Friends (21)

  • Li V.

    Li V.

    Ensenada, MX, Run. Have fun. Spend time with my hubby. Run races. Enjoy the moment.

  • Andrea S.

    Andrea S.

    Boise, ID, 5k PR, finish Buffalo 100, Mt Hood 50, PR Outlaw, CCC50K, become more comfortable with solo adventures, meet more friends. Have fun, get stronger :)

  • Jackie F.

    Jackie F.

    Columbus, OH, Sub-2:20 half marathon.

  • Edina


    Beaverton, OR, to avoid injuries so I can actually run!

  • Marisa


    Columbus, OH, sub-1:35 HM, sub-43:00 10k, race a 5k, and keep up with core & strength work!

  • Jess T.

    Jess T.

    Stillwater, OK, to become a better marathoner and to encourage others to run (or bike or swim or all three)!

  • Carolyn


    Katy, TX, Boston in April.

  • Cheryl W.

    Cheryl W.

    Scarborough, ME, - training for BAA Half Marathon Oct '15 - tone my body and get back to my bikini - beat 5K PR 28:24 - beat 10K PR 1:04:32 - beat half marathon PR 2:36:06

  • Jen H.

    Jen H.

    Annapolis, MD,

  • Bettan70


    , Ultimate BOSU.

  • Heidi


    Fort Collins, CO, 1. A 10 minute mile. 2. A full marathon. 3. A half with no walking.

  • Ali A.

    Ali A.

    Ely, IA,

  • Katie I.

    Katie I.

    Carbondale, IL,

  • Lorimossgirl


    Warren, OR, tone up, lose some inches, be able to complete my half marathon in May without stopping? Well- I did walk some- but finished in the time that I wanted!

  • Sarah C.

    Sarah C.

    Alfred, NY, To get back into mid-distance running after having a baby on 10/1/12. I am lucky to get in 3 miles once per week, but I'll find time soon!

  • Chris H.

    Chris H.

    Seattle, WA, Relax. Enjoy running. Eat clean.

  • Alexschott
  • Meghan D.

    Meghan D.

    Wilmington, DE, PR in the 15k at the upcoming D.C. Hot Chocolate run. Current PR in this distance is 1:21:36:1. Update: I killed my PR! For this distance, it's now 1:14:22 .

  • Solemate


    Sonoma, CA, One step at a time, mile after mile! To be active FOREVER!

  • Dani


    Virginia Beach, VA, 10K in September and another in October - eventually a half marathon!

  • Lisa S.

    Lisa S.

    , To run a half marathon for my 30th birthday (December 2011)