Wall of Motivation (300)

  1. Cyndi C.
      Great Performance

    sounds like fun!! on a workout

  2. Cyndi C.
      You're Funny

    Zippy! That is great! on a workout

  3. Azaka R.
      Nice Job

    Sounds good ! on a workout

  4. Sedat E.
      Great Performance

    Good pace, great. on a workout

  5. Cyndi C.
      Great Performance

    very nice! on a workout

  6. Cyndi C.
      You're Badass

    oh wow, that is great! on a workout

  7. Cyndi C.
      Nice Job

    yes it is!! on a workout

  8.   Hi-five

    nice on a workout

  9. Cyndi C.
      Good Luck

    Best of luck on Saturday! on a workout

  10. Lois S.
      Feel Better

    Feel better. on a workout

  11. Cyndi C.
      You Rock

    guess your feet thought they were done! on a workout

  12. Cyndi C.
      Nice Job

    those pounds will go away if you keep running like that! on a workout

  13. Cyndi C.
      Nice Job

    that sounds very tough, and really not much fun. on a workout

  14. Sedat E.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace on a workout

  15. Sedat E.

    Good pace,great loop. on a workout

  16.   Nice Job

    Keep up the positivity and all lessons learned for the next marathon! Well do... read more

  17. Dave W.
      Great Performance

    Way to go Stein! on a workout

  18.   Cheers

    Thanks for being there Stein. I look forward to many more training runs with ... read more

  19. Dave W.
      Good Luck

    good luck, Stein on a workout

  20. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    one run in the character builder column. that which does not kill you... nic... read more

  21.   Nice Job

    Big hilly miles! Awesome job! on a workout

  22.   Nice Job

    Nice run, Stein! on a workout

  23. Andy O.

    Sweet 16! on a workout

  24. Cyndi C.

    speedy Stampede! on a workout

  25. Nathan D.
      Great Performance

    Amazing job!!! on a workout

  26. Michael H.
      Great Performance

    way to represent! on a workout

  27. Michael H.
      Great Performance

    good luck! oh- I mean I hope you had a great race! (I'm a little late o thi... read more

  28.   Hi-five

    Looking good my man. Maybe we should get back to buddy workouts soon. on a workout

  29. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    Nice pace Stein! how do you like the GoRunSpeed? compared to the BareAccess? on a workout

  30. Ade O.
      Nice Job

    You're a rockstar. Keep those miles coming!

  31. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    nice run Stein. on a workout

  32. Ade O.
      You're an Inspiration

    Thank you Stein, Happy Monday!

  33. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    which Altras? Nice work. this is a deuce day? on a workout

  34. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    Ncie work Stein! on a workout

  35.   Congrats

    Well done, Stein! Congrats! on a workout

  36. Dave W.
      Nice Job

    Nice, Stein! on a workout

  37. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    way to go Stein! on a workout

  38. Johnny
      Nice Job

    SHITBRICK! on a workout

  39. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    Your taper pace is pretty strong! HAT doesn't realize the level of TWBP domin... read more

  40. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    nice easy ace on that 14! you are a tough dude! on a workout

  41. Jonathan
      Get Better

    Hope it heals fast and well! on a workout

  42. Adam P.
      Get Better

    Take care of your feet, hope it gets better quickly. on a workout

  43. Cyndi C.
      You Rock

    Oh my gosh, that is amazing! on a workout

  44. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    Johnny and Stein racking up the miles this weekend! on a workout

  45. Michael H.
      Nice Job

    Nice run Stein! btw- will let you know when early registration hits for Mid... read more

  46.   Nice Job

    Superb run, Stein! on a workout

  47. Cyndi C.
      Great Performance

    That is a super run, Stein! You enjoy your rest day tomorrow! on a workout

  48. Michael H.
      Great Performance

    Pretty sweet mill run! on a workout

  49.   Hi-five

    Bling Bling, your on fiyah bro. I had LOKI after mine. on a workout

  50.   You're an Inspiration

    That's some tasty clicking! Probably just the shoes, and nothing to do with t... read more