Wall of Motivation (13)

  1. Christine D.
      Nice Job

    Nice training half! on a workout

  2. Christine D.
      Nice Job

    Nice! Congrats! on a workout

  3. Danielle M.
      Great Performance

    great race Steph!! Nice pace :) on a workout

  4. Krissy M.
      Great Performance

    sweet! on a workout

  5. Keith T.
      Get Better

    I struggled through IT Band issues for about 6 months. Last January I switche... read more

  6. Andi G.
      Great Performance

    Go GRRRLLLL!!! on a workout

  7. Krissy M.
      Great Performance

    nice!!!!! great team effort :D on a workout

  8. Dan M.
      Great Performance

    Excellent time. Congratulations on a great race. on a workout

  9. Dan M.
      Great Performance

    Most excellent. Congrats!!! on a workout

  10. Christine D.
      You're Funny

    nice pace! on a workout

  11. Christine D.
      Nice Job

    Niiiiice job! on a workout

  12. Jess M.
      Get Better

    Great pace despite the foot pain! I'd be a baby and not run that fast if I h... read more

  13. Raul R.

    Sure, you seem a bit faster than my present pace. I need to get my miles up ... read more