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  • 16 miles
  • 05:24 time
  • 2486 calories
  • 7 workouts
  • This Week time period


  1. FIT
    300 Swing Challenge 16kg KB 00:12:01

    Went with a lighter weight today. Figured after today’s run 35lbs is good enough for now.

  2. Shared Photo

    Well tomorrow is another day.

  3. RUN
    great Recovery Walk/Run 11.59 mi 02:35 13:22 pace

    Knee started talking to me so I walked more than planned. Still a nice little jog.

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Stated Runmeter a little late. Kept trying to star it via headphones but that didn’t work for some reason. Finally just pulled it out of the hydration vest and started it that way so distance and time not totally accurate. Garmin a little better. Only about a block off.

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  4. FIT
    20kg 300 KSC + 00:16

    20kg KB 300 Swings (combination of 2 hand and single hand swings). Also a few HIGH SUMOs, Around the Worlds and Sidewinders as well as a few other techniques. Tried a couple TGU but we won’t talk a... read more

  5. FIT
    300 KB Swing Challenge 00:21

    300 SWINGS with 24kg KB (52.8lb). Broke warm up into prep & rest breaks to save time. Got away with it this time but probably too risky.

  6. RUN
    4 Mile 4.16 mi 00:45 10:44 pace

    66 degrees so that’s more like it. Will have to get to the KBs later. Have a few errands and chores to do but I don’t want neglect the 300 KSC.

  7. FIT
    300 Swing KB Challenge 00:30

    Hard getting motivated this morning. Put off my 13 mile run for tomorrow since weather was supposed to be better. Tried something new (for me) so I went with lighter weight (16kg)

    6 sets of

    3... read more

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      5:25pm. — 8 curls each arm 35lb dumbbells...8 High Sumo Squats 24kg (52.8lbs) Kettlebell and 8 Goblet Squats 24kg kettlebell.

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  8. FIT

    Went light today with 12kg and 16kg bells but 300 Swings each Bell so 600 Swings today plus 50 Goblet Squats each. Forgot to turn on my Garmin. Set up outside and by the time I found a good spot a... read more

  9. FIT
    Kettlebell arms & shoulders v... 00:11:20

    Couldn’t wear my Garmin during this workout so no link. 3 sets of curls and various shoulder and lateral exercises.

  10. FIT
    KB 300 Swings/day challenge 2... 00:18

    Also added 30 Goblet Squats just for good measure.

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      I’m really feeling a difference in my core, arms, chest & shoulders already. Rita even says she can see a difference. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I think I’m seeing it too.

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    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Added 5 minute warm up, 5 minute cool down and a few Goblet Squats so today took a Little longer.

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  11. FIT
    Kettlebell 300 swing challenge. 00:06:40

    300 swing challenge. 20kg Bell 90 leftarm, 90 right arm, 120 two hand. The others in this group are impressive. Me, not so much.

  12. RUN
    3ish 2.95 mi 00:32 10:41 pace

    Started to get Hot after the first mile. Need to stay close to home anyway in case Rita calls. Good to get back out on the road again. Too bad I didn’t get out earlier but would’ve had to start aro... read more

  13. Shared Photo

    Two new lighter bells arrived today. Wasn’t expecting them until Wednesday at the earliest. Life is good! Of course had to try them out. I can safely do some of the techniques I was avoiding.

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Only problem is I’m already thinking about getting more. Maybe the Liberty Bell isn’t the only Bell with crack in it.

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    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Orange and red are the next weights up. 66lb and 75lb. My Xmas list is getting easy. 😉

      8 days ago Like1 person

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      I was thinking, “Wow, these things are expensive.” Then I started adding up Running shoes, hydration vest and other running gear. Cycling...well, let’s not even go there. Once you buy one of these they stay bought. They don’t wear out or need to be replaced. Starting to think this is a good value now.

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  14. FIT
    Kettlebell Workout (35lb, 44l... 00:21

    Working on routine. Boy did I notice a lot of cervical crepitus during warm up. All the more reason not to skip the warm ups. Did 3 sets graduating to heavier KB each set (16k, 20k, 24k). Some were... read more

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Have some lighter bells on the way. Some techniques may be safer with lighter weights so I’m saving the halos and such for them.

      8 days ago Like2 people

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      The lighter bells showed up. Hurray!

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  15. FIT
    Kettlebell (35lb) 00:15:00

    Forgot to start my Garmin, I was so happy to finally do a YouTube routine that I didn’t realize I didn’t set my Garmin until I stopped the iPad. doh!

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      Some of the techniques will probably require me to remove my Garmin and use the chest strap HRM. The Fenix 3 with the sapphire glass is probably tough enough but I don’t want to test that theory. I can see already that KBs were a good investment.

      9 days ago Like1 person

    • Trikesquatch T.
      Trikesquatch T.

      Rings a bell;. Glad you enjoyed it!

      9 days ago Like2 people

  16. I hate busy weeks that interfere with Running Inc etc. each time I wanted to get in a run, go to the pool or set up for yoga something came up. Rita has a class I’m helping her set up and we needed... read more

    • Trikesquatch T.
      Trikesquatch T.

      I feel your pain. Every other week we pickup Aj from school and it makes it hard to get in a ride WITH Gale.

      9 days ago Like2 people

    • Tj M.
      Tj M.

      The kettlebells have arrived but I might have to send them back. None of them ring no matter how hard I Swing them. No ding no dong just silence.

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  17. Shared Photo

    So the collection begins.

  18. RUN
    2.95 mi 00:33 11:07 pace

    Had some stomach cramps that forced me to take a lot of walk breaks. Wasn’t running fast enough to be related to that. I think it was something I ate but I’m feeling fine now.

    https://connect.gar... read more

  19. Shared Photo

    Ordering a few new items for the workout room.

    16kg 35lb
    20kg 44lb
    24kg 53lb

  20. RUN
    Ten 10 mi 02:12 13:10 pace

    Temp was great but humidity was a little high. Legs weren’t quite rested enough so l took some walkbreaks after around 5 miles. Note to self. Knee brace and compression shorts would’ve been welcome... read more