Wall of Motivation (128)

  1.   Hi-five

    Awesome 10k, Steph! on a workout

  2.   Great Performance

    Awesome LSD Steph! :+) on a workout

  3.   Hi-five

    Way to stick with for 14k, Steph! on a workout

  4. Gail
      Nice Job

    way to get it done! on a workout

  5.   Nice Job

    Nice run Steph! It's always summer somewhere. :+) on a workout

  6. Hashi2
      Great Performance

    That's excellent, Stephanie. Way to go! Amazing run today. on a workout

  7.   You Rock

    Awesome long run, Stephanie! on a workout

  8.   Great Performance

    Congratulations on a great run Stephanie! :+) on a workout

  9.   You're an Inspiration

    Great job doing it! :+) on a workout

  10.   Hi-five

    Nice 5k, Steph! on a workout

  11. Gail
      Nice Job

    that's the way to get it done early, good job!! on a workout

  12. Hashi2
      Nice Job

    Way to go, Stephanie. on a workout

  13. Vanessa M.
      Nice Job

    Awesome! on a workout

  14.   Hi-five

    Great run, Stephanie! on a workout

  15.   Nice Job

    Well done Steph! Been there done that with the sudden showers. :+) on a workout

  16. Hashi2
      Nice Job

    Way to go, Stephanie. Great run. on a workout

  17.   Hi-five

    Awesome run, Stephanie! Great distance! on a workout

  18. Bo A.
      Nice Job

    Awesome... great distance run. on a workout

  19.   Nice Job

    That's great Stephanie! :+) on a workout

  20.   Nice Job

    Carefull out there! :+) on a workout

  21.   Great Performance

    Best time to run! :+) on a workout

  22.   Hi-five

    Great run, Stephanie! on a workout

  23.   Nice Job

    Good run all the same. :+) on a workout

  24. Amy T.
      Nice Job

    GREAT!!! Sounds awesome, Stephanie! on a workout

  25.   Nice Job

    Well done on the run Stephanie! :+) on a workout

  26. Hashi2
      Nice Job

    Excellent run, Stephanie. on a workout

  27.   You're an Inspiration

    Whoo! Hoo! You're did it! Great going Stephanie! :+) on a workout

  28. William R.
      Great Performance

    That's the way, do not worry about speed at this point. You conquered now it... read more

  29. Hashi2
      You're an Inspiration

    Very nice run, Stephanie. Great job! Very impressed with your excellent at... read more

  30.   Nice Job

    Strong winds had nothing to do with it. You're getting faster! :+) on a workout

  31.   You're an Inspiration

    Way to get it done Stephanie! ;+) on a workout

  32.   Nice Job

    Nice easy 4k, Stephanie! on a workout

  33. Gavin
      Feel Better

    Dog attack! on a workout

  34.   Hi-five

    Awesome workout, Stephanie! on a workout

  35.   Nice Job

    You'll be fine.....some day. :+) on a workout

  36. Amy T.
      Nice Job

    WOOT WOOT!!! Great job, Stephanie. on a workout

  37. Hashi2
      You're an Inspiration

    That's excellent, Stephanie. Way to go! on a workout

  38. Hashi2
      Great Performance

    Way to go! Excellent run, Stephanie. Love your new profile picture. on a workout

  39.   You're an Inspiration

    Whoo! Hoo! Great run Stephanie! :+) on a workout

  40.   Nice Job

    Whoo! Hoo! :+) on a workout

  41.   Nice Job

    Well done Stephanie! :+) on a workout

  42. Hashi2

    Way to go! Congrats on the distance, Stephanie. on a workout

  43.   Nice Job

    Bugs will be bugs. I've noticed that they mostly bother me if I wash with or... read more

  44. Jen R.

    Soooo happy for you Stephanie!!!! Attitude is everything and your's is glorio... read more

  45. Hashi2
      You're an Inspiration

    Excellent attitude & very nice run! on a workout

  46.   You're Funny

    Nice 3k, Stephanie! on a workout

  47.   Great Performance

    Nice speed on that 3k Stephanie! Why were you wearing a winter jacket and gl... read more

  48. Melissa S.
      You're Funny

    LIKE! :) on a workout

  49.   Nice Job

    Nice one, Stephanie! on a workout

  50.   Nice Job

    I hear bugs are good for you. :+) on a workout