39799 total / 2778 in 2018

2017 Goals! -Run 1000 miles -Half Ironman, and Long Half Ironman -Keep on running and having fun with TEAM PAWS UP and all the honorary members of The Team!

Wall of Motivation (5058)

  1. Frederick
      You're an Inspiration

    And were you "Singing in the Rain?" ; ) on a workout

  2. Garth A.
      Nice Job

    Getting it done AND spending time with your loves! on a workout

  3. Garth A.
      You're an Inspiration

    Woohoo! Congratulations Sue! And you are very, very close. Sorry I cannot hel... read more

  4. Frederick
      You're an Inspiration

    Congrats on the distance! Not sure what to do about the nausea. Could be that... read more

  5. Frederick

    WTG! on a workout

  6. Garth A.
      Get Better

    A lot to take in there Sue; nutrition, rest, effort... Might not be as bad id... read more

  7. Garth A.
      Nice Job

    Great recovery for body and soul! on a workout

  8.   Hi-five

    First, this is a good swim and pace. Second, Kim is right. Make sure you star... read more

  9. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Amazing what training can do! on a workout

  10. Dennis S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Brilliant training Sue! on a workout

  11. Emma B.
      Great Performance

    wow your amazing on a workout

  12. Garth A.

    These long days can be tough, but you gotta love the suck! on a workout

  13. Garth A.
      Nice Job

    Even though the bike is a "solo" event, you will have constant company along ... read more

  14. Garth A.
      You're an Inspiration

    Yup! You are problem-solving Sue, which is the biggest key to achieving your ... read more

  15. Frederick
      You're an Inspiration

    Hear her ROAR! on a workout

  16. Kim G.
      Nice Job

    It's all about managing your mind. You can ride, I've seen it. I remember see... read more

  17. Andrea S.
      You're an Inspiration

    So much awesomeness in you! on a workout

  18. Helene W.
      You're an Inspiration

    And another 90% is mental strength. I don’t care how well trained you are phy... read more

  19. Dennis S.
      You're an Inspiration

    Still a great swim Sue! on a workout

  20. Kim G.
      Nice Job

    Good job, you are making a lot of great progress on your swim. I know this is... read more

  21. Garth A.
      Great Performance

    2200m is a big swim, even without a run-bike brick in front of it. The most i... read more

  22. 26x25
      You're an Inspiration

    Just awesome work today Sue. on a workout

  23. Mike K.
      Great Performance

    You pushed on to 2200 m - I say great work! on a workout

  24.   Hi-five

    Awesome run for an Awesome person. on a workout

  25. Garth A.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace in the heat, and way to manage your strength for the ride after! on a workout

  26. Garth A.
      You're an Inspiration

    It certainly is about the journey... An definitely more than showing up. Anyo... read more

  27. Garth A.
      You're an Inspiration

    Seriously, slow is strong. You will do great! on a workout

  28. Cris M.
      Nice Job

    Excellent training run Sue--you did amazing!! Love that method! on a workout

  29. Harry K
      Great Performance

    Getting stronger every day! on a workout

  30. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Listen to Coach Steve, he knows what he's doing! on a workout

  31.   You're an Inspiration

    Whoo HOO!! on a workout

  32. Frederick
      Great Performance

    Very nice! on a workout

  33. Frederick
      You're an Inspiration

    Great swim! Impressive! on a workout

  34. Garth A.
      You're an Inspiration

    Big run and good pace after a tough cyclebar class; and in the humidity no less! on a workout

  35. Garth A.
      You're an Inspiration

    Strength in numbers... And rainbows (and rain). on a workout

  36.   Hi-five

    Damn! on a workout

  37. J J
      You're an Inspiration

    Outstanding bike ride! Sue!!! :D on a workout

  38. Mike K.
      You're an Inspiration

    Killer bike miles Sue!! on a workout

  39. Cyndi C.
      You're an Inspiration

    because you are a badass! on a workout

  40.   You're Badass

    Iron (or STEEL) you will be! on a workout

  41. Dennis S.
      You're an Inspiration

    < this post-Well done Sue!!! on a workout

  42. Helene W.
      Nice Job

    Love this, Mermaid Sista! Always trust Coach, always! (Yes, they know what th... read more

  43. Harry K
      Nice Job

    Well done Sue! on a workout

  44. Garth A.
      You're an Inspiration

    Nice Sue! on a workout

  45. Dennis S.
      You're an Inspiration

    That,s amazing!!! Well done Sue! on a workout

  46. Barefoot R.
      Nice Job

    still, you got in a km! on a workout

  47. Donald C.
      Nice Job

    Wow! on a workout

  48. Cris M.
      Great Performance

    you are doing so awesome Sue!!! on a workout

  49. Helene W.
      Great Performance

    Yes! on a workout

  50. Helene W.

    YAY!!! on a workout