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Focus more on the journey of Fitness. I’m finding now that I’ve become more eclectic in my fitness that my overall health is improving.

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  1. RUN
    Draggin’ 6 1/2 6.68 mi 01:27 13:01 pace

    Even though I took it very easy my knee started mumbling obscenities. I decided to do a lot of walk breaks so it wouldn’t start screaming in agony. On the bright side it was a beautiful day and I g... read more

  2. FIT
    Kettlebells 00:15:00

    Got in some hi-rise DLs and Swings but it was more about getting something in...anything in.

  3. Shared Photo

    Namastay inside today.

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Have a CPR class today and errands with my wife. Hopefully will get a workout in sometime today but not looking promising. Got up too late after a late night and now getting ready for the day.

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  4. RUN
    2.97 mi 00:30 10:11 pace

    Knee brace but no music today. Cooler temps (mid to upper 40’s). Cut the run shorter than the other two but then my plan is 3-4 miles since the others runs were 4 1/2 and 5 it all worked out.

    h... read more

  5. RUN
    5 Mile 5.06 mi 00:57 11:14 pace

    Yoga music & knee brace. Easy run with absolutely beautiful weather.

  6. FIT
    Kettlebell 00:25

    Usual routine with 24kg KB.

  7. RUN
    4.53 mi 00:50 11:07 pace

    Decided I gave this cold/flu bug enough time already and went for it. Too nice of a day to let it go by. Put yoga music on my playlist so I would keep an easy pace. I’ll probably pay for this later... read more

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      The wind was out of the NNE at 17mph. It made for a nice Tailwind part of the time and when it was a headwind it felt good blowing the sweat off my brow.

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  8. FIT
    Kettlebell Swings & DLs 00:10:00

    2sets x 20 Reps
    Double 24kg Swings & deadlifts

    Lifts ain’t the only things that are dead. This flu/cold sucks the life right out of you.

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Couldn’t get the “Rise” on the deadlifts much higher than my belt today so they’re just deadlifts. I’m starting to feel a little better but overestimated my recovery.

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    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Walked the dogs. It’s so nice out. Sunny and 61 degrees. Want to run so bad but just don’t feel good enough yet.

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    • Andrea S.
      Andrea S.

      Take care!

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  9. Shared Photo

    Ironman SUE!

  10. FIT
    Double kettlebell workout 16kg 00:20

    No Garmin. Forgot to set at first and just left it off.

    70# (16kg x 2.2 x 2 Bells)
    3 SETS

    15. 2 bell deadlift with high rise
    15. 2 bell swings
    10. Renegade Rows
    15. Goblet Squats (1 KB 3... read more

  11. Shared Photo

    Best if warmed up with Burpees

  12. Shared Photo

    This should do it for now. If I need to do 70lb, 88lb or 106lb deadlifts or swings I’ll double up.

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      The new Paradigm Pro Bells From KBUSA have a nice tone when they lightly knock together. Almost afraid people will show up for church service when I workout.

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    • Melissa T.
      Melissa T.

      What’s the weights on those??

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    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Pink 8kg (17lb), Blue 12kg (26lb), yellow 16kg (35lb), purple 20kg (44), green 24kg (53lb) each. Sometime I’ll double up for deadlifts, Swings and sport techniques.

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  13. Shared Photo

    An example of something to add during run days. Plan on adding a few “short & sweat” sessions to my day.

  14. RUN
    3ish 3.25 mi 00:37 11:18 pace

    Not yet ready to run without knee support. Took a few walk breaks just to be safe. Don’t want to start that all over again.

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Tracking number on the 3 kettlebells I ordered says they are out for delivery. Excited...and concerned I may have a problem.

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    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Ok Garmin. Thanks for the vote of confidence but looking at my “best pace” or “fastest speed” raises a few doubts. Best pace 1.48m/m...fastest speed 33.3mph. I think my running shoes would’ve caught fire if that were accurate.

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    • Andrea S.
      Andrea S.

      Good job being smart - nice miles!

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  15. FIT
    Kettlebell 00:25

    Heavy bell AMRAP
    20kg kettlebell
    330 Swings
    25 High Rise deadlifts
    15 Goblet Squats with Overhead Thrusts

    Used chest strap HRM and what a difference.
    Necessary for this kind of workout.

    https:... read more

  16. Shared Photo

  17. RUN
    1.11 mi 00:11:45 10:35 pace

    Still tired from walking with weights but Weather was so nice. Had to take a brief walk break for about a minute or so but then got back at it.

    Garmin site in maintenance

  18. walk
    Walk pumping two 20 lb dumbells 0.62 mi 00:11:13 18:05 pace

    Not as young as I used to be.

    Garmin site in maintenance

  19. FIT
    Kettlebell Staggered Swings 00:25

    Noticed I didn’t start Garmin until 6 Minutes Into Routine. Staggered swings by alternating standard stance with alternate foot forward 6-8”. Extra work on glutes is noticeable especially afterward... read more

  20. FIT
    Kettlebell 00:22

    3 minute sport routine without Garmin then the rest heavy bell routine plus bench for abs & triceps Pull Overs.

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Been rewatching some of the kettlebell technique videos and find I get a lot out of them even though I’ve seen them before. I think it is because I come back to them with understanding I lacked the first times through. Funny how information can move from simple to profound.

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    • J J
      J J

      Great KB workouts and running! TJ!! Keep kicking ass!! Bro!!!

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