feeling better! on a workout

  47. Charles F.
      Nice Job

    Glad to hear the knee is feeling better! Nice run, keep up the great work Tim! on a workout

  48. Ria H.
      Feel Better

    Better that you stopped instead of pushing it and injuring yourself, Tim! Th... read more

  49. Rob R.
      Get Better

    Sorry, looks like just a bump in the road though. You will keep going. Noth... read more

  50. Charles F.
      Get Better

    Good idea to stop. Rest up and I bet you'll be back out there doing awesome!... read more