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Summer logged 145 miles.

Last workout over 2 years ago. Help get them back on track!

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  1. RUN
    great Little Boxes run 3.22 mi 00:38 11:55 pace

    First day back after a long, long, long break.

  2. RUN
    good Run / Walk 0.4 mi 00:30

    5k treadmill training

  3. RUN
    good Lozilu mud run 3.5 mi

    awesome. super fun.

  4. RUN
    good Hilton Myrtle Beach fitness c... 4.5 mi

    No running on the beach today. Or maybe ever again. Stopped pedaling for a nanosecond in the middle of the workout so lost all stats. Stupid machine.

  5. RUN
    good Hilton Myrtle Beach 5 mi 00:52 10:24 pace

    Holy soft sand run of hellfire.

  6. RUN
    good slow and steady finishes the ... 3 mi 00:40 13:20 pace


  7. walk
    good Subdivision Sunrise Walk 2.47 mi

    Tried to walk this in flip flops. How do people walk in those things. God.

  8. walk
    good Little Boxes made of ticky ta... 3 mi

    I ran part of it today.
    I resist the idea of a knee brace because I believe I should strengthen instead of using a crutch to support the knee but I wonder if it would make me better able to run ev... read more

  9. walk
    alright Little Boxes neighborhood walk 3 mi 00:50 16:40 pace

    chop wood, carry water, wash laundry, look at the sunrise, do the next right thing and all that. today I didn't see the meth house or a double rainbow.

    walking song of the day: Jason Isbell ... read more

  10. walk
    alright Little boxes neighborhood 2.5 mi

    First time I've been outside in weeks. Thanks BHJ.
    Walked my old running route. I was looking for the houses where they had the meth kitchen fires but I saw a double rainbow instead.

  11. RUN
    alright netflix treadmill run in unai... 2.5 mi 00:25 10:00 pace

    posture practice run. Much better, although still a little knee pain.

    • Jerritt D.
      Jerritt D.

      That a girl. I know this is the boring sucky part, but it will get better. I'm mad at having to slow down a bit because of my calf, but I know in the long run, it will mean better long term running.

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    • Summer P.
      Summer P.

      yes. I'm after the long distance endurance runs, although every once in a while I want to be conditioned enough to bust out a high finish 5 or 10K, but I'm not sure I'm built for it. Either way it will be a while and some coaching. But for now, just running at all will be enough, and the knee needs to not hurt after ever run to make that a viable activity. I'm not willing to be a runner who is constantly walking around with stress fractures and bullshit injuries. What's the point?

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    • Jerritt D.
      Jerritt D.


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    • Jess H.
      Jess H.

      You mean like me right? ;)

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  12. Driving through the Keys we're right in the middle of a mess of Ultra runners. Almost makes up for the FRICKING DEARTH of coffee shops. Almost

  13. RUN
    alright Sons of Anarchy Dreadmill Run 1.56 mi 00:20 12:49 pace

    1.56 and not even half an episode before the dreaded limp. I can't seem to fix the uneven landing and I'm pretty sure that's what's causing the thing. Now, I'm going to pra... read more

    • Jerritt D.
      Jerritt D.

      I think I'd try to strengthen first. I think that's what is helping me. That three months on the elliptical before hitting the pavement has really helped.

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  14. So my problem is Asymmetrical running pattern. I haven't known what to call it other than simply limping until now. I've always walked with a slight limp, or more like an ; altered gait. ... read more

    • Barefootmichael

      It sounds like your body is out of alignment. I personally see a chiropractor on a regular basis to help keep me "straight." You might consider getting adjustments to help bring your spine into alignment. That might be a good start to fixing this issue.

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  15. RUN
    dreadmill 1.5 mi

    hot. hot. hotter than hot. Holy mother of god hot. Upstairs, attic, no A/C. In other news, speed actually IS a depreciating um, skill? So I probably shouldn't try to run that 5K race on Satur... read more

    • Jerritt D.
      Jerritt D.

      Slowly, slowly. You'll get there. Remember the 4 months I spent on the elliptical because every inch of me hurt when I stepped on actual pavement. It took a good 1/3 of a year to get my mojo back.

      Also, Christ, woman, turn on a fan, you may sweat away into a puddle and we'll never see you again.

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    • Barefootmichael

      Tell us how you *really* feel. :-)

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    • Daniel A D.
      Daniel A D.

      I would you so much bring good luck ...

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    • Maggie K.
      Maggie K.

      I am now walking in a MALL because outside is too hot. I refuse to live without A/C. Please do not melt yourself.

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  16. RUN
    injured Little Boxes run 3.26 mi 00:35 10:44 pace

    First let me say this: It was a good day because I was outside and my feet hit the ground.

    First run since the Dramatic Knee Blowout in the first 30 seconds the Never Quit race 2010 which I ignor... read more

    • Jess H.
      Jess H.

      Ummmm. I don't know what to say, but... hopefully you can keep running!

      almost 8 years ago Like

    • Summer P.
      Summer P.

      Me too. Hate to be like one of those dogs with the 2 wheeled cart dragging the back half of my body around while I play in the park because damn. Getting out there is the only time I'm ever alone. I'm not giving it up.

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  17. Will everyone please welcome my good friend and future VFF (hers are in the mail) runner Jerritt to dailymile!

  18. RUN
    injured Never Quit Beach Fest 5K 3.1 mi 00:33 10:39 pace

    Blow out within 10 steps, wtf. And also-Note to self: you can't carry your chip across the mat, they don't read unless you wear them near your ankle. Sigh. Humidity was like a blanket. Sc... read more

    • Heather

      Yay on the Gatorade, boo on the ankle and chip. Double boo on the dead garmin!

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  19. I uh...whoops. Race this Saturday. I guess my other tradition, besides not sleeping before races, is totally bailing on training before races too. So anyway, I'll be running a barefoot beach 5... read more

  20. I need a little help. I use an iphone while running- I've been carrying it, because the armband I have doesn't work on my arm for two reasons: one, it's cumbersome when I need to dea... read more

    • Samantha U.
      Samantha U.

      I had the same problems. Now I use a Spibelt. I simply tuck the iPhone into the pouch with the cord coming out of the mostly zipped pouch. I wear the belt around my hips and it doesn't bounce. I barely notice that I'm even wearing it. When the phone rings or I get a text, I simply unzip/pull the phone out and easily use the touch pad (if I choose to answer).

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    • Summer P.
      Summer P.

      THANK YOU Samantha! Exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. I think I'm going to try it

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